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Bin Laden quotes Michael Moore

Osama Bin Laden, in his just released video tape, quotes Michael Moore's "My Pet Goat" line.

Remember, Michael Moore is so highly thought of by the Democrats that he was given a box seat for the Democratic convention.

I'll leave it to the reader to connect any dots.


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Comments (22)

No one should be even mildl... (Below threshold)

No one should be even mildly surprised that the Islamofascists listen to our homegrown traitors like Michael Moore and John Kerry. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if they read some of the lunatic postings on the blogosphere. America can never be defeated in a war. Never. Except from within. And the terrorists do have their useful idiots in Amerca -- they're called Democrats.

The fact that this will not... (Below threshold)
Clay Jarr:

The fact that this will not be comprehended by the lefties is sad. But, what I fear most is the timing of the appearances of both Assam the American (what a hoot) and OBL. In times past I would think, "What a stupid move. Don't they know that their transparent attempt to detremine an electoral outcome will surely be met with a backlash. We are, after all, Americans. Enough said" Lately though, I find myself shocked at how quickly we've forgotten what happened 3 years ago when these Islamic fascist bastards murdered 3,000 people. I've witnessed relative indifference to what Kerry did to my father's generation of veterans when he called them rapists and low-lifes, and tossed over a fence that for which many good men died. I've been chided over attempts to provide information because 'nobody wants to take the time to understand that political crap.'

In spite of my cynical mood, I'm voting for what I think is right on Tuesday. And I am firmer in my resolve in so doing thanks to recent rantings of a new enemy (Assam) and an old nemesis (Michael Moore or OBL, take your pick).

Semper Fi!

- Either Bin Laden doesn't ... (Below threshold)

- Either Bin Laden doesn't understand American politics or the RNC should send him a check for impeccable timing....Couldn't have been better if Bush would have walked on stage left at the end and said..."I'm George Bush and I approve this Ad...."

Seriously, had you heard th... (Below threshold)

Seriously, had you heard this anywhere but from the Moore-on's and terrorists! LifeTrek: Honing the passage

Amen to that, Clay. But alr... (Below threshold)

Amen to that, Clay. But already I've seen and heard the Democrats spinning this videotape. Jeff Birnbaum, that idiot from the Washington Post, just said on Fox News Channel, that while he was watching the videotape he was waiting to see George Bush walk on and say, "I'm George W. Bush and I approved this message." See the mentality we're dealing with? The Left doesn't care how many Americans die in our streets or how much damage is suffered by our economy. All they care about is beating George W. Bush. Now that's a mental disease if I ever saw one.

No surprises here. Just mor... (Below threshold)

No surprises here. Just more of OBL trying to manipulate things. While I'd like to see him die, it would be more a coup if we caught and tried him then if we just killed him.

It's a <a href="http... (Below threshold)

It's a heck of a lot more than merely quoting Michael Moore!

The Osama/Kerry video in it... (Below threshold)

The Osama/Kerry video in its entirety, with subtitles, can be seen here:
Osama Speaks Out on US Election

"innaccurate but semi-fake"

- Jim - It's not suprising ... (Below threshold)

- Jim - It's not suprising to me if LBin Laden doesn't "get it" in spite of two degree's from Western schools....He's a product of Wahabi training from birth, bitter from rejection from his own family. Even they could not accept his extreme views and meglomania desire for Martrydom in the Islamic world. I have no doubt he or his minions read and follow the blogosphere, both left and right. Equally, I would expect him to misread the vociferous screed of the minority socialists. He simply cannot think a country could survive on that kind of free speech basis, coming from a world where just missing Mosque prayers to often can get you hung.... I think his whining lowkey video proves he's on the decline, his organization badly hurt, and he believes that Bush is going to win....

- Somewhat more worrisome is the timing of the two videos at this critical time. Admin officials are already making noises that the real purpose of the video's maybe a signal to act ala Madrid....

I finally read the transcri... (Below threshold)

I finally read the transcript. What an ass!! There is no excuse for terrorism, and his attempts to paint himself as righteous are hollow and sickening.

Micheal Moore and UBL are i... (Below threshold)
Another Thought:

Micheal Moore and UBL are ideological brothers...

So Kerry now has endorsemen... (Below threshold)

So Kerry now has endorsements from Arafat and Bin Laden. If he can pick up the PLO, he'll have a trifecta.

Oh, Jim-You got it... (Below threshold)
Pat Adkins:

Oh, Jim-

You got it wrong. The last leg of the Trifecta is France. He already has that.

Arafat IS PLO. Who sent him a plane? Who has been harboring Suha? Which bank has been receiving six figures pilfered from international aid to Suha's account?

You're right, Hunter. But I... (Below threshold)

You're right, Hunter. But I think most Americans -- not the looney Libs -- would be even more determined to fight rather than retreat -- which is what would happen should John Kerry, a professional anti-war protester, become president. (God, I can't believe we've come to this -- that a man like Kerry could be this close to the presidency. It's like a sc-fi movie such as The Body Snatchers only instead of pods they use ideology to transform humans.)

BTW, did you guys see Kerry... (Below threshold)

BTW, did you guys see Kerry give his statement? He tried to sound so butch but I could tell his heart isn't in it. If he were honest he would have stated what he really thinks: that "Osama is a nuisance -- a royal pain in the ass; and what about Halliburton?"

Oh, and one more thing: Dur... (Below threshold)

Oh, and one more thing: During Bush's statement he used the word "we" and he even mentioned Senator Kerry in a positive way. During Kerry's statement, he said nothing other than "I...I...I..."

"I will hunt down the terrorists...." or "I will fight them anywhere in the world...." Stuff like that. I think Kerry better stick to shooting geese in the back. Four months in Vietnam 30 years ago does not a special ops commando make. He should consider leaving it to real fighting men who don't remind people every five minutes that they're a war hero. "The cut off limbs; cut off heads; acted in a manner reminiscent of Ghengis Khan." What military man would want to fight under a Commander-in-Chief who would sell them out for a few more votes.

OBL's latest tape was a dir... (Below threshold)
paul lukasiak:

OBL's latest tape was a direct appeal to the Muslim world, and had very little to do with an attempt to sway American public opinion. This is OBL pulling a Madonna, once again "re-inventing" himself.

He is no longer projecting the image of a jihadist warrior for Allah, bent on "avenging" the muslim world by attacking the US. He is now presenting himself as a teacher and prophet----not threatening the US, but "explaining" to Americans that their safety is in their own hands.

He knows that relating 9-11 to US policy on Israel/Palestine is going nowhere in the US---and he knows that line sells in the Islamic world. He understands the anger and resentment that most of the Islamic world feels toward the "decadent" and despotic leaders of their own nations----those comments go right over the head of the vast majority of Americans.

And he knows the overwhelming antipathy toward and loathing of GWB that pervades the Islamic world makes mockery of Bush a "crowd pleaser" for his intended audience. The "pet goat" reference may (or may not) play in the US, but in the Islamic world it sends a message that resonates in the Islamic consciousness that Bush is less than a man, because he failed the test of leadership on that most critical of days.

More importantly, his "serene" demeanor in this tape is designed to act as a contrast to the constant barrage of "rabid" Bush speeches and appearances. The presentation itself sends the message "Allah has preserved and protected his followers, and confused and confounded Allah's enemies."

As far as Islamic world is concerned, the release of this tape five days before the election puts OBL in a win-win situation. If Kerry wins, the perception will be that Allah has removed an enemy of the Islamic people, and OBL was his prophet; if Bush wins, the perceived threat represented to Islam by Bush will win over new converts to OBL's cause.

you may now resume your usual ranting....

Here's a cartoon with my ta... (Below threshold)

Here's a cartoon with my take on Binny:

Bin Laden Returns

This group of zipperheads y... (Below threshold)

This group of zipperheads you have collected here is pretty sad, although somewhat humorous at the same time. The posts on here are like a mutual admiration society at a mental hospital. No one is allowed to say anything that might be negative or their value system would break down and then your head will explode. I especially like the self delusional statement by Jim."...No one should be even mildly surprised that the Islamofascists listen to our homegrown traitors like Michael Moore and John Kerry. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if they read some of the lunatic postings on the blogosphere. America can never be defeated in a war. Never. Except from within. And the terrorists do have their useful idiots in Amerca -- they're called Democrats.

Posted by: Jim at October 29, 2004 06:21 PM ..."
Well, Jim, let me enlighten you on a few things. America has an "i" in it for one thing. Disagreeing with the government is the basis behind our first and second amendment rights, the right to free speech and the right to bear arms. So, if the government gets too fascist (corporate minded and forgetting about the common people) we are to not only disagree, but, we are supposed to form a militia and have a revolution. The reason that was written into our constitution is because our founding fathers realised that some people aren't spiritually sound enough to be trusted with the welfare of the rest of us. Osama Bin Laden is laughing at us, and you are calling Michael Moore a traitor, although the cowards in the white house are hiding from him instead of going after him. Let me ask you a question, what do you think he meant when he said we could avoid another 9/11 type attack by him by not attacking his people? Tell me then, if we aren't attacking his people yet, then who are we attacking?
This is the deal, you need some information and get your head out from under the rock you have been leaving it buried behind, and about the comment, "...America can never be defeated in a war. Never.", I had to laugh. You might wanna study up on a little thing we called the Viet Nam War and watch the films of us leaving while the enemy was still shooting at us. That is called losing. It was over a long time before, but, just like Iraq, Nixon didn't want to admit he was losing a war during an election year.
And about your hero, the honest, loyal, forthright George Bush, let me explain some things for you, Number One, he is a dry drunk, look it up. Number Two, if you think he isn't a liar who will say anything he can to win an election, then ask him how John McCain's illegitimate black daughter is, that is what he and Karl Rove said was the truth during the primaries. So, that means all the propaganda you are listening to about Kerry is on the same level. Lies. You can tell when he is lying, his mouth is moving. You people wouldn't be so embarassed about him if he didn't act like an idiot on television. He is like the Billy Carter of the Bush family. By the way, the Democrats helped establish your rights, and keep defending them, while your glorious leader is trying to take them away. You might want to read (if you can) the patriot act before you jump up and down about it, since it is almost a English translation of the same declaration Germany embraced just before they found out what Hitler was actually about. He, also got the crowds excited over his rhetoric, and blundered through speeches, although he had some great speech writers who made him sound like a really great orator. He had even written in Mein Kampf about how he respected the Christian Church for being able to control the masses that he personally considered "contemptable sheep that needed to be led." He made great speeches and was thought of as a real "man of the people", despite his position. You also might want to read something more than the Rush Report. Here is a good read, "The Fourteen Defining Characteristics of Fascism". Have a nice day, dude. Don't take yourself so serious. I can tell you, no one else does.

Anyone thought that OBL wan... (Below threshold)

Anyone thought that OBL wants Bush back in?

OBL telling the American voters to do one thing will only result in them going out and doing the complete opposite. Look at the result in the polls since Friday. Bush is up 6 points!

Here's to another 4 years of Bush, billions of dollars going down the drain and an increase in once peaceful Muslims joining the OBL terrorist cause.

a few bits of (con)textual ... (Below threshold)

a few bits of (con)textual analysis:

Bin Laden's message to the US --- "We agreed with the leader of the group, Mohammed Atta, to perform all attacks within 20 minutes BEFORE [President George W.] Bush and his administration were aware of what was going on. And we never knew that the commander-in-chief of the American armed forces would leave 50,000 of his people in the two towers to face those events by themselves when they were in the most urgent need of their leader." -------

the passage cited ought to be changed/ corrected to make any sense. ---- the word 'before' (put in caps above) ought to read after of course and can then be taken to mean the countering crew (yes they fucking well were hitting back at democrisy and good for all of us, the US not excluded for once) expected to be chased after 20:3 minutes!!!!!! ------- But Bush did a Hitleresque thing and let this equivalent of van der Lubbe (Reichstag set alighter) do as he planned and pleased. ------ Looks like Bin Laden is not adding any fuel to Bushfire this time though does it?

similar argument:

Bin Laden: We had agreed with the chief amir [leader - of the 11 September hijackers] Mohammed Atta that he should accomplish all the operations within 20 minutes before Bush and his administration could take notice. ---- It never occurred to us that the supreme commander of the US armed forces would leave 50,000 of his citizens in the two towers to face those great horrors alone, at a time when they needed him badly. -------

that first line doesn't jive the second unless you change it to: . .. . .after bush was given notice . . . .. especially in combination with the mention of having 3 times as much time as expected; hence he expected some americans to have 20 minus some minutes to scram and others 20:3 to try and shoot the plane out of the air or throw a lasso around it's nose or something. ---- Storal of the mory: Not all cowboys and camel riders were created equal ..

"within 20 minutes before Bush and his administration noticed." - Juan Cole cites and accepts but I stick to my judgement: meaningless phrase that could be stretched from minutes to weeks without corrupting plausibility

More Juan Cole: "The talk about being "free persons" (ahrar) and fighting for "liberty" (hurriyyah) for the Muslim "nation" (ummah) seems to me a departure. The word "hurriyyah" or freedom has no classical Arabic or Koranic resonances and I don't think it has played a big role in his previous statements."

100.000 Iraqis died (The lancet - that's probably not even counting sanction misery) ::: see juancole.com comment; found at lbo-talk 1025/024542.html -- He says the US killed about a one third as many Iraqis in 18 months as it took Saddam to kill in 24 YEARS!!!!!

I'm neither a "leftie" or a... (Below threshold)

I'm neither a "leftie" or a "rightie" In fact both are ludicrous. They mean nothing. George Bush and John Kerry are both puke in my book. The point I wish to make is this. Did any of you ever think that Osama Bin Laden could have been manipulating you into voting for Bush? Think about this, he makes an obvious attempt to manipulate you to vote for John Kerry which would force anyone not to vote for him. He admitted right off that George Bush was his biggest helper on 9/11 due to his non-reaction. I quote "we exceeded our wildest dreams." Why wouldn't he want Bush in the White House. That asside, I think the next four years are going to better than the last. Now that the stigma of not being legitimately elected is gone, Bush is going to better off. I look forward to the next four years.






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