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Terror Warning Tape - Islamofascist Info Porn?

Drudge had the sirens out for a while on his story about the ABC's terror warning tape but NBC, who seem to be making a living these days mopping up after the other networks, says the 1 hour tapes can't be authenticated by the CIA:

The CIA is unable to authenticate a videotape in which a man claiming to be an al-Qaida terrorist warns of devastating new attacks on the United States, a senior U.S. intelligence official told NBC News on Wednesday.

...[S]enior intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told NBC News that "we can't authenticate" the tape, a copy of which ABC gave the CIA on Monday. He would not elaborate, adding, "I think that is where we are going to stand."

$10 say's the moonbats at DU are blaming the surfacing of the tape on Karl Rove...

Comments (10)

Nah. They aren't just clai... (Below threshold)

Nah. They aren't just claiming the tape came from Karl Rove, they are claiming the man making the statements is Karl Rove.

Kev,Tape is authenti... (Below threshold)

Tape is authentic. I'll vouch for it. What cannot be authenticated is the seriousness of the threat. Or the seriousness of the asshat in it.

Even if the tape is "legit"... (Below threshold)

Even if the tape is "legit", I am not worried. It sounds like typical Arab/Moslem bluster. If Al-Q or some related terrorist group had the capability of carrying out an attack here, they'd have done it by now. There's no way they'd just sit there and increase their chances of being tracked down.

Does anyone really believe ... (Below threshold)

Does anyone really believe the MSM will play a tape that they perceive would help make Bush's point?

Did you hear the report abo... (Below threshold)

Did you hear the report about Arafat? He's deteriorating, it's been reported that he's lost consciousness.

Reposting of copyright mate... (Below threshold)

Reposting of copyright material is not allowed here.

The comment author wanted you to read this lefty article.

CIA will not confirm or den... (Below threshold)
Mrs. Davis:

CIA will not confirm or deny till after the election. If Kerry wins, CIA confirms. If Bush wins, CIA denys and claims Rove pressured CIA to confirm before election.

Bush has made no real at... (Below threshold)
Clay Jarr:

Bush has made no real attempt to win the support of the large majority of Muslims who oppose terrorism.

Majority? Majority? Am I missing something? Where are the majority of Muslims condemning the murder of 3,000 unarmed people on 9/11? Where are the majority of of Muslims recoiling in horror at the beheadings of Berg, Johnson, et al?

You don't get it. Unless you're willing to bow your ass to Mecca you are the enemy and this islamofascists won't rest until they get their hands on your head. You want to stand next to Kerry against these bastards, be my guest. But, I know where my vote's going.

I love my family and country. George Bush is best for both.

Damn! I'm pissed!

WyoDave, comment spammer. K... (Below threshold)

WyoDave, comment spammer. Kev, e-mail me his IP so I can pre-emptively ban him.

If I actually believed WyoD... (Below threshold)

If I actually believed WyoDave wore a uniform, I would say he is a disgrace to it. My daughter, 7 years in the Navy, is proud of our president and can't wait to vote for him. Most of her fellow sailors on the base agree. The military has not had a better leader than George W Bush since President Reagan. It will be a real travesty if a treasonous gigolo becomes C n C!

Now about authentication, perhaps the Travis County democrats could help?






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