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CBS- Never say die

As I've been writing about fairly extensively today, Kerry has lost ground by every measure this week.

Kerry lost all his momentum, his lead and 4 points in the WaPo Tracking Poll.

That caused him to lose about 20 EC votes he thought he had wrapped up, which is going to be a bind on both his time and money.

The latest Newsweek poll says Bush opened up a 6 point lead.

Osama is back in town and shilling for Kerry.

So how does CBS report on all these developments?

Rough Week For President Bush

The airing of a tape of Osama bin Laden capped a week of bad news for President Bush that threatened to derail his candidacy in the final days of the presidential election.

For Mr. Bush, it was one piece of bad news after another – reporting of hundreds of tons of explosives looted in Iraq, tens of billions more for the war. And late this afternoon, a tape of bin Laden airing nationwide, where America’s chief adversary appears in good health and secure.

Even before the latest bin Laden tape, Sen. John Kerry had put President Bush on the defensive in the final week of the presidential election.

They never quit.


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Comments (23)

- IMHO the 2nd best thing t... (Below threshold)

- IMHO the 2nd best thing to come out of this election is the "outing" of the baldfaced liberal press...the 3rd best thing is that with two solid defeats in a row it will be a long time before the moderate liberals hand the reins of the party to the National socialists or take them serious...The 1st best thing of course can be summed up with...

- "Give Kerry his goose...Vote for Bush"...

- (Erm... seems to still be no clicky place for your poll....or maybe I'm just going blind in my dodage)

Your soooo right Paul, Bin ... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Your soooo right Paul, Bin Laden being alive is a raging success for Bush.

CBS Headline November 3rd:<... (Below threshold)

CBS Headline November 3rd:

Bush familiy disappointed to be staying in Washington for another 4 years.

I caution you against irrat... (Below threshold)

I caution you against irrational exuberance, Paul. You and I have previously discussed your poll selection, but I note that electionprojection.com and, Slate's Election Scorecard both give it to Kerry today.

>Electoral-vote.com does give it to Bush, although the in-depth explanation of the numbers gives me cause for concern.

All I'm saying is, don't get cocky.

You're about the only perso... (Below threshold)

You're about the only person around that thinks Kerry lost ground this week, and you had to cherry pick polls to do it.

Sorry.<a href="htt... (Below threshold)
- Ahem....Oliver....follow ... (Below threshold)

- Ahem....Oliver....follow the blogs....WPO, who's demographic sampling is "only undecideds in high unemployment area's" have bush up by three already and we haven't even had time yet for Bin Laden's whiny vote for Kerry to kick in...I'd say that when even polls that are heavily weighted in Kerry's favor have him heading south three days before the election its probably safe to be cautiously optimistic.... Bon appitite mon amie....

"Good evening, welcome to C... (Below threshold)

"Good evening, welcome to CBS Evening News for November 3rd, I'm your host, Dan Rather.

Some very bad news for President Bush, unfortunately, he has 4 more years of fragile foreign relations to start immediately, as well as..."

"And in other news, a cure for cancer has been found, but a significant problem that arises is that patients tend to get slight headaches during this life-saving treatment..."

They will put a bad spin on EVERYTHING.

The more frustrated and depressed Rather looks, the better things are going for the rest of the country.

I am not too keen on the po... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I am not too keen on the polls themselves. I agree with those who say look at where the candidates are campaigning to get an idea of what their internals are telling them-Kerry is mostly trying to shore up votes in Gore States, and Bush has been spending a lot of time in Gore States.

I am ignoring the polls for now, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that New Hampshire doesn't go to Kerry-I do not want my four electoral votes in his column.

Spoons- Your point is taken... (Below threshold)

Spoons- Your point is taken but ya gotta admit the spin was funny.

Besides, those 2 polls you cite have ALWAYS put Kerry in the lead. One of them had Kerry with 390 (or so) EC votes at one point.

The (admittedly) few polls that have come out since Al Qa Qaa all ALL show Bush with the MO.

CBS's "Bush is dead" spin was just funny. That's why I filed it under humor.

Predictions I have posted t... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

Predictions I have posted to LGF;

1) The MSM will somehow manage to shock us. I don't know how they can get worse, but they will sometime on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.

2) The MSM will blatantly abuse exit polling to try and reduce GOP turnout.

3) If it is not a clear Kerry win, there will be little or no mention of Dem voter fraud, and plenty of unspecified and ambiguous charges leveled at the GOP. There will be lots of coverage of horrified euroweenies. A few more lefty pundits will totally lose it on TV; Dan Rather will, amazingly, seem even more of a total nutter.

Personally, I'm not much fo... (Below threshold)

Personally, I'm not much for cheering until after the votes are counted. Anything can still happen.

BTW, last week - on a day when polls were looking good for Bush and the conservative bloggers and posters were celebrating - I took a fly by some of the Left's blog sites and found everybody there high-fiving about how the election was in the bag for Kerry. So, for now, my champagne stays in the fridge.

This is worth checking out ... (Below threshold)

This is worth checking out if you need some relief from Kerry:


Your soooo right Paul, B... (Below threshold)

Your soooo right Paul, Bin Laden being alive is a raging success for Bush.

heah Bill K. I would call it the gift from Bill Clinton that keeps on giving

"Besides, those 2 polls you... (Below threshold)

"Besides, those 2 polls you cite have ALWAYS put Kerry in the lead."

I assure that that is simply NOT the case. I have been checking all three of those every day (and frequently several times per day) for the past several weeks.

All three of them have had Bush leading more often than not.

As politics has taught me, ... (Below threshold)

As politics has taught me, whether a thing be true or not matters not a bit, it is how frequently a thing is told.

To quote CBS as a legitimate news organization only adds to the spectre that it is. Since we know otherwise, disregard anything it purports. If enough folks truly dismiss the network, it will eventually change its practices.

OK Spoons, I followed them ... (Below threshold)

OK Spoons, I followed them for a while then stopped. Perhaps you are correct. But I'm using RCP which averages all the polls out there, the WaPo tracking poll and (to my knowledge) every poll available since the bin Laden story broke.

It's hard to argue with that.

But you seem to be focusing... (Below threshold)

But you seem to be focusing on popular vote polls, no? What good are they?

spoons go back and read the... (Below threshold)

spoons go back and read the posts.

Where is that independent p... (Below threshold)

Where is that independent panel's report. Boccardi & Thornburgh were supposed to done in weeks rather than days... BTW, why does RCP still have Hawaii in the leaning Kerry column? All the recent polls have Bush ahead. All the other Leaning Kerry at least show him ahead???

oops, that was supposed to ... (Below threshold)

oops, that was supposed to say "weeks rather than months. I was hoping for "days rather than weeks"...but thats long gone...

Yeah, I noticed that today,... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I noticed that today, Zogby now "forecasts" "a Kerry win," based upon, I imagine, the polling results from 500 people in Broward County, FL.

Err, something similar.

I read this person's blog the other day ("Pure Baloney - Zogby polled 402 Mainers and says Kerry has an 11-point lead over Bush in my home state")...worth reading because that's the Zogby process and who he's polled from where are rarely revealed in relationship, later, with the "results" he projects or speculates about.

I realize that Zogby represents a (relatively) respectable process and industry but the forecasting and the various samplings along the way are not at all accurate indications about what the majority of voters are intending or planning as to voting...just a sort of atmosphere of mood on any one day of any one week in any one locale in relationship to a lot of larger conditions.

I agree, also and however, that it's not realistic to assume either person will win or to project what the outcome will be, particularly since the outcome won't be concluded until probably a while after Tuesday, given the anticipated contests and law suits about voter irregularities and illegalities in some areas.

BUT, the fact that Hillary Clinton is being "dispatched" to a Baptist, Black church for a political rally this Sunday (how is that acceptable, is what I want to know, the Sunday Black church political meet masquereding as "worship service" -- entirely wrong is what it is), and that Bush is nearly outpolling Kerry in Hawaii, of all places (if not outpolling outrightly), and that CA is indicating a larger number of Bush voters than ever, these are significant things.

It's just that the noise and publicity and bombastitude and intimidations and aggressive acts all seem to come from and be authored by the Left. And, they have a manic NEED to "take the White House" so at this point, it seems like the DNC is now a paramilitary movement.

But, Republicans, we just set our minds to our decisions and then we vote and there's not a lot of press coverage for those peaceful Americans.

So, fine, the Left just HAS to have the White House. So does Castro. And so did Idi Amin and so does Usama Bin Laden and so did...

There's a lot of voter support for Bush while Kerry's support is significant only if and when it's in larger numbers that include questionably registered ballots...so, IF Kerry's "wins," he'll still be the guy who betrayed his country and he'll still be a traitor. I'm praying for President Bush, and for the preservation of the United States, and for more specialized things than even that. But the pollsters with their mumbo-jumbo "forecastings" and such...by the time they report whatever, there are new conditions, and voter opinion has changed, so...best to keep in mind what the reports are and about what and why and from whom and when and not be discouraged by what may be false indicators or someone's imagined supplementals.

Okay. I've re-read the pos... (Below threshold)

Okay. I've re-read the posts. It does seem like you are focusing on mostly popular vote polls.

What did I miss?






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