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Poseur Alert


Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on winning the World Series. Too bad this guy is trying to jump on your bandwagon...


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Comments (37)

"I knew that Manny Ortiz wo... (Below threshold)

"I knew that Manny Ortiz would break the curse of the bimbino!"

Kerry looks like Stan Laurel in that pictire.

Did he hear that Schilling ... (Below threshold)
Greg Schreiber:

Did he hear that Schilling endorsed Bush on TV this morning?

Last week when Kerry procla... (Below threshold)

Last week when Kerry proclaimed himself "giddy" over the Red Sox making the World Series, I thought that was a strange word to use in a sports setting. It now appears that this is the new "in word" in the sports world, at least in the Miami Herald. On the front page they displayed a picture with the caption "The Red Sox form a giddy pile after winning the World Series"

(Sometimes I wonder if I'm reading to much into the liberal bias issue)

Man, what a douchebag! What... (Below threshold)

Man, what a douchebag! What, does he think he's from Massachesettes or something? Can you believe he's trying to pass himself off as a lifelong fan on the Red Sox? What a phony!

Oh...wait...he is from Massachusettes. He is a lifelong Red Sox fan.

Never mind.

Unfortuntely for Lurch, the... (Below threshold)

Unfortuntely for Lurch, the Sox marquee player, Curt Schilling, endorsed President Bush on National TV today.

"The way the Red Sox battle... (Below threshold)

"The way the Red Sox battled this post season reminds me of when I was in Vietnam..."

Being a lifelong Massachuse... (Below threshold)

Being a lifelong Massachusetts resident doesn't necessarily make you a Red Sox fan. The fact that he doesn't know the name of the team members shows how much of a fan he really is.

Take me out to the tarmack<... (Below threshold)

Take me out to the tarmack
take me out to the plane
buy me a glove and a brand new ball
I throw like a girl
and I hope I don't fall

Everytime Kerry does one of... (Below threshold)
Another Thought:

Everytime Kerry does one of these goofy photo ops he only makes himself look more ridiculous...just like any nerd trying to look cool, or anyone transparently trying to be something they are not...

Others have noticed how Kerry's hat is brand new...not the sign of a longtime fan...

Everytime Kerry does one of... (Below threshold)
Another Thought:

Everytime Kerry does one of these goofy photo ops he only makes himself look more ridiculous...just like any nerd trying to look cool, or anyone transparently trying to be something they are not...

Others have noticed how Kerry's hat is brand new...not the sign of a longtime fan...

As a true lifelong Red Sox ... (Below threshold)

As a true lifelong Red Sox fan, and a resident of Boston, let me say this.

Kerry's a fair-weather bandwagon fan if ever there was one. Where was that hat when the Sox were down 3 games to none to the Yankees?

I'll tell you where mine was. On my damn head.

Does anyone think for one second that Kerry would be wearing that hat if the Sox had been swept by the Cards? No. Friggin'. Way.

What an opportunistic grab-ass.

What would Manny OrTEZ think?

My wife and I were watching... (Below threshold)

My wife and I were watching that appearance at lunch. He came running down the stairs pointing to his hat and then he grabs this black girl in the front row and kisses her like he's never kissed a girl before. A big long smooch. My wife and I look at each other and at the same time say "What the heck was that?". It was a little strange to say the least. Not a friendly handshake line peck on the cheek. This was an all out bend her over backwards suck her lips off kiss. Really bizarre.

That lower lip thing:... (Below threshold)

That lower lip thing:

"Me, Mr. Stupid Warrior! Oh, yeah, women waaaant me!"

I bet Kerry thinks that letter on his hate means "mmmeeeeeeee!!!".

The guy betrayed his country and betrayed his fellows and he's got no where to go but down.

Kerry is really counting on... (Below threshold)

Kerry is really counting on him winning. He really needs it. ~HE~ needs it. I notice how his flagrancy emerges at these times when he assumes he's been successful in a game. And I don't mean baseball...Kerry's negative gaming is what I mean. The false pretense of the 'weapons' issue is what Kerry seems to regard as one of his winning games.

He is growing more and more repulsive with every passing hour...

My caption offering:<... (Below threshold)

My caption offering:

"So, O.K., then, Satan wears a black cap!"

How dare you all call him a... (Below threshold)

How dare you all call him a fair-weathered fan!

Didn't you see him in St. Louis last night? He must have been just 30 yards from first base when that last out was made!

(A story he can share with everyone when he runs the NYC Marathon in a couple weeks, of course!)

Someone has to say it...</p... (Below threshold)

Someone has to say it...

It's the lucky cap from the special ops guy going into Cambodia. He's finally brought it out of the attache for the public to see.

You know, the more I see Ke... (Below threshold)

You know, the more I see Kerry the more I'm convinced he's a wannabe prop comic. Just looks at his photo ops. Either he's wearing a bunny suit or he's dressed in a bomber jacket (something naval officers didn't wear in Nam) or he's wearing a hard hat or he's wearing a cammo hunter's outfit or he's earing a baseball cap. I'm probably missing some of the props, but you get my drift. What an assclown.

I think someone should tell... (Below threshold)

I think someone should tell the Bush campaign to have President say something to the effect,

"It seems popular today to wear a hat to show support of a certain team. Well, I want to congatulate the Boston Red Sox on their accomplishment. They played hard and they deserve it.

As for me, I always wear the hat and colors of my favorite team."

And at this point, the President dons a red, white and blue cap, with a great big "USA" on the front.

Go Bush !!

I took the liberty to edit ... (Below threshold)

I took the liberty to edit and ad to Stephen Macklin's prose... I hope he (and all) find it worthy!


(To be sung to the tune: “Take me out to the ballgame”, with respects to Harry Caray!)

“Take me out to the tarmac
Take me out to the plane
Buy me a glove and a brand new ball
‘Cause I throw like a girl
And I hope I don't fall
So let’s vote, vote, vote for the Senator,
If he don’t win we’ll steal just the same,
‘Cause it’s one, two, three (law)suits we’re out,
At the ole presidential game…!”

Sing it with emotion, Al Gore…! Howard Dean, O.K., you can scream it with emotion…!

Ever since Calvin Coolidge ... (Below threshold)

Ever since Calvin Coolidge wore the war bonnet, pol have been doing things that look stupid when caught on camera. Witness the Prez healing the sick:


(or is he just letting her sniff his watchband?)

Jean-Fraude Kerry just can'... (Below threshold)

Jean-Fraude Kerry just can't get it right, he has Boston's vote sewed up, now he's managed to piss off New Yorkers and every other state that's team DIDN'T wn the series. That picture alone will cost him thousands of votes in one of his main strongholds, New York, and their neighbors in Jersey aren't too happy about it right now either. He can afford to lose quite a few votes in New York, but Jersey is in play.

Kerry is a lifelong DC resi... (Below threshold)

Kerry is a lifelong DC resident. We in Massachusetts don't want him, and he can't pretend to be "from here". He's certainly no Red Sox fan.

Scandalous, I mean it's not... (Below threshold)

Scandalous, I mean it's not like Dear Leader would ever do something so crass as turn up to a Nascar event in Air Force One now is it!

Bullwinkle,I'm sur... (Below threshold)


I'm surprised you allude to his French roots. I understand he was disowned for failing to follow family tradition. He still hasn't surrendered!

I guess we'll just have to cream him, the phony.

"Take me out to the Poll ga... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Take me out to the Poll game,
Let me pump up the crowd.
Buy me some voters and Legal hacks,
Give my opponents a knife in the back,
So go vote, vote, vote the Liberals,
If I don't win, then Dubya's to blame
I've got one, two, three Purple Hearts,
for the old Poll game."

(Another version I already used at
I Love Jet Noise)

That looks like one of thos... (Below threshold)

That looks like one of those leather caps, as well, so I 'spect that cost him tons of votes from the PETA crowd.

This picture makes him look... (Below threshold)

This picture makes him look like that special needs kid you went to school with, you know, the one that rode the short blue bus. I can almost see the backpack and square metal lunchbox.

Now, is anyone really sure ... (Below threshold)

Now, is anyone really sure that the "B" does not stand for Bush and here we find Kerry showin' his support for the one he really believes should win the election. That's a good story and I am stickin' with it. ;)

Hey Schilling is going trav... (Below threshold)

Hey Schilling is going travel with Bush to rallies at the Verizon Wireless Arena and the Pease International Tradeport!!!!:


I bet Kerry is jealous...

Got to hope this picture is... (Below threshold)

Got to hope this picture is spread far and wide in New Jersey so all the Yankee fans know where his allegiances are. And that they remember GWB's triumphal pitch at the 2001 World Series.

Postit,It's OK, we... (Below threshold)
Bush in 5 Days:


It's OK, we know Kerry is a big Nascar fan too - remember:

"Who among us does not like Nascar?"

I'm sure that once the election is over and he's back (part-time) at the Senate he'll be spending plenty of time following all the races.

Everytime I visit WizBang a... (Below threshold)

Everytime I visit WizBang and see the photo of that assclown (I still think he looks like Stan Laurel -- Edwards' wife look like Oliver Hardy) I'm reminded of how many jerks we have in the country who want to make this guy president.

And Rance, it was Kerry's "Little Me", John Edwards, who claimed Kerry could heal those invalids in wheelchairs. And the knucklehead Libs cheered like the wackjobs they are. LOL

albino,Kerry is a ... (Below threshold)


Kerry is a douchebag and a turd sandwich.

Any man who would put himse... (Below threshold)

Any man who would put himself over the Sox is not a true fan. As a Red Sox Republican, Kerry's pandering sickens me to no end, and Curt Schilling and Keith Foulke are refreshing, patriotic, personalities that I can relate to. Kerry jumped on our band wagon so fast that Edwards is suing "Manny Ortez" over whiplash. Go Sox.

IT ONLY TOOK BOSTON 86 YEAR... (Below threshold)


Kerry is a worm. This band... (Below threshold)

Kerry is a worm. This bandwaggon jump is very consistent with his track record of cowardice. The stunt reminds me of how Hillary insisted on being a Yankee fan from way back - shameless. The Yanks haven't won since NY voted her in. Hey Jorge, it's the curse of Hillary! You have to wait until '06 to reverse your curse. Here's hoping W wins in a landslide before Kerry curses the Sox again.






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