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Site News - Die Comment Spammers

Wizbang was under attack by comment spammers this afternoon. Commenting has been hard due to the extra traffic, but should be returning to normal.


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Comments (13)

i have been hit this week t... (Below threshold)

i have been hit this week too. blah...

Best indicator of Bushs suc... (Below threshold)

Best indicator of Bushs success, when my spam goes up or my hatemail folder overflows.

On that metric, Its bush landslide.

I'm getting about 100 an ho... (Below threshold)

I'm getting about 100 an hour for the last six hours. They're all getting blocked, thankfully, by a "pre-blast" early this morning that I had since added to Blacklist. I'm finding that the comment spammers coming from IPs outside of the United States are less than helpful in responding to requests to stop their users from doing so, unfortunately.

I agree with Jennifer and F... (Below threshold)

I agree with Jennifer and Frank Martin: this past week, and share similar experiences (and conclude as does Frank Martin).

You might also find it interesting that Blogger has experienced (what it describes as) "network difficulties" such that the domain was inaccessible for over thirty hours, followed by the site being accessible but not now the pyra publishing program that makes using Blogger possible (for anything other than reading generic Blogger information).

Blogger's "technical support" explained it as "network outages" for "certain users..." but didn't explain what relationships caused or qualified what. IF I can devote two to three HOURS in any day to sitting before a little hour glass slowly adding, adding, adding...then maybe I can manage to post a comment in my blog using Blogger, but few can comment there. Those that have commented were leftwing detractors...

I'm just saying, is all. MovableType is nearly finished, thanks to excellent helps along the way and will be ready to launch by Monday/Tuesday for to publish my site, and it's sooo long Blogger.

BUT, my point is that, at this point, the internet and how it is affected by whom and when for what is a viable and significant aspect to communications. And voting results. Just saying, is all.

I don't even know how to po... (Below threshold)

I don't even know how to post a comment. How does one do that?

I set up a blog of my own, ... (Below threshold)
paul lukasiak:

I set up a blog of my own, just as an experiment a couple of days ago....and was surprised to see that there were a bunch of comments there.

But they were from online gambling places...

- I use blogspot for my sit... (Below threshold)

- I use blogspot for my site and its ok but lacks trackback which is a big minus. They are talking upgrades so we'll see, but my choice, if I had one, would definately br MT....

Thankfully my comments are ... (Below threshold)

Thankfully my comments are set up as registration only.

That alone knocks down a large percentage, although it does slow others from posting as well.

price you pay, I guess, I got tired of deleting crap.

Mr Kevin: Are they spamming... (Below threshold)

Mr Kevin: Are they spamming your old comments? If so, I've heard that MTCloseComments @ http://thought-mesh.net/MTCloseComments.html works really good... I've also been told that renaming your comments script will cut a lot of that out too... hope that helps you or someone else using MT.

Darn! I can't get anyone to... (Below threshold)

Darn! I can't get anyone to read my site. LOL I have cool ppl reading my site. Only kidding. I just wish they would leave a comment once in a while! That's why I had to get a site-meter! Have a great day all.

I just found this site toda... (Below threshold)

I just found this site today, busted a guy reading reading the cartoons there.


Testing....<a href="http://... (Below threshold)

Testing....GOTV Mallard Style...testing.

I set up a blog of my ow... (Below threshold)

I set up a blog of my own, just as an experiment a couple of days ago....and was surprised to see that there were a bunch of comments there.

But they were from online gambling places...

Sounds like unfortunate timing to me. This spammer trots out his 'bot every couple of months on a weekend, then he fades away.

He's been hitting me with trackback spam this morning (automated comment spam is no longer a problem for me) so I've disabled trackbacking at least until Monday.

Thing is, legitimate trackback attempts seem to fail more often than succeed, so I'm left wondering if the trackback system I've got is worth using.






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