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The Pluses and Minuses of a group blog

The good news is...

We killed it. Dead.

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A little more info on nitro... (Below threshold)

A little more info on nitrostarch.


"Nitrostarch, which is closely related to nitrocellulose, attracted early attention, but it was not until about 1905 that it proved possible to produce it in a stable form. In general nitrostarch explosives are similar to the straight and ammonia dynamites except that nitrostarch is used in place of nitroglycerin. Disadvantages are its relatively low strength, mediocre…

explosive... (75 of 8833 words)"

Need to sign for a free trial for the rest, but I think "relatively low strength" says it all.

I visited a number of early... (Below threshold)

I visited a number of early polling stations in the Tampa Bay area and there is rampant harassment and attempts to discourage voters. I was quite appalled. We took many photos to document the events.

Florida Early Voting Terror

Am I the only one who finds... (Below threshold)

Am I the only one who finds Doc Weasel's site only marginally viewable? Is it my browser?

Doc Weasel's satire was hil... (Below threshold)

Doc Weasel's satire was hilarious -- his site was painful to look at! I kept losing the window, I'm not sure what the purpose is in putting the story in such a small space. It would have been better to have it on its own page.

use this page<a href... (Below threshold)
the dumb comments thing did... (Below threshold)

the dumb comments thing didnt read my link correctly
Florida Voting Terror






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