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Officers Mission Was To Move Al Qaqaa Explosives

From a press conference, just held...

WASHINGTON - A U.S. Army officer came forward Friday and said a team from the 3rd Infantry Division took about 200 tons of explosives from the Al-Qaqaa munitions base soon after Saddam Hussein's regime fell last year.

Major Austin Pearson appeared at a Pentagon news conference to say it was his mission to go the facility and clear explosives from the base. He said he did not discover that the International Atomic Energy Agency had reported 377 tons of explosives were missing until Tuesday night and he said he promptly contacted military officials.

If you couple the 194.7 metric tons of HMX with the 3 tons of RDX that that vanished (see this previous Wizbang post about the discrepancy of the RDX stocks from the 377 ton total) it sure sounds like the Major got all of the material in question.

Update: Jeff Goldstein's is getting excited about the story - again.


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Comments (40)

To be honest and sorry to s... (Below threshold)

To be honest and sorry to say, unless I missed something, I was very disappointed & unimpressed by the press conference & think opened the door to more scrutiny....thought Larry DiRita was hideous!

Well, I'll take Major Austi... (Below threshold)

Well, I'll take Major Austin Pearson's word over the word of the sleazebags at the NY Times, CBS, ABC, DNC and the Kerry campaign and automatons.

BTW, Kerry blew it in an interview with Tom Brokaw. Surprisingly, Brokaw mentioned the study which indicates Bush has a higher IQ based on examination of military aptitude tests, etc. And Kerry said he doesn't know how they can conduct such a study since HE NEVER RELEASED HIS MILITARY RECORDS. But hasn't he said he did release them and they're on his campaign website?

But here we are debating a story about a miniscule amount of military ordinance. Leave it to the Liberals to intiate such a ridiculous debate. Then again, I've always found Liberals in the real world to exhibit pettiness.

As predicted.How i... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

As predicted.

How is the military so f'ed up, that it takes three days to figure out they are the ones that moved it? And, why does some officer random officer have to come forward with the news?

That's right Bill K. Slam ... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

That's right Bill K. Slam the military. I just can't wait until Kerry starts doing the same thing. He has a history of that behaviour.

Random officer? How about the actual officer that was ordered to destroy the stuff.

Bill K, you just made my po... (Below threshold)

Bill K, you just made my point. You'll believe the pinheads in the news media, the liars in the Kerry campaign and the thugs at the UN over one of America's best and bravest. Perhaps the military is conducting their investigation -- which would at least take a few days -- before making public statements. I know that's difficult for Liberals to comprehend since they tend to shoot their big mouths off before they get the facts. And which is why a man such as John Kerry is unfit to command.

Major Pearson says he personally commanded the destruction of the munitions at El-Qaaqa and I believe him over some schmuck commenting on a blog casting aspersions on the honesty of the military.

Major Pearson didn't even h... (Below threshold)

Major Pearson didn't even hear about the whole hoopla over the explosives until Tuesday. Gosh, do you think he was busy doing what he's supposed to be doing and not watching over the media???

This is the way it always is in large organizations - the higher up the chain of command, the less likely one is to have details of specific events. It doesn't surprise me in the least that it took some time to work down the chain of command far enough to find someone with personal knowledge of the events.

Q: Why did it take so long... (Below threshold)

Q: Why did it take so long for someone in the military to come forward and admit moving the explosives?

A: To give kerry time to bury himself--that's all. (Rove's a genious!)

Also, coming from a random officer or even a grunt gives it more PUNCH!

I just saw kerry's jaw drop...oh wait...that's his normal face...heh heh

I see Bill is in "Jackass m... (Below threshold)

I see Bill is in "Jackass mode" again.

The military has liberated 2 countries, destroyed hundreds of thousand of tons of explosives and bill called them "fucked up" because it takes a few days to track down what happened to 1/100 of 1%.

I wonder if Bill would want to face an IRS audit with 20 minutes notice?


He must be fucked up.

So the next obvious questio... (Below threshold)

So the next obvious question is, if they were taken from the bunker by Major Austin Pearson, where are they now?

Get the TV cameras to show the world the explosives.
Or when he "cleared" the explosives, did they detonate them. If so, show us the craters.

Based on the previous estimates of how many men it would take to move the stuff, and how well the troops are connected to the outside world (Major Pearson being an exception), you would think that by now some GI would have stepped forward and said, "Hey, I know were the explosives are, I was detailed to truck them over to (pick your dump site)."

If it was Major Pearson mission to move clear the explosives, who ordered the mission? Have they been incommunicado to? I think the blogosphere should check Major Pearson to see if he has any suspicious kerning.

"If so, show us the craters... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

"If so, show us the craters."

Satire? Sometimes I just can't tell.

(1) Giuliani said it was th... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

(1) Giuliani said it was the militaries fault, not me or Kerry.
(2) If the point was to disarm Sadaam, you would think simple records like, "Went to IAEA sealed facility, destroyed weapons" would be easy to pull up. I mean, all the facilities are numbered, all the locks are numbered. I am not dissing the military, I am saying a random officer who actually did the task shouldn't have to be the one that comes forward three days later. A guy sitting at a computer should have been able to look this up a month ago when they were told of the potential problem.

This whole who did what whe... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

This whole who did what when where are the documnets that prove it what the hell happened.....is exactly why we don't want the government taking over health care.

John Pike on Fox News just ... (Below threshold)

John Pike on Fox News just a bit ago. He pointed out the bunker with the trucks from the DOD imagery. Then he pointed out the HMX bunker on the same image.

Interesting to note: He also pointed out the GPS coordinates where the Minnesota news team was... a completely different set of bunkers.

Basically, the news crew was nowhere near the HMX bunker. The trucks the DOD spotted were closer, but not in front of the HMX bunker... at least not at the time the satellite was overhead.

Jim Hines with the most inc... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Jim Hines with the most incredible backhanded segue of the day.

The US government couldn't keep track of the explosives they were sent to take care of so that shows that the government shouldn't be take over healthcare? Wow.

Let's not even get into the fact that nobody is actually proposing the government taking over healthcare.

BillKGulliani poin... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:


Gulliani pointed out the obvious. It is the officers/soldiers on the ground responsablity to secure the weapons. Which vividly point up that if Kerry is immediately goint to start castigating and making accusations of incompetence then it is the soldiers he is demeaning.

Why is it the deep thinking democrats are always looking as far away from the actual actions to asign blame. Hell there are some of you that won't conclude that it was the actual hijackers that were responsible for the tragedies of 9/11.

On top of that if you really want to assign blame let's start with Sadamm and work our way through the feckless and incompetent IAEA before we get to Bush and then the soldiers on the ground.

And, Paul, just a day ago y... (Below threshold)
Bill k:

And, Paul, just a day ago you were talking about how it was impossible to tell what was in the barrells video taped by KTMP, yet today you are 100% sure that the explosives the major blew up were the ones under investigation? Even though the major stated himself that he didn't see any IAEA seals? Even though the major stated admitted he didn't know if the material destroyed was what is under investigation?

Saddam had turned his entir... (Below threshold)

Saddam had turned his entire country into an ammo dump. As Major Pearson noted during the press conference, they were busy removing and destroying weapons located in homes under construction and inside the walls of elementary schools. Which was more important: accounting for every single gram of substance that the IAEA had refused to take accountability for since 1995 or making sure some child didn't accidentally blow themself up because the Baathists thought some classroom was a great place to hide some explosives?

And in a broader sense, what does the involvement of Senator Kerry mean in this instance? Are we going to have DNC accountability specialists embedded in all military units in the future to ask as advisors? Everything that has been said this week doesn't damage George W. Bush to me at all. But John Kerry had shown himself as unfit to be commander-in-chief once again.

So the next obvious ques... (Below threshold)

So the next obvious question is, if they were taken from the bunker by Major Austin Pearson, where are they now?

Broken down to their component atoms and scattered in the form of dust and gasses all over the world.

If you had been paying attention to reports from Baghdad -- the ones that come from places other than the hotel bar -- you'd know that one of the daily routines since the liberation has been the high-noon detonation of captured munitions.

We've destroyed, what, 200,000 tons of munitions, and you want a paper trail for every box?

Now Bill K is showing his t... (Below threshold)

Now Bill K is showing his true colors. No matter what the Bush Administration or the Pentagon do, he will complain. What I see with this Administration and our military commanders are men and women who are deliberate and thoughtful before speaking. Whereas, Kerry and his Kool-Aiders shoot their mouths off reflexively before thinking and before examing issues. For instance, did anyone hear Tom Brokaw's interview with Kerry. I was shocked. Kerry was like a deer caught in the headlights. I was also shocked that Brokaw brought up some study of military records that showed Bush has a higher IQ than Kerry. To which Kerry responded, "How would they know that since I never released my military records." Now, didn't Kerry tell Tim Russert he did release his military records? Aren't they up on his website? Kerry can't even get over on people who are in the tank for him. LOL.

BTW, apparently Kerry and the NY Times and CBS are having little effect on Bush. The Fox News/Opinion Dynamic Poll has Bush ahead of Kerry 51% to 46%. Also Battleground's poll, also released today, has it Bush 50% Kerry 45%. Now, I know our friends on the Left will say those polls mean nothing and then they'll give a number of lame reasons why they mean noth. But while past and present polls have shown Bush at 50% or 51% or even 53%, Kerry hasn't cracked the 50% mark, not even after the DNC convention. Now, I know the Libs will say they don't look at polls and blah, blah, blah. But who believes that they wouldn't love to be the ones with a candidate showing those poll numbers.

Also, now the Kerry people are flooding New Jersey since the latest internals show Bush and Kerry tied at 46%. New Jersey!!! A state Kerry thought was a lock.

So the Kerry campaign is reduced to giving CPR to an issue that a) hasn't really helped him, and b)is bullshit.

Jim, really, in this situat... (Below threshold)
Bill k:

Jim, really, in this situation how am I swilling Kool-Aid?

The Major doesn't say that he destroyed any of the RDX or HMX. He says he didn't see any IAEA seals. Video from KTMP shows clearly that there were IAEA seals unbroken as of April 18th.

In the press conference today even Larry Di Rita makes clear that all,some, or none of the 200 tons taken care of could be part of the explosives in question.

I believe every word of the Major, but that doesn't change the story at all.

If you guys weren't so busy refusing to admit any mistake by Bush, this story would have been dead days ago. But, by coming up with half-assed excuses, instead of actual answers it will stay in the press through the election. They weren't there before the invasion, they were there before the invasion, the Russians moved them, we destroyed them, NBC shows they weren't there... Every story you have bought hook line and sinker yet none of them have panned out. Actually look at the situation and think about who is drinking the kool-aid and who is spinning?

And, focus on this issue only - - we could argue about Kerry and Bush till we are blue in the face. Tell me how in this exact situation I am denying facts or making crap up?

Oh boy! Now Kerry's back to... (Below threshold)

Oh boy! Now Kerry's back to griping about how the money spent in Iraq could have been used for more handouts. Today the amount is $225 billion. It went up $25 billion since last week according to his own words. Someone please tell Mr. Kerry that the cost is closer to $120 billion. Of course, someone like Kerry doesn't think that's pertinent. What's $100 billion one way or the other. Especially when his proposed programs will cost about $2 trillion. But it shows he's backing away from the missing explosives story.

Floyd, I almost missed your... (Below threshold)

Floyd, I almost missed your humor at first. LOL. I think it's because Lefties would actually make statements like those. LOL.

tell you what, Bill K, I'll... (Below threshold)

tell you what, Bill K, I'll show you the crater when you show me a copy of Kerry's original discharge papers. Even if those explosives were looted, how is Bush responsible? His military commanders are reponsible for field operation and perhaps their primary goal is killing terrorists and insurgents rather that babysitting a minscule amount of ordinance. But Kerry is responsible for his own military record -- a record he refuses to show us.

WHAT JIM WROTE!!:</p... (Below threshold)


Bill K, you just made my point. You'll believe the pinheads in the news media, the liars in the Kerry campaign and the thugs at the UN over one of America's best and bravest. Perhaps the military is conducting their investigation -- which would at least take a few days -- before making public statements. I know that's difficult for Liberals to comprehend since they tend to shoot their big mouths off before they get the facts. And which is why a man such as John Kerry is unfit to command.

Major Pearson says he personally commanded the destruction of the munitions at El-Qaaqa and I believe him over some schmuck commenting on a blog casting aspersions on the honesty of the military.

Posted by: Jim at October 29, 2004 01:55 PM

Here's the dreadful conclus... (Below threshold)

Here's the dreadful conclusion I've arrived at:

What with Kerry's irrational "I'll prosecute a war" philosophy, and his even moreso irrational lobs of criticisms (the "say anything campaign because something will make a bad impact by the time it's proven that it wasn't right" behavior by Kerry/Edwards)...as is the liberal 'anger' and such along similar lines, is the new "I'll sue you" politics of who can outfile who.

Nothing against attorneys, per se, but yes against people such as Kerry and Edwards who fancy themselves the Lawyer Presidents of the White House Courtroom of Federal Government...they aren't making any practical, helpful progress with the use of "law" but they are misapplying a trial lawyer's skills to the important defense and informational issues.

And what that's done is set a bad example for DEmocrats to follow: either yell out loud with Springstein about various "injustices" or else form a line with Kerry in his "plan" to "bring to justice by prosecution" that which requires other skills.

Which is a lot of why Kerry is not fit for command. I bet he wasn't even fit in the Prosecutor's Office, but that is something I doubt we'll ever really know...same with his military record.

I read a transcript of that interview with Brokaw and it sure seems to me to read that Kerry thinks he's King of the World: "...the entire world would understand why we did it..." in reference to U.S. military use, in such a foolishly grandiose statement as to be Megamaniacal. Kerry wants the United States military to be brought to trial before the world...he is NOT FIT FOR COMMAND. He is NOT FIT TO LEAD THE COUNTRY...we might as well just send Castro a one way plane ticket and park him in the Lincoln Bedroom or Camp David, as elect Kerry. Same thing.

So, your idea of answering ... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

So, your idea of answering the question I posed it to bring up to other topics?

Instead of addressing this actual topic you have now addressed Kerry's Health Care Plan, his military record, his claims on Bush's spending, and, if I am not mistaken, blamed the military for the faults in Iraq.

Bush is the Commander in Chief - - he is the military leader. Ultimate responsibility lies with him. Planning, execution, and clean-up are all on his lap at the end of the day.

Bill"And, Paul, ju... (Below threshold)


"And, Paul, just a day ago you were talking about how it was impossible to tell what was in the barrells video taped by KTMP, yet today you are 100% sure that the explosives the major blew up were the ones under investigation?"

No Bill, I've said no such thing. In fact, I have not said a single word about his credibility because I have not read enough to make a decision. You have no idea what you are talking about. (as usual)

You are the one who flies off half cocked calling things a "slam dunk" when it turns out the film crew was not even in the right place.

In the future, please READ what I write and limit yourself to replying to things I actually say.

Apparently you didn't see t... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Apparently you didn't see the question mark. A simple, "no I am not sure they got all of it" to my question would have done splendidly.

The point of this post we are commenting on is to imply that all the material was taken care of. I thought a question about if you actually believed that was appropriate.

Basically, the news cre... (Below threshold)
paul lukasiak:

Basically, the news crew was nowhere near the HMX bunker. The trucks the DOD spotted were closer, but not in front of the HMX bunker... at least not at the time the satellite was overhead.

this is why fauxnews is such nonsense. There was more than one bunker with HMX in it...


yet (at least according to what you have said) the reporter is pretending that the only bunker with HMX is the one nearest the trucks that had HMX.

as to the "press conference" held today--- not even partisan hacks like DeRita is claiming that the HMX (the stuff that is used to make WMDs), was collected and disposed of by this guy. In fact what he disposed of was....

"250 tons of TNT, plastic explosives, detonation cords, and white phosporous rounds on April 13, 2003 -- 10 days after U.S. forces first reached the Al Qaqaa site."

also note the date on which these materials were reportedly taken out and destroyed---April 13. The video showing an unbroken IAEA seal (as well as the statements of the reporter and cameraman) make it clear that on April 18, the HMX was still at al Qaqaa.

In other words, this guy's press conference really only makes things worse. DeRita is suggesting that some of what this company destroyed was some of the missing RDX, but because there are legitimate questions about the actual amount of RDX that was at al Qaqaa when the US invaded, its really not terribly important at this point.

To recapitulate:

1) major Pearson is not claiming to have removed/destroyed the explosive materials used in making nuclear weapons

2) the date on which Pearson says that he took materials from al Qaqaa is before the date on which we know that the HMX was still at al Qaqaa.


there are still at least 250,000 tons of munitions unaccounted for in Iraq. There are also quite a few pieces of equipment associated with the development of nuclear weapons that have been "looted" by professionals. And it is now becoming clearer by the moment that the problems evident at al Qaqaa were not isolated, but systemic...


Media bias is the real issu... (Below threshold)

Media bias is the real issue in this campaign's October Surprise. Its all in how you FRAME the question!

The media and even Republicans are asking the wrong questions about the missing weapons material.

Instead of focusing on whether they were there before the war or after, the better questions for the media are:

1) If Bush had NOT went in at all, HOW MUCH HCX/weapons munitions would be missing? 100%!!! Is the glass half full or half empty? The Dems are focusing on the latter. Republicans need to focus on the former. The troops have found alot MORE than the amount said to have been lost since the invasion. We would have no control over ANY of it, plus Saddam would be in direct position to sell those materials to terrorist groups, if there was no Iraq war. It is like blaming the fire department for rushing to a fire of a neighborhood, and blaming them or the fire department chief for incompetence after they save most of the neighborhood but lose one house to the fire. If they did not fight it at all, 100% of the houses are lost! Whether the job of guarding them was perfect or not, not going in, Kerry's favored position, a wrong war wrong time wrong place, cannot improve the safety of anyone relative to going in, missing some, and garnering tons more AND removing Hussein!

2) Since HMX and many of the fabled munitions WERE classified as WMD by the United Nations, the missing point is that the media all along argued no WMD existed, so the war was built on lies, but obviously if these could have been used to build WMD, and were in and of themseleves classified as such *BY* the UN, Bush's Iraq argument has been proven, there were WMD's in Iraq! Why is the media ignoring this? Kerry is proving by admitting those weapons were there to be used by terrorists on Americans and the world that Iraq and Saddam *WAS* a threat worth removing, ASAP!

3) Did the United Nations try to control our election by helping dump this October Surprise? Is that fair? What about CBS, who last time dropped phony documents on us, and this time planned to run this story without giving Bush a fair chance to respond on Sunday night, October 31? This 100% negative against Bush painting of issues by making them be repeated again and again, like Abu Grahib, is unfair to Bush. Does anyone believe this all is happening by accident? Now old Halliburton charges are the top story, the Terrorist video threatening us all is looked at for a few seconds, and dropped. Could it be that that "story" would help Bush and these others hurt him? Why are there literally NO bad stories on Kerry? With tons of arguments against him from Vietnam era issues on down the line, the whole issue is ignored. For several elections, 100% of the "scandals" are against Republican candidates, from the 92 surprise on Bush 41 Weinberger indictments, to the DWI in 2000, but none on Clinton in either campaign, none on Gore and none on Kerry! What gives? Republicans should DEMAND balance and fairness and argue the media is doing another CBS type fiasco...

paul lukasiakAnyon... (Below threshold)

paul lukasiak

Anyone citing Salon as a news source is losing the argument.

Anyone citing Salon as a... (Below threshold)
paul lukasiak:

Anyone citing Salon as a news source is losing the argument.

hey, if you want to call american soldiers liars, be my guest. Here are the author notes...

David DeBatto is an author and former U.S. Army counterintelligence agent who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

personally, I wait until I catch someone who has served in a lie before I question their credibility. Obviously, you think that even those who served, if they write in the "wrong" publication, cannot be trusted.

why do you hate our soldiers so much, simply because they provide facts that are inconsistent with your opinions?

1) If Bush had NOT went ... (Below threshold)
paul lukasiak:

1) If Bush had NOT went in at all, HOW MUCH HCX/weapons munitions would be missing? 100%!!!

How about 0%. It should be obvious by now that even when there were no inspectors in Iraq, Saddam did not use the materials (like the HMX) that had been identified by UNSCOM in the 1990s.

Saddam was not a threat to the USA. Radical Islamic fundamentalists were (and are) a threat to the USA. And Bush not only provided access to tens of thousands of tons of free weapons to islamic terrorists, but has managed to increase the number of people willing to use such weapons to kill americans.

The only thing worse than someone who screwed up as badly as Bush has is someone like Bush himself, who doesn't even know how badly he has screwed up, and thus cannot learn from his own mistakes.

About Maj Pearson, note he ... (Below threshold)
John Anderson:

About Maj Pearson, note he saw no IAEA seals. They would likely have been on the outside of the bunkers. If the barrels had UN seals. they were probably to mark the shipment as OK to import. OR not, can't seem to find out anything - note my remark about the ABC video below.
I may have put this up before, but I've added links and how to find it on Google if you want.
10.25.2004 ?RDX never at alQQ? And never sealed?
. text http://www.abc.net.au/am/content/2004/s1227830.htm
. audio Real player http://www.abc.net.au/reslib/200410/r34182_85029.ram
. audio WIndows player http://www.abc.net.au/reslib/200410/r34182_85034.asx
IAEA spokeswoman Melissa Fleming interview on ABC (Australia) - "IAEA inspectors visited Al-Mahaweel on Jan. 15, 2003, and verified the RDX inventory by weighing sampling," Fleming said. She said the RDX at Al-Mahaweel was NOT UNDER SEAL [emphasis added - JSA] but was subject to IAEA monitoring."
"The bulk of the RDX was stored at another site that was under Al Qaqaa's jurisdiction," IAEA spokeswoman Melissa Fleming said.
She says that the report seen by ABC only covers the Al Qaqaa site itself.
The second site, Al Mahaweel, is roughly 45 kilometres from Al Qaqaa.
Well, so much for about 140 of the 372 tons? Or what?
10.29.2004 3ID says "I did not see any IAEA seals at any of the locations we went into," Maj. Austin Pearson said.
Search google for "Mahaweel" - http://www.dailyherald.com/news_story.asp?intid=38289156 is the only one in the US to have this?

The Salon article's writer ... (Below threshold)

The Salon article's writer was at Al-Qaaqa? He was an eyewitness to everything happening there? And what pray tell is a US Army counterintelligence agent? I've never heard of that designation. What was his rank? I've never seen a former-military officer's article's submit a thumbnail bio without him or her giving their military rank.

Ah, so it's that David DeBa... (Below threshold)

Ah, so it's that David DeBatto. A freaking non-com with folie de grandeur who makes more antiwar and anti-military statements than even John Kerry. No wonder the Lefties love him. He's been accused by his own officers of being a wackjob. Leave it to the Libs to find a dingbat sergeant with a plate in his head to further their Anti-American cause. LOL. You know what, I want to see his military records. I want to see his and John Kerry's. I'm told his comrades in arms called him Dave De Batty. LOL What a clown! He was supposedly an eyewitness to the Abu Graib abuse and when CBS and other news organizations interviewed him, they felt he was too wacky to put on camera because he'd actually hurt their case.

Hmm, how interesting! So D... (Below threshold)

Hmm, how interesting! So David DeBatto comes up in at least 2 anti-Bush attacks (probably more): Kakagate and Abu Ghraib/CBS. I've been wondering whether Abu Ghraib was staged for Mapes. Reportedly, she had been after that "rumor" for a long time and then guess who got the pictures first! Just like the Killian fake docs. And similar to this fake video setup:

At the time the public had attention on CBSgate, there was another CBS/Mapes/Rather-gate taking place in Afghanistan. I read that Mapes was in Afghanistan herself at some point - does anyone have the dates? It was an article about how Mapes' friends were trying to cheer her up over CBSgate and what a good trooper she had been under harsh conditions in Afghanistan!

http://theswap.com/BBS/DCForumID7/942.html (and)

"American Who Ran Afghan Jail Says He Sourced CBS"

In a week in which it was burnt by at least one high-profile source, CBS News is being accused by another of having used and abandoned him. The Observer has learned that CBS News and Dan Rather made use of Jonathan (Jack) Idema, a former Green Beret, mercenary and rogue soldier, who was tried and sentenced on Sept. 15 to 10 years in an Afghan prison for operating a private jail and torturing civilians he claimed were Al Qaeda operatives.

Mr. Idema is now accusing CBS News of abandoning him after having what appears to have been an ad hoc arrangement with the mercenary soldier in which he used CBS equipment and personnel to transmit information to Mr. Rather for possible use in CBS broadcasts...."

Good job, B.R.... (Below threshold)

Good job, B.R.

No, paullll, the issue is t... (Below threshold)

No, paullll, the issue is that Kerry is unfit to command. And about an issue that's been proven and examined and debunked, that Kerry attempted and attempts still to use in false mode, to distract, implement dishonest information, and use for political gain: dishonestly. All things written and done: Kerry's unfit to command.

All the rest are tangents, but it'd be interesting to discuss his "plan" from whatever angle, healthcare or otherwise, if that was the point specifically as related to the WeaponsGate/KerryLiesAgainGate issue...but it isn't.

Kerry is not fit to command the country, to command the military, to protect and defend and represent Americans. That's the point, and this story proves again why he isn't.

Sorry, typo again, to billk... (Below threshold)

Sorry, typo again, to billk (prevous ^^), not in remark/comment to anyone else.






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