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The 10 Spot - Celebrity Gossip Edition

Ten things you might not have seen...

  1. ALERT!!! Lindsay Lohan's was released from a Los Angeles hospital Tuesday after suffering from an undisclosed ailment. Careful examination of the size of her breasts is recommended (Safe for work, unless you view this image)...

  2. Ving Rhames is Kojak.

  3. Defamer on Ashlee Simpson's spin, "The Simpson camp is really staying on message with that acid reflux story, aren't they? If things don't work out with this whole fake-singing pop star thing, she could have a bright career as a college Republican."

  4. Pop signer and underage sex fiend R. Kelly pulled a shift working at a St. Louis area McDonald's drive-through. The amazing part is that it was entirely voluntary, not community service related...

  5. Julia Roberts, pregnant with twins, was hospitalized over the weekend after experiencing a series of early contractions. She's not due until January which puts her around the 30 week mark. Our twin boys were delivered at 36 weeks and were 6 lbs. and 7 lbs. She needs to make it through November to get out of the real preemie range...

  6. Ed Wood's long-lost last film "Necromania" has been found. The 1971 movie is a porn film documenting the sexual enlightenment of a young couple at the hands of a coven of witches. You can see previews and buy it at Fleshbot [NSFW].

  7. Actress Fritha Goody (About A Boy) suicide by stabbing herself in the chest with a kitchen knife, The Evening Standard reported.

  8. Queen Latifah was originally cast in the role Halle Berry won an Oscar for in Monster's Ball. She would have done the nude scenes...

  9. Katherine Harris is a celebrity - of sorts. A man who tried to run over the former Florida Secretary of State with his car claims he was "exercising my political expression"

  10. Anna Marie Cox (aka Wonkette) is coming out with a book. Here's the plot - chronicles the romantic and political life of a young campaign staffer in Washington, D.C., during the lull between the Democratic and Republican conventions. Sound familiar?

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Comments (4)

What? No Lindsay Lohan phot... (Below threshold)

What? No Lindsay Lohan photo link?

Dude, Necromania was found ... (Below threshold)

Dude, Necromania was found years ago. It's a nudie cutie; that is, there's no explicit sex. It's a stupid movie. There's not even any fun camp factor like with Plan 9. See it only if you're an Edward D. Wood fanatic, like a certain proud member of the VRWC.

(BTW, that's Criswell's coffin in the final, stupid, scene.)

Ving is the new Kojak now t... (Below threshold)

Ving is the new Kojak now that is cool.

Kevin: We've something in c... (Below threshold)
The Old Coot:

Kevin: We've something in common...our twin boys were born @ 36 weeks, each 6-1/2 pounds. From about 30 weeks on, Mom looked sorta like a concrete truck and felt like one was sitting on her.
You've got a great blog, thanks for all the hard work.






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