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Scum 2 Scum

Yassir Arafat has been flown to a military hospital in France for treatment for a "blood disease." Several things immediately spring to mind.

1) What IS it with France and their compulsive need to fall to their knees and deliver (metaphorical) sloppy Lewinskis to murderous, anti-Semitic thugs?

2) Arafat has a "blood disorder." If there is any karmic justice, it's something he got from all the blood of the tens of thousands of innocents whose deaths he is responsible for.

3) The State Department recently said, when asked if they wished Fidel Castro a "speedy recovery," said bluntly "no." I'll take that sentiment several steps further and wish him a speedy death. I won't wish him a painful one, though; as long as it's quick, I'm satisfied.

4) The world's oldest living terrorist has already collected the Nobel Peace Prize. Once he finally goes to meet Allah, what further accolades will be piled on his grave? The Great Humanitarian prize, with Auschwitz Cluster?

5) Under his "leadership," the Palestinians have lost thousands of lives, made no measurable gains, and have lost at least one whole generation to Jew-hating and death-worshipping. How horrific will the outpouring be upon his death, and how long (if ever) will it take the Palestinians to rejoin the human race?

6) Will his widow's monthly allowance (reported to be in the 6-to-7 figure range) continue after he's gone? And will the money continue to come from the "international relief" funds he's been stealing from?

7) Arafat's term as "elected head of the Palestinian Authority" ended in 1999. He's "postponed" elections repeatedly since then -- following the example of Egypt, where he was born. Will they even bother to have an election after he finally achieves his long-overdue death?

Feh. That's enough for now. I've wasted enough of my lunch break on this (barely) walking bag of scum. Just die, already, and put us out of our misery.


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4) The world's oldest livin... (Below threshold)

4) The world's oldest living terrorist has already collected the Nobel Peace Prize. Once he finally goes to meet Allah, what further accolades will be piled on his grave? The Great Humanitarian prize, with Auschwitz Cluster?

you've been hanging around me too long... waaaay too cynical. ;-)

I dont want him to die just... (Below threshold)

I dont want him to die just yet. More pain more loss of dignity first. More pictures of Arafat-in-Pajamas. Someone get him an agent, I see a "depends undergarment" advertisement or a hoverscooter infomercial.

Maybe we can work up announcement that his blood type is only found among Jewish populations, leading the population of the west bank to spend an entire day learning to walk without stepping on their own jaws.

My only other wish is that a pack of jackals manage to escape from the Paris zoo and reach his hospital suite so that they can render his flesh from his bones while he's still marginally alive.

Sic Semper Tyrannus.

Money talks. He's got a bi... (Below threshold)

Money talks. He's got a billion in Swiss accounts and no doubt arrangements are being made.

Why doesn't someone just pu... (Below threshold)

Why doesn't someone just push the bastard down the stairs or something.

I'm telling you! ... (Below threshold)

I'm telling you!

The first words after Arafat deplanes: "Relax, Mr. Arafat. You're among friends now."

I'm reading a biography of ... (Below threshold)

I'm reading a biography of Alexander the Great and the image of his generals carving up his kingdom is extremely graphic--like jackals after a kill.

I'm hoping Arafat suffers slowly and painfully so he can see his "legacy" treated the same way.

The doctors have found out ... (Below threshold)

The doctors have found out that the blood disease can be completely cured by eating 10 pounds of pork each day!!!! But to Yassir's horror, the MRS. has told the Doctors to withhold this treatment due to religious concerns..... at the end, someone should tell him that the Israeli's want to bury him inside a pig carcass....retribution would be theirs!!






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