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Ted Koppel's Closing Thoughts

From the episode that featured Swift Boat And POW Veterans For Truth founder John O'Neill. [Ed - emphasis added is ours]

WASHINGTON, Oct. 14, 2004 (ABC News) - One of our own producers this morning raised a question that I suspect a number of you may have on your minds: Why, just when the presidential candidates are starting to focus on real substantive issues, devote yet another program to what John Kerry did or didn't do in Vietnam?

Here's why: Questions have been raised about John Kerry's character and honesty. We were offered the chance to set the record straight on one discrete chapter in Mr. Kerry's war record.

We didn't know what we were going to find when our crew went into Vietnam. You have the right to expect that we would have reported it either way. And we would. Because, not reporting something you know can be just as much of a political statement as reporting it.

Imagine how outraged supporters of Kerry would have been if we had concealed what we found. Our interviews don't prove that John Kerry deserved his Silver Star, but they are consistent with the after-action report and his citation for bravery.

Finally, once we've checked things as thoroughly as we can, we're in the business of reporting what we learn, not concealing it.

Yet they have an authenticated al Qaeda videotape which warns of retribution for Americans electing Bush and Cheney, and suddenly they're not in the business of reporting anymore?


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Comments (14)

ABC News went to Vietnam to... (Below threshold)

ABC News went to Vietnam to do some damage control for Kerry. Who are they kidding? If they were concerned with the truth then just play all of Kerry's comments when he came back from Nam. Play the video of Kerry admitting he committed war crimes and atrocities. Today some bozo told me that if Kerry were president the explosives wouldn't have been looted. I replied that Kerry would have led our troops in fire-bombing villages, cutting off limbs and arms, hooking up telephone wire to genitalia, cutting off heads, and behaving in a manner reminiscent of Genghis Khan. Lt. Kerry becomes Col. Kurtz.

By the way, Kevin, Bret Bai... (Below threshold)

By the way, Kevin, Bret Baier just announced he viewed the satellite images of El-Qaaqa before the invasion and he reports that he observed large trucks moving stuff out. Yet, Kerry continues to go with his ignorant rants about the missing explosives.
An interesting article by Dick Morris shows just how unhinged Kerry and Company are.

And here's more good news f... (Below threshold)

And here's more good news for Kerry, who loves parading his three Clinton generals around the country: 125 former generals and admirals came out and endorsed George W. Bush. In their press release they stated: John Kerry is unfit to command.

Excellent point! I just wat... (Below threshold)

Excellent point! I just watched the ABC network news and they did a report on it but only showed snippetts of the video. Hardly what you would call real coverage. The ABC radio news questioned that the man was an American because of the way he pronounced tyranny. Did they ever hear John Kerry pronounce Ghengis Kahn?

Videotape has NOT been auth... (Below threshold)

Videotape has NOT been authenticated by CIA or FBI.

I don't know who came behin... (Below threshold)

I don't know who came behind my original post and posted that the tape had not been authenticated, (by the way don't use my name moron) but the CIA and FBI has said that the tape is legit.

The thing is, the very fact... (Below threshold)

The thing is, the very fact that we're having this discussion proves that ABC's decision to hold or release the tape is irrelevant.

geeze you're welcome!... (Below threshold)

geeze you're welcome!

As far as I know, ONLY Drud... (Below threshold)

As far as I know, ONLY Drudge himself (and "rightonamerica," above) claims that the tapes have been authenticated. According to such business-friendly sources as the National Business Review, Reuters, and the White House, the tape is being analyzed but is NOT yet authenticated. By the way, this is what the FBI abd CIA say, too. There is at least a modest chance therefore, that this is true.

I'm not sure what an "authenticated" tape would prove anyway, since we are already convinced that al qaeda still exists and wants us dead. If anything, the fact that they are still capable of scary propagandizing across half the globe--from Pakistan to the US--should not, cannot be viewed as good news for the president's campaign, anyway.

Why are you trying so hard to get the tape authenticated and shown? It will be seen as evidence that W's war on terror is NOT reducing the threat to Americans. It will be Exhibit A in Kerry's last week of campaining. Does no one here see this?

The tape was shown - - even... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

The tape was shown - - even though the White House has long not wanted these things shown. It is nothing more than terrorist propaganda, what is the "news" behind it?

Also, ABC did air another news program today, and that was 100% proof that explosives were there after the invasion.

- Maybe this is late but Dr... (Below threshold)

- Maybe this is late but Drudge is saying the tape has been authenticated....CIA and FBI... Fox showed some excerpts...

This is the MSM equivalent ... (Below threshold)

This is the MSM equivalent of "Let them eat cake!". Just as with the doomed Austro-Franco queen, so with one of the few remaining crowned heads of broadcast journalism: contempt, slightly moreso than dismissiveness or ignorance, as the defining attitude of the speaker about the object of the remark. I think I may detect as well common traits of a near-pathological obliviousness and an ironic smug security. And pursuing it all the way into the ground, also a familiar longstanding unrest and resentment which may easily flame to outright revolution (but let us hope without the resulting madness of the fall of an earlier ancien regime).

Surely one might be excused for hoping the speakers' respective fates may prove similar.

ABC did say that, Bill K? H... (Below threshold)

ABC did say that, Bill K? Hmmmm. Well, I guess that settles it. Afterall, if a respected news organization like ABC says the explosives were there after the invasion, then who are we to argue with them. I mean, really; the folks at ABC are experts in military affairs and intelligence. Had our commanders heeded their daily pronouncement perhaps we would have been victorious. If only we had people like ABC's news staff -- with their superior intellects -- running national security. I've always been impressed with their strength and integrity, as well. They are men and women who transcend mere mortals. How could we conservatives be so blind to their superiority as evidenced by their journalism degrees from such institutions as Columbia, Harvard and Yale? My goodness. We should build monuments to these giants of the written word; these molders of public opinion who keep the evil cops, soldiers and other miscreants from harming the American people. And their protection of and sympathy for thugs, murderers, terrorists (oooops, I mean militants) and even rapists deserves the praise of the unwashed masses. I bow my head in earnest prayer that these examples of morality and integrity will lead us out of the darkness and into the light. These men and women who serve us so well for they are the best and the brightest. They are ABC News. A pox upon me for ever doubting their veracity.

What can I add after what J... (Below threshold)

What can I add after what Jim wrote, but Amem!!!






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