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The Global War On Terror - Where We Stand

One of the things casual observers of the presidential debates might remember is that John Kerry said of the war in Iraq, "Wrong War, Wrong Place, Wrong Time."

Senator Kerry and the media are heavily invested in questioning President Bush's handling of the war in Iraq. It's a 'death by a thousand paper cuts' strategy that focuses on a car bombing here and a beheading there, as proof of a situation out of control. The problem with this type of news cycle driven coverage is that it offers no perspective on the challenges faced and the obstacles overcome since 9/11, by way of the implementation of the Bush Doctrine.

The Global War On Terror series was written to recap what has, and has not, been accomplished by the Bush administration since 9/11.

Please note that I served as editor for this series and am not the author. The author isn't interested in publicity and wishes to remain anonymous.

The Global War On Terror


The author and the editor (me) encourage you to point friends to this post as a launch point to reading the whole series.

Update: For those of you who want to send this series to friends or colleagues I've created a PDF version of the series for you. That should make it easier to spread the message. Send it to 10 friends right now!


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Comments (8)

Kevin - Please kee... (Below threshold)

Kevin -

Please keep this post at the top of your blog until Election Day. It's the best summary of the facts "in hand" that I've read yet.

As a Marine who was in Iraq in 2003, I can personally vouch for the truthful reporting of the operational details, and, as such, I feel confident that I can trust the other points raised in this excellent essay.

Here's why:

A crew of researchers once asked a group of teenagers about the 'Jerry Springer' show... They asked:

Q: Does 'Springer' ever have guests your age on the show calling them 'Troubled Teens?'

A: Oh, yeah! All the time! None of it's true, though. Those kids are OBVIOUSLY making it up in front of the camera. They just want to be on TV, ya' know?

Q: Does 'Springer' ever do stories about the KKK or other racist groups?

A: Sure! All the time.

Q: Do you think THOSE are true?

A: Well... yeah. I suppose those stories are true. I mean, they sounded pretty convincing to me.

My point is this. These kids had first-hand knowledge about teenagers and DISAGREED with their portrayal on TV. But when confronted with a subject they had NO knowledge of (i.e. the KKK) they acepted without question that it was accurate.

Too many Americans follow the flawed model of these teens.

If you see something about which you have personal knowledge (and agree with it) then that should lend credence to the rest of the material.

However, if you see something about which you have personal knowledge (and DISAGREE with it) then that should cast DOUBT upon the rest of the material.

This essay rings true to me. I have direct experience, in Iraq, which supports the author's words. Therfore, unlike a 'Springer' special which tries to convince me that transvestite streetwalkers prefer spouses of the alien variety....

I'm giving this essay a wholehearted endorsement. It's spot on. And I have non-political reasons to say that.

- Kieth

Excellent argument. Mr. An... (Below threshold)

Excellent argument. Mr. Anonymous ought to start a blog.

I agree with Kieth. Please ... (Below threshold)

I agree with Kieth. Please keep it up top Kevin.
I work with a few young people who are voting for the first time next week. I have tried to stay out of politics at work but it is difficult. I never try to sway..I only point out that they should ask themselves two questions "Who do you think will keep you safer in America?" and "Do you think we should hand over the fate of our nation the the UN"

I can't direct them to Wizbang because it violates company policy for subordinates to be on the internet during working hours. I can (and did) however print this post for them to read should they choose to do so.
I have my own personal beliefs about this election and for the next 6 days I will be on a stump as well.
I don't normally toot a political horn and push my opinions of candidates off on others but I am making the exception this time.
Anything that I can do to swing one young vote is worth the effort. it boggles my mind to hear young people mirror the thoughts of pop icons and the Hollywood hype types because they can relate to them. If Bon Jovi says it then it must be so...
Spare me..
My youngest at 19 claims to be a democrat and when asked why she can barely mutter anything besides "war is wrong"

I feel the liberal, very bi... (Below threshold)
Debra Eaton:

I feel the liberal, very biased media has lost its privilege to report the news accurately. There is very little I believe anymore reported by the network news or newspapers. Case in point, I have yet to hear anything on the "Oil for Food Program" on any network news. This is a hurrendous scandal in the United Nations, yet no one except Fox News has reported on it. This is the final straw for me. I can no longer stomach the broadcast network news or well known newspapers. Thank God there are now other resources to find your news if you care enough to search it out and won't settle for the spoonfeeding of a very biased news who care more about promoting their idealogy rather than presenting the facts and leaving it up to the listener to decide. I have had to learn through emails to learn about the good progress being made in Irag. If I only received the facts on Irag through the network news I would think it is a total failure. I have also heard on Fox News some of the good things going on in Irag via liberal Geraldo Rivera, Ollie North who have actually spent time there, and others. When I start hearing the network news release info regarding the scandalous situation in the UN regarding the "Oil for Food Program", then I might start listening again. Also, when a newspaper endorses a presidential nominee, then in my opinion, they no longer can report the facts unbiasly. I appreciate anywhere I can find the true facts on any situation.

Can you clarify your copyr... (Below threshold)

Can you clarify your copyright notice from the PDF, please? I want to be sure that I respect your wishes here.

"This PDF version is made available for private, non-commercial use and may not be republished in whole without prior consent. You are encouraged to share the document with as many people as possible before the 2004 Presidential Election."

By some interpretations, if I email copies to friends, I am "republishing". That's not a problem. I'll just email them your URL. That's easier.

But by some interpretations, if I print out copies and give them to friends, that's also "republishing", which you want to restrict (as is your right). If you follow that interpretation, then it's more difficult "to share the document with as many people as possible" -- unless, of course, your encouragement to do so is construed as prior consent.

I hate to get all technical here, but I'd rather get technical than unintentionally violate your copyrights. So: can I print out copies of the PDF and pass them out?

Thanks! The author deserves major praise.

One more thing. If I may ma... (Below threshold)

One more thing. If I may make a humble suggestion: I think this report could use an "Executive Summary" at the start that listed just the highlights from the excellent conclusion. I think that conclusion is phenomenal; but I fear that the piece as a whole is so long and well documented that some busy people may leaf through it and never really get to the conclusion.

Or perhaps THIS constitutes... (Below threshold)

Or perhaps THIS constitutes prior consent:

"That should make it easier to spread the message. Send it to 10 friends right now!"

Read, THEN comment. Read, THEN comment. Read, THEN comment... (You would think I would learn, eventually...)

You got the point. I just ... (Below threshold)

You got the point. I just don't want someone else publishing the work. Sending to friends and others is highly encouraged!






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