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The word of the day - Reckless

OK, we right-wing blogger always get accused of such grand coordination -- let's have some.

The word of the day is Reckless.

As in "John Kerry showed a reckless disregard for the truth in making his allegations against Bush"


"John Kerry said this was 'One of the biggest blunders of the Bush administration.' We now know he was reckless in making that statement."

For all of you who think Kerry should be spanked for his reckless behavior the last few days, (see it's easy) calling him reckless is meme we need to start. Don't just put it in the comments here. Put it on your blog, call the local talk radio station, email your local paper etc. Heck, call Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity et al and make it nationwide.

The reason it is the right word for the day is that it is accurate. John Kerry accused the commander in chief of an horrific blunder during a time of war, before he had the whole story.... And he did it to play politics.

If that is was not reckless then reckless has no meaning.

And nobody wants a reckless Commander in Chief. -- Just ask Howard Dean.

Karl Rove, are you listening?


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Comments (16)

It wasn't just RECKLESS of ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

It wasn't just RECKLESS of Kerry to accuse the adminstration, he was also accusing our military. The type of blunder that allows a convoy of explosive move around Iraq unnoticed is not a problem at the adminstration level, but the command level, which is why I think the whole story is implausible, our troops are not so incapable, that they wouldn't notice a work party and convoy hauling explosives around Iraq.

The word of the day may rec... (Below threshold)

The word of the day may reckless, but the word of the week is slander. John Kerry is slandering the military this week to advance a personal agenda just as he slandered them in 1971.

Reckless is right! It is no... (Below threshold)

Reckless is right! It is no wonder THK insisted on a Prenup.

President Prenup. I can't believe it.

George W Bush...Presidentia... (Below threshold)

George W Bush...Presidential

john f kerry...Desperate

I myself am a big fan of "<... (Below threshold)

I myself am a big fan of "disingenous."

I prefer the phrase "Rush t... (Below threshold)

I prefer the phrase "Rush to Judgement". It plays nicely with all the crap that Kerry has been saying about Rush to War.

Kerry made a Rush to Judgement to take the word of an anti-American IAEA official and the anti-American NY Times. Kerry made a Rush to Judgement that the troops and the officers in charge were so incompetent to let 380 tons (10-40 large trucks) of explosives disappear on their watch.

On the Mekong Delta, John K... (Below threshold)

On the Mekong Delta, John Kerry was reckless when he fled the scene in his Swiftboat as soon as a nearby boat ran over a mine, only to return to the scene (as soon as all the noise was over) and claim Rassman from the river...and claim the glory of rescuing him.

John Kerry was also reckless when he misfired a grenade launcher into nearby shore and it exploded back on him and his crew, giving him a wee-tiny nick by shrapnel in his arm.

John Kerry was reckless when he returned to key areas in Vietnam only to film himself for "war footage" of himself.

John Kery was reckless when he accused our soldiers, sailors, and airforces still fighting in the Vietnam war as killers, rapists, pillagers and worse while they were still fighting in Vietnam.

John Kery was reckless when he removed himself, early, from the war only to wholeheartedly join up with VVAW and recruite fraudulent soldiers to protest the war.

John Kery was reckless when he took his anti-war cues from Madame Binh and the North Vietnamese Communists adopting their wishes and desires as his own and his group's own goals.

John Kery was reckless when he met with Madame Binh and the North Vietnamese delegation in Paris while still active duty military violating the UCMJ and giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

John Kerry was reckless when he spoke at the Fullbright Committee about our the alleged atrocities that the US forces were committing, all the while, our POWs were getting this rubbed in their faces under torture and interogation by the Viet Cong.

John Kery was reckless when Ronald Reagan said in the 1984 Reagan/Mondale debates that his record of weakness on voting for America's defense projects was "second to none."

At best, John Kerry was reckless when he not only met with the North Vietnamese Communists, but also the following: FBI Documents indicate that while John Kerry was with the VVAW, VVAW leaders met with KGB agents in the US. VVAW collusion with foreign spies? The Diplomatic List published by U.S. Department of State, in 1971 listed Grigoriy Sergeyvich Milhaylovskiy as an assistant Military Attache, Embassy of the U.S.S.R., Washington, D.C.

John Kerry was reckless when he recently accused President Bush of letting the Al Qaaqa munitions cache get looted and also accusing the US Army of falling down on the job while we are still fighting in Iraq.

John Kerry was reckless when he said that the missing explosives from the Al Qaaqa cache was President Bush's fault even making a campaign ad to that effect, even after the truth had been exposed that they were gone before the war started and most likely were removed by Saddam's orders and the Russians. He still refuses to admit the truth that he and his cohorts are wrong on this.

...should I go on? There's tons more.

I like the term reckless be... (Below threshold)

I like the term reckless because it sums up Kerry's career and is a term easily understood by average folks.

Listen to Rush today and see if the word is used frequently. In recent weeks I've noticed many themes initiated in the blogosphere getting air time on the radio (Rush, Hannity, Laura I.). I think this is a direct result of Rather-Gate. It not only woke up the lame-stream media but also convinced conservative radio that the bloggers have valid input.

DeWaun....BE CAREFUL when... (Below threshold)
mark m:

DeWaun....BE CAREFUL when you say ton....

Rock, How about "Reckless ... (Below threshold)

Rock, How about "Reckless Rush to Judgement"!

The REAL question is, ... (Below threshold)

The REAL question is,

What exactly is a Reck, anyway?

Is there such a thing as being reckFUL?

I'd be happy if this just '... (Below threshold)

I'd be happy if this just 'recked Kerry's chances on Tuesday.

So reckless as in Ge... (Below threshold)

So reckless as in
George Bush was reckless in exagerating intelligence of WMDs in Iraq


George Bush was reckless in not double checking information from the CIA before mounting a trillion dollar campaign to find them?

I know it doesn't excuse Kerry for his reckless behaviour, but seriously ... double standard?

Chase,Every major ... (Below threshold)


Every major intel agency in the world said that Saddam had WMDs. The presidents of Jordan and Egypt both told Tommy Franks that Saddam had WMDs. Not only did Bush double-check the CIA, he double-checked times ten. Either everybody was wrong, or the WMDs were moved before our troops got there. Today's word for Chase is 'uninformed'.

'Reckless' is suitable for Kerry, though considering how fast he leapt upon a half-baked headline, I'd prefer to call John Kerry 'gullible'.

How 'bout if we call him Do... (Below threshold)

How 'bout if we call him Donkey Cong? That has a nice ring to it, I think.

I and the other 48% of Amer... (Below threshold)
Sondra Alexander:

I and the other 48% of Americans who voted for Senator Kerry cannot disagree with your comments more. Senator Kerry is more Presidential material than Pres. Bush could ever hope to be. I usually do not care much one way or the other as far as politics go. But this year for the first time in many I really became passionate about the difference between these two candidates. I feel that the current President is so out of touch with us in the working class its not even funny. I give Sen. Kerry credit for trying to give us hope that tomorrow could be better - not a repeat of the past 4 yrs. If it wasn't for the war and talk of terrorists, the Bush administration wouldn't have much to put on paper as far as accomplishments go for the middle class. As far as morals go, Pres. Bush and V.P. Cheney are no saints by any means but I guess when you have big business on your side, you can afford to sweep your sins under the carpet and run smear campaigns. The arrogance, ignorance, bullheadedness and attitude of this President that he is never wrong is hard to comprehend. "He is the greatest - just ask him." I am proud to have voted for Kerry and to have seen him in Ohio. He is willing to work with people and see other's views - not to presume that everything should be seen his way or it's absolutely wrong. I am thriled that Kerry will remain in the Senate to continue to fight for the middle class. The last four years show that the current President never had any intention of helping us with the issues that would make our lives better. May God help this country survive another 4 years.






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