Arafat Sent To France For Treatment

Yasser Arafat's days appear to be numbered.

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) - Doctors decided to fly ailing Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to Paris for treatment, as associates described a Palestinian leader who was too weak to stand Thursday, appeared confused and spent most of the day sleeping.

Fifteen doctors - including Palestinians and specialists rushed in from Jordan, Tunisia and Egypt - examined the 75-year-old Arafat on Thursday and decided he would be able to get the best treatment in Paris, one of the doctors said on condition of anonymity.

If Arafat were taken to the hospital, it would highlight the severity of the health crisis and mark the first time for him to leave his battered Ramallah headquarters since he was confined there by Israel in 2002.


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Comments (19)

Why didn't they send him to... (Below threshold)
Baathists for Kerry:

Why didn't they send him to Canada where they have the best heathcare system in the world? Or, more interestingly, to Isreal? The doctors in France don't wash their hands after using the bathroom.

here is my opinion on what ... (Below threshold)
Norm Filiatrault:

here is my opinion on what ails him: although the PA is claiming that he has the flu, gallstones or stroke - let me just say that it was reported previously that he suffered for years from tremors, etc. Now I had an uncle who had Parkinson`s disease - and he experienced many of the described symptoms below right before he died and they came upon him rather rapidly - in the space of a week - he went from being fine to being bedridden, lapsing in and out of consciousness, hallucinations and total loss of memory. I believe Arafat is in the final stages of Parkinson`s and there is nothing the doctors can do except wait and watch him deteriorate and die. The reason they have not moved him urgently to a hospital is that nothin there can help him. He will be dead within a week`s time. Mark my words.

"Relax, Mr. Arafat. You're... (Below threshold)

"Relax, Mr. Arafat. You're among friends, now."

SKYNEWS (http://uk.news.yah... (Below threshold)

SKYNEWS (http://uk.news.yahoo.com/041028/140/f5ibe.html) is reporting that he had "an exploratory operation" and then went on to say he had an endoscopy. Two things: #1- an endoscopy is not an operation- there are no incisions (stupid, nitpicky point, but still...) and #2- whatever he has, it's probably not gall stones (you can't see them with an endoscope- you'd need a sonogram of the gall bladder- maybe an Xray, but I'm not sure about that without using some sort of contrast.)

and, why Paris? Lemme guess... they have no extradition treaty with Israel... just a thought...

Is anyone surprised that th... (Below threshold)

Is anyone surprised that the "Father of Modern Terrorism" would choose an ally like France to have medical treatment.

Norm, why risk it??...cou... (Below threshold)
mark m:

Norm, why risk it??...could be something worse. They need to crack him open and do an exploritory. It could be anything. CUT HIM!!!!

Why not Cuba? He could shar... (Below threshold)

Why not Cuba? He could share a semi-private room with Fidel. They have great healthcare there, you know?

Are you saying "Arafat's da... (Below threshold)

Are you saying "Arafat's days appear to be numbered"
because they sent him to France? ;-)

That is, is he going to France because his days are numbered
or are his days numbered because he is going to France?

I guess he needs a transfus... (Below threshold)

I guess he needs a transfusion of weasel blood, Paris would be the first place Id go to fix my rodent if I had one.

I wonder what it's like to have millions people around to world praying that you dont wake up from surgery all of them ready to celebrate, champaign in hand when you croak.

Castro falls on his face, Arafat taking a dirt nap, saddam on death row, uday and qusay dead. Who says Bush isnt having a good year.?

Well, why not Paris? Frogg... (Below threshold)
Greg Schreiber:

Well, why not Paris? Froggystan will be a Muslim majority country in about 100 years.

His wife has been living there for awhile now.

And the Frogs have a long tradition of appeasement!

Drudge now says that Arafat... (Below threshold)

Drudge now says that Arafat is refusing to go to Paris. Can't say I blame him there.

Yeah, that's what Drudge's ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, that's what Drudge's headline reads, but... when you click on the link, it says he is going. I wish he'd make up his mind!!! Did you see the pic of him in his jammies? When did he become a blogger?

Arafat is just waiting to h... (Below threshold)

Arafat is just waiting to hear from Kerry as to the best places to stay.

This is most excellent news... (Below threshold)

This is most excellent news! Incompetent French surgeons already killed Pierre Sallinger this year.

It would be the French who ... (Below threshold)

It would be the French who would be willin' to take him in, but if I was an ol' man wantin' to stay alive way past my given time, I think I would go to Cuba and use the doctors that treat Castro.

Dang it ... sometimes it pa... (Below threshold)

Dang it ... sometimes it pays to read the other comments before you do so. I now see someone else arrived at the Cuba thought, as well. tsk, tsk!

I hope he doesn't die, quic... (Below threshold)

I hope he doesn't die, quickly. A long drawn out painful death with inept medical care is exactly what he deserves. Stomach cancer would be nice. Make sure he has plent of IV fluids to keep him awake and in pain.

azygos,Never fear.... (Below threshold)


Never fear. Even if he does die quickly, there's no morphine in Hell.

I read the above descriptio... (Below threshold)

I read the above description of the last stages of Parkinson's disease. I know nothing about it.

I just pray that this inhuman monster, Arafat goes to his well deservved Hell soon.






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