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» La Shawn Barber's Corner linked with Johnny Jihad Thanks You, Mr. Kerry

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I wish I understood what th... (Below threshold)

I wish I understood what they meant by "authenticate."

After all, they don't know who it is.

What does it even mean to describe it as "authentic?"

This quote pretty much tell... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

This quote pretty much tells the whole story in my sceptical mind.

A network producer obtained the tape over the weekend from an intermediary in Pakistan who charged a $500 transportation fee

To be an "authentic" video ... (Below threshold)

To be an "authentic" video tape, the specimen must be of a standard format, capable of being played in PAL or NTSC formats, and contain video footage.

I'm sure it's authentic too.

Regardless of whether the t... (Below threshold)

Regardless of whether the tape is "authentic," I want to know why it isn't getting more coverage and/or play in the blogger world. I think it's important for America to know what we are facing. Honestly, too many have forgotten September 11, and I don't think they believe anymore that there is a terrorist threat.

Honestly, too many have ... (Below threshold)

Honestly, too many have forgotten September 11, and I don't think they believe anymore that there is a terrorist threat.


Honestly, too many have for... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

Honestly, too many have forgotten September 11, and I don't think they believe anymore that there is a terrorist threat.

I live in Manhattan and their all voting for Kerry. I scratch my head in dismay each and every day. Partisan politics are deeply embedded.

- "This is not something yo... (Below threshold)

- "This is not something you just throw out there while people are voting," the ABC source explained.....

- Whom....would they be reffering to something like "rumors" about missing weapons stockpiles for instance or fake TANG memo's....

- Lets see if I understand this....The MSM suddenly gets religeon....Of course it could'nt be because it might help Bush.... parrish the thought....

- Someone should check and see if the moon ever reappeared last night after the eclipse....

- What a bunch of Bullshit loving Kerry hypocrits...

This better be taken seriou... (Below threshold)

This better be taken seriously folks...I am so sick and tired of the MSM bull crap. I can't stomach watching any of it anymore....haven't watched much over the last 3 months really. Ever since I found all you guys I'm one up on everyone anyway.
How is it that bloggers can find it and the MSM can't?
This new threat makes me very fearful. I hope to God I;m wrong but what if something happens this Tuesday that throws this country into another tailspin? The MSM should be all over this for crying out loud. What's their friggin problem?
What are they waiting for?

Fox News is airing part of ... (Below threshold)

Fox News is airing part of the video during Fox Report with Shepard Smith. Also, Bret Baier is saying that satellite images of El-Qaaqa prior to the invasion show a lot of activity including trucks moving something out, although they say they're not sure what was being moved out. I see. El-Qaaqa is an explosives depot, so the Iraqi military might have been removing tons of shoes. Maybe truckloads of surplus uniforms. Perhaps it was the Iraqi toys-for-tots program.

Yep, just saw the aerial ph... (Below threshold)

Yep, just saw the aerial photographs of the trucks outside the kaka bunkers before our troops arrived there, shown on Foxnews tonight. Also, in an earlier thread it was reported that soldiers first arriving at kaka depot saw large tire trucks in the dried mud.

Re authentication of the recent Al Quaeda video - it can be authentication that the speaker is the guy on the wanted list. That's one thing. But authentication of WHAT he is saying, is another thing. The point of the message may be just to scare Americans. Since he gives no specifics that we know of, that seems the logical purpose. Or it could contain a secret message to the CIA from a mole using ABC as the best available conduit. The speaker could be a hero! Or it's a friendly Pakistani (they do speak English there, and he may have studied in the US) who knows Americans will rally around their president, reminding Americans to vote for Bush. Lots of possibilities.

Hee hee - I meant large tru... (Below threshold)

Hee hee - I meant large truck tire marks... or tracks - getting the alliteration all ka-ka-ed up!

<a href="http://www.foxnews... (Below threshold)

ABC, Fox, and the Associated Press
all report the CIA can't authenticate the tape.






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