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LiveJournal Blogger Gets Secret Service Visit

A 23 year old female LiveJournal user named Annie thought she was being funny when she wrote about killing the president (more precisely praying to God to do the killing) [screen capture - Google cache].

It seems not everyone was amused, as Annie reports:

A couple of weeks ago, following the last presidential debate, I said some rather inflammatory things about George W. Bush in a public post in my LJ, done in a satirical style. We laughed, we ranted, we all said some things. I thought it was a fairly harmless (and rather obvious) attempt at humor in the face of annoyance, and while a couple of people were offended, as is typical behavior from me, I saw something shiny and forgot about it, thinking that the whole thing was over and done and nothing else would come of what I said.

I was wrong.

At 9:45 last night, the Secret Service showed up on my mother's front door to talk to me about what I said about the President, as what I said could apparently be misconstrued as a threat to his life.

After reading the screen cap of the post I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for her, especially since the agents spent only ten minutes at the house and quickly determined that she was no threat. As should be totally obvious from the last year of campaigning you can say pretty much anything you like about a sitting President, but the moment you cross the line and mention killing a President you get Secret Service scrutiny 100% of the time - regardless of who the President is...


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Comments (41)

Call me crazy, but I think ... (Below threshold)

Call me crazy, but I think that's a *good* thing.

Folks that talk about killing the prez-- no matter who he is, or who they are-- get spoken to about it?

It's not like the day after she posted it the cops came, arrested her, and held her for two days while the secret service shined a bright light in her eyes and questioned her.....

Dumbass. She deserves worse... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Dumbass. She deserves worse than she got.
Just like the idiots who joke about having a bomb while boarding an airplane, then whine about getting arrested.

I love the part about how the 'Secret Service showed up at my Mommy's front door'. She's an unserious person in particularly serious times.

After first reading her pos... (Below threshold)

After first reading her post, I was like oh boy - she probably said two or three stupid things, nothing big, and that was it, and it's an overreaction. I don't necessarily feel the same after reading the whole post, however. I'm not surprised at all that Feds showed up at her house, and they would probably be remiss for not - after all, they've investigated for a lot less.

I'm with you guys. I'm glad... (Below threshold)

I'm with you guys. I'm glad the Secret Service showed up, and I'm glad they were smart enough to quickly deduce she was a harmless immature doofus.

Door knock- ten minutes- se... (Below threshold)

Door knock- ten minutes- seems about right.

I think I see the problem h... (Below threshold)

I think I see the problem here...

23 years old and she still lives with mommy. Get a real job and take care of yourself then maybe you'd have a better understanding of the world.

but maybe that's just me.

This is a great sign of our... (Below threshold)

This is a great sign of our Secret Service. They tracked down a lead and questioned the source. They found out she was just a bit less than sane but no threat and left. I see no problem here.

Ah, it all comes into focus... (Below threshold)

Ah, it all comes into focus - now I know why the left hates the Patriot Act, Ashcroft, and law enforcement in general - if it was up to them, they'd be able to, oh so non-violently, advocate murder and mayhem against "the bad guys", with no repercussions. Freedom of speech is allowed to cause anarchy and the destruction of society, isn't it? Bleah.

Poor little kitten. A quic... (Below threshold)

Poor little kitten. A quick scan of the entries on said LiveJournal shows that most everyone is terribly aghast that her freedom of speech has been trampled on by jackbooted thugs.

23 and "educated" and she doesn't understand that freedom of speech is a huge responsibility? To use that old example, you don't have the freedom to yell "Fire" in a crowded theatre.

It truly frightens me that in another 20 years when I'm old and grey and drooling in my porridge, people like Annie will be making decisions that affect my life profoundly.

Maybe she'll move to Canada before then.

BorgQueen, I'm only ten yea... (Below threshold)

BorgQueen, I'm only ten years older than "Annie," and you can rest assured that I will fight everything someone like her tries to do in America for however many years I have left.

Someone will be looking out for the old, drooling members of the right. ;)

I personally am of t... (Below threshold)

I personally am of the opinion that this is a hoax or we aren't getting the complete story here.

Short of breaking in and busting down her door because they classified her as an "imminent threat" (which we know they didn't do), there is no way the .gov, (found the thread), subpoenaed her information from either LJ or her ISP, checked her out, and sent someone out, all in less than 10 business days (debate on the 14th, they get the complaint on the 15th, show up at her house on the 28th).

There would be no reason too given the comments in her screen capture (unless there were further nastier comments in the comments section) compared with the pure hate that gets posted at the train wreck of the democratic underground.

It just doesn't make any sense, and neither does her reaction. She deletes the offending post, even though by her own account there was nothing wrong with it, and then plays the martyr saying "look what your evil .gov did to me...they gave me an FBI file..."

Which leads us to the last point, under the FOIA, anyone can request a copy of their FBI file and all that it contains. The cost is $18. Several people (her friends included) have offered to pay the fee and review the documents with her. So far, she's declined.

Reading the original post c... (Below threshold)

Reading the original post containing the death wish, one thing that jumps out is the sheer intensity of the hatred.

And these people think of themselves as "compassionate" ...

- Her defense was to toss o... (Below threshold)

- Her defense was to toss off a comment about being "annoyed"....heaven help her mother if her daughter ever gets mad at her....

- I have my doubts this ever happened...sounds more like fantasizing writer syndrom from a guilt trip nightmare she probably had....

- That and remembering the prepensity to "victimhood" and endless paranoia by the tin-foil asshats.....

I personally think she's fu... (Below threshold)

I personally think she's full of shit.

- Thats not someone joking.... (Below threshold)

- Thats not someone joking....she sounds like shes in serious need of professional help.....like not a few other of the asshat bats-o-moon we've watched post their insane dribble over this election cycle....

I doubt they opened an FBI ... (Below threshold)

I doubt they opened an FBI file - the Secret Service is part of the Treasury Dept., not Justice. This kind of thing is probably pretty routine. I applaud them. Somebody probably reported it, as they should have.

I was also struck by the sheer vileness of the fantasy.

What is the Left going to do if they lose Tuesday? Just think about that for a minute. Disturbing.

Evil Pundit wrote, "Read... (Below threshold)

Evil Pundit wrote, "Reading the original post containing the death wish, one thing that jumps out is the sheer intensity of the hatred."

I agree. At first read, you wonder where all that hatred comes from. After several more reads you get the feeling that what we have here is an irrational 13 year old. One could hardly gather from the rant the writer is 23, even if it was supposed to be satire. Mostly, though, it's just plain moronic.

Now having a FBI File, this person has been place on the "no-fly" list. What a shame she can still vote.

Borg, I'm only 26 and rest ... (Below threshold)

Borg, I'm only 26 and rest assured, not all of us in this generation are as misguided and ignoratnt as Little Annie. Most of us actually know what responsibility is.

The left has determined thi... (Below threshold)

The left has determined this year that calling for the life of a (Republican) president is covered by the first amendment and they shouldn't be hassled for doing so, for example the play 'I'm Gonna Kill The President' that played in NYC. What would have happened to the play's author if it were Clinton in office? Or if he had called for the murder of Hillary Clinton? I feel sorry for the poor girl, just as I feel sorry for those poor guys who were thrown in jail for attacking Ann Coulter, and that guy thrown in jail for trying to 'teach a lesson' to Katherine Harris by running her down in his car.
Wait a minute...no I don't. We need to get all these brown-shirt Democrats attacking Republicans and send them down to Guatamala with a copy of the Koran and Mein Kampf, so they can make an informed decision prior to their release.

God, what a stupid bitch.</... (Below threshold)

God, what a stupid bitch.

A quick scan of the entries on said LiveJournal shows that most everyone is terribly aghast that her freedom of speech has been trampled on by jackbooted thugs.

And they are even stupider. May they all suffer explosive diarrhea on Tuesday and have to stay home. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid...

I remember in Clinton's fir... (Below threshold)

I remember in Clinton's first term when he came to sacramento, CA campagining for the second term, a guy on the street watching Clinton said, Jokingly but stupidly, "I should have brought my rifle." Secret service agents in the crowd heard him and had him arrested in about 5 secs. Didn't take them long...This may or may not be a BS story on her part but if they did go to her house and question her, she got what she deserved. There is no reason to every use joke about killing the president, any president. I didn't like Clinton but I never wished him dead, just out of office:)

"Maybe she'll move to Canad... (Below threshold)

"Maybe she'll move to Canada before then."

Chrissakes, no no no - we have a bunch here we want to send to you! Ten of them here has the effect of only one on your side of the fence, and you seem to know better than we do how to keep them away from the controls.

Think of it as us turning in the enemy.


The quickness (or slowness)... (Below threshold)

The quickness (or slowness) of Secret Service response is not suspicious in this case. In the 90s, we had an SS visit our college campus because some dumbass posted a threat against Clinton on a campus USENET newsgroup. They showed up 1 or 2 days after the threat was posted.

They actually investigated into it more than is being described here - they interviewed the guy, =and= some of the faculty of the college. Perhaps they didn't get many threats to investigate and decided to fill up their time. I'm sure the SS now has plenty to followup on, and so won't spend a couple hours on an immature brat.

More recently, when Al Gore gave the graduation speech at NYU, the SS came over to the church my husband works at to check out the roof of the church, which overlooks Washington Square Park. Some of the staff members wanted to go out on the roof to take pics, but I believe the SS didn't allow it. These guys are absolutely humorless, and if anyone made a joke, you can bet they would have arrested/investigated on the spot. As someone else remarked, it's just like making bomb jokes at the airport. "I was kidding!" is not considered a valid excuse.

More evidence of liberal vi... (Below threshold)

More evidence of liberal viciousness. Why is it that when liberals don't agree with someone they start talking about 'killing them'?

The viciousness from the left is scary if you ask me and it's not even Halloween yet!

ROFLMAO... "The viciousness... (Below threshold)

ROFLMAO... "The viciousness from the left is scary if you ask me" Good god, people, listen to yourselves. Hell, you'd think none of you have seen an American Election before. Way back in the good ole' days, when Slick Willy was coppin' hummers in the oval office and the Dow was above 10k and not lookin' back, before the Crash of the DotComs and Bush, part Deux, ran against peace, prosperity, and incumbency - and WON, the "Religious Right" was praying for bad things to happen to Clinton, as well.

For my money, if you're not passionate about elections, you're not informed. I don't hate Bush any more or less than any other politician in our Marketocracy. Bush and Kerry are on the same damn team, folks, and it's not yours and mine. They're just fighting to see who is going to be captain for the next four years.

Even though they list me as a "Left Wing Blog" over on Heretical Ideas, I'm really just opposing the system that gave us these two jokers as supposedly legitimate candidates. Right now, the Right has a tough go of it because their golden boy has flubbed everything he's touched, but they're fairly safe since their supporters don't seem to know the difference. In fact, if the Dems had a candidate worth fielding, Bush wouldn't stand a chance of re-election.

"In fact, if the Dems ha... (Below threshold)
John "Akatsukami" Braue:

"In fact, if the Dems had a candidate worth fielding, Bush wouldn't stand a chance of re-election."

Quite true, Steve; a goodly number of people of people who are, presumably reluctantly, intending to vote for Bush have remarked on it.

OTOH, that the Democrats don't have a candidate worth fielding likely says something about both their political "talent" and the rank-and-file.

LiveJournal is filled to ov... (Below threshold)

LiveJournal is filled to overflowing with this sort of personaly, as per "annie"...I'm relieved to know that the Secret Service would pay the author, "annie," a visit based upon what she wrote, but from the bits I've read on LJ, her comments are just fluff atop a larger layer of algea atop a great deal of black bogg at the bottom of a pond. The site seems to have amassed millions of problematic personalities all bent on denouncing everyone, particularly one another, if and when no one hooks up with them otherwise.

LJ is a great example of WIKI GONE MAD. The site's owners seem to have egalitarian "fairness" pushed to the extreme. Many saving graces, yes, but the general personality of the users who display there is antisocial. A lot of liberals and democrats and 'american communist party marxists' and such...no surprise there. And, the site's structure fosters a closed society behavior, such that there are an abundance of those like "annie" who foster the very emotional and mental illness and disturbances that they allege to encourage be discussed.

TYPO/SORRY:...(... (Below threshold)


...(^^)..should have read..."filled to overflowing with this sort of PERSONALITY, as per "annie"...

I'm encouraged to know that... (Below threshold)

I'm encouraged to know that the Secret Service would: notice the content (not an easy task given just how complex the internet is, especially sites with interactive, dynamic content such as does LJ have), and, would act upon what they noticed so quickly. I hope it was effectively, although I'm also confident that anyone once on the radar remains there. Which is good.

The stupid twit still has n... (Below threshold)

The stupid twit still has no idea, no clue or comprehension that what she did was wrong.

Sad day when I read something like that, then I read her comments about what happened and find out she didn't learn anything about her own behavior. Lay's the blame on the government.

Such a sad, stupid, stupid, twit.

A friend of mine once poste... (Below threshold)

A friend of mine once posted on an e-mail distribution list a desire to punch Bill Clinton in the nose. He then felt compelled to report himself to the Secret Service rather than run the risk that one of his enemies (many of whom hated Clinton even more) report him.

I gather from my friend's later description of the resulting interview the Secret Service agents were somewhat amused by the whole thing. Certainly the "threat" was more benign by far than Annie's "satire."

Let us hope this is her 15 ... (Below threshold)

Let us hope this is her 15 minutes of fame. What a twit!

Too bad 'Mommy' wasn't pack... (Below threshold)

Too bad 'Mommy' wasn't packing a few guns at the house to go goose hunting with Kerry this weekend. This babe is a twit and whats worse, is all of the support she is getting from those posts. Maybe the Secret Service should go back, since she doesn't REALLY apologize....so then I would consider her a continuing threat! Give her 6 months in jail to consider her stOOpidity...what a leftie bitch.

This is what I call "spawn"... (Below threshold)

This is what I call "spawn" of evil. The girl is a dirtbag. I hope the agents from the Secret Service had the good sense to wash their hands after they left.

It's sickening to see the type of people who are on John Kerry's side.

I'm echoing Gennie's statem... (Below threshold)

I'm echoing Gennie's statement. She's an idiot.

I wonder, though, if she would feel so, so TROD UPON had someone else had publicly "prayed" for her death in a "satirical" fashion?

You know, because it IS all about her.

re: secret service comes-a-... (Below threshold)

re: secret service comes-a-knocking...

The secret service in their role as protector of government officials has an awesome responsibility and the authorities to match (authorities being the "legal license" to do what's required).

In a representative democracy we have the advantage of no person being irreplaceable, but our representatives, given the nature of our government, are (and must be) the most vulnerable of all leaders. Given all the assassinations we've suffered through, I'm surprised we don't send these jokers to Guantanamo for a few weeks of indentured servitude (cleaning up after the inmates who happily throw their feces at the help) as compensation for the time these agents had to spend away from their family because someone wrote before they thought about the consequences.

Which is another reason for WW4. We have to make the world safe for American tourists (seriously - we have to create and enforce a world-wide civil society in this era of cheap wmd and mass travel) - in the same way we don't worry about our neighbor setting up a mortar in their backyard (or SUV), we can't require (nor can we afford) the investment required to protect ourselves from these crazies (Sirhan Sirhan, Hinckley, terrorists, and worse) other than by using a punitive, preemptive offence to eliminate (or wall off) those that would do us harm.

Defense which is reactive and/or preventative is not only just another form of blame-the-victim, it's a tax on all of our productivity and products, and more harmful to our liberties than any other option (like surveillance? visit post-IRA London - with its helpless, meaning disarmed, populace).

She may be an idiot but at ... (Below threshold)

She may be an idiot but at least she's owning up to her idiocy/.

After looking at the screen... (Below threshold)

After looking at the screen cap, Annie's "prayer" is clearly not meant to be taken seriously, and she is certainly no threat to the president. After scanning a few of her other posts, it becomes immediately obvious that Annie is a 23-year old self-absorbed airhead, which is why her run-in with the feds took only 10 minutes (Knock knock. Who's there? Is Annie here? Who's asking? The feds. Oh sh*t. May we come in? OK, I'm Annie and I think Michael Moore is God. Thank you, ma'am, sorry for troubling you. (let's go, boys, she's obviously a clueless airhead...))

I notice that once again it... (Below threshold)

I notice that once again it is alright for someone to ridicule black people, gay people and underage sex (she managed a hat-trick with this one) provided they do so in the expression of their Bush Derangement Syndrome. Just more of the overt, generalized prejudice of the "left".

With free speech comes resp... (Below threshold)

With free speech comes responsibility for that speech. A short visit by the Secret Service was in order. There was no foul here.

Annie did not suggest that ... (Below threshold)

Annie did not suggest that she would do him any harm and never mentioned a thing about anybody else doing him any harm. The secret service was correct in determining that she posed no threat.






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