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Kerry's Second Reaction To The Bin Laden Tape

His first reaction was to stick to the script, it's his second reaction that's a just laughable (emphasis mine)...

TheMilwaukeeChannel.com - ...The story broke as WISN 12 News anchor Kathy Mykleby was waiting for a previously scheduled satellite interview with Kerry, who was in Florida.

"I find myself in the unexpected position of giving you breaking news at this moment because I don't know if you're aware of the Al-Jazeera tape that has just aired with Osama bin Laden admitting to the 9-11 attacks for the first time. What is your reaction?" Mykleby asked.

"My reaction is that all of us in this country are completely united. Democrat, Republican, there's no such thing. There's just Americans, and we are united in hunting down and capturing or killing those who conducted behind that raid. We always knew it was Osama bin Laden," Kerry said.

"What do you think impact of this videotape might have on our election?" Mykleby asked.

"I don't think any -- I think Americans understand we are living in a dangerous age. I am prepared to wage a more effective war on terror than George Bush," Kerry answered.

As William Kristol at The Weekly Standard asks, "Is there any development in the war on terror, however grave, that the Kerry campaign won't try to exploit for partisan advantage?"


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Left-wing cartoonist Gary T... (Below threshold)

Left-wing cartoonist Gary Trudeau's Doonesbury has an "October Surprise:"


I believe the initial comme... (Below threshold)
Jim Hiness:

I believe the initial comments from both candidates spoke volumes.

Kerry came off like what Europe and the far left saw in Bush when he made his famous "Dead or alive" comments. My feeling is Bush could be excused for that comment because we were all pretty hot right after the tragic events of 9/11. But yesterday after seeing a tape were....I'm sorry....Bin Laden did not seem even half as spooky as he has in the past....(machine gun and Fatigues).....Kerry pops off with Barbarian....hunt 'em down and kill 'em.....even though on closer inspection Bin Laden sounded a lot like a Kerry stump speech...Bush lied and is still lying.....my pet goat.....You had me at Tora Bora :)

Bush on the other hand seems to have learned a thing or two about the hunt for Global Terrorists and the difficulties, disappointments and diplomacies involved. He impressed me as a man resolute in his commitment but who had matured into the realities.

Kerry seemed to me to be nearly gleeful in his goading of Bin Laden.

Nutty speculation even from Walter Cronkite??? about Rove and the RNC having something to do with this tape and the timing of it's realease....but my suspicious, cynical, conspiratorail mind say's Kerry seemed far too sure that Bin Laden had not been caught or killed and that his intimate ties with the One Worlders at the UN would put him in a better position to know what's up with Bin Laden. I'm only an eighth of a percentage point serious about this last paragraph.

So, Kerry isn't allowed to ... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

So, Kerry isn't allowed to say he will wage a more effective war? The biggest terrorist in the world is still free 3 years after bombing our country. I think that merits mention. Especially if Bush is going to continue to say he can do a better job on terror than Kerry.

As William Kristol at T... (Below threshold)
paul lukasiak:

As William Kristol at The Weekly Standard asks, "Is there any development in the war on terror, however grave, that the Kerry campaign won't try to exploit for partisan advantage?"

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Kristol and Bush should be feeling extremely flattered.

Bush has been exploiting the terrorism issue at every opportunity---since at this point it is the ONLY thing that people think he might be better at than Kerry.

Its the height of hypocrisy for the people like Kristol to object to the exploitation of the "war on terror" at this point in the game... the reality is that the right wing doesn't want anyone to remember "Dead or Alive" or (even worse) "I'm not that concerned about Osama bin Laden"....

What they want is silence from the democrats --- the face of Osama bin Laden on TV 24/7 is good for the GOP, as long as nobody mentions the fact that Bush swore to put him out of business, then suddenly considered him irrelevant....

As much as it pains me to s... (Below threshold)

As much as it pains me to say it, in fairness, Kerry's answer was legitimate. The real subtext of the question to sKerry was "does the threat of terror help Bush?"

sKerry answered both the asked question and the inferred question. He WILL say anything, but I think this was a legit answer. IMAO.

I believe Kerry exposes his... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

I believe Kerry exposes his misunderstanding of the scope of the war when he lays it all at the feet of Bin Laden. It's as faulty as his persistants in holding Bush responsible for every bad thing in the past 4 years. Bush is not the supreme dictator and Bin Laden is not the Holy Grail for the War on Terror. The Camel cigarett company did not collapse when the lefties assasinated Joe Camel and getting Bin Laden dead or alive would not solvle the problem of Global Terror perpetrated by Islamists.

I still think Kerry's full ... (Below threshold)

I still think Kerry's full of shit to say he's going to be more effective from his instinctive defensive fetal position on the ground.

And I also think Wrechard was SPOT ON in noting that this was an offer of hudna from OBL - "elect Kerry and I will leave you alone."

The offer of peace terms in exchange for changing regimes. No doubt about it that OBL would prefer JFK2.0.

Osama bin Laden appears in ... (Below threshold)

Osama bin Laden appears in a new videotape, threatening new attacks and echoing the talking points of America’s loony left. An American jihadi in a mask appears in a videotape with the logo of Al Qaeda’s “production facility” in Pakistan, threatening to make the streets of America “run red with blood.”

In this presidential election, you need to vote as if your life depends on it.


- Bill K - Kerry's people a... (Below threshold)

- Bill K - Kerry's people are sensing doom. His choice to continue beating a dead horse in so many instances, admitedly probably the only thing he can do, is still a losing fromula. Bin Laden would have been spirited out of Afghanistan long before we ever got near Tora Bora. He's the grand maximus symbol of the entire Jihadist movement and theres no way they would not protect him in every way they could and plan for our invasion which was not secret in the least....

- And BTW, it generally takes us quite some time to catch high profile enemies/criminals etc. Three years is not long at all as these things usually go and he has a large network helping him in the "other" Islamic countries which makes it 10 times more difficult but it will happen.....

You need to check out this ... (Below threshold)

You need to check out this video ad


Please do not link to it, You can download it and post it for download.

Think what you will about t... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Think what you will about the candidates, but to say Kerry challenging Bush on Bin Laden is not fair game is ridiculous. Cheney runs around saying we will be nuked if Kerry is elected. The bush campaign is sending out flyers with pictures of Kerry and the World Trade Center burning and falling.

- Bill I'm not arguing agai... (Below threshold)

- Bill I'm not arguing against that...thats a given from both sides in an election...Just saying that Kerry's position on Bin Laden is most probably innacurate although the details are lost on most voters ....

- I personally think its far more likely he's in eastern Iran....The Imam's would harbor and protect him I'm sure, since they don't view him as a threat or competition as much as a helpful irritant in their universal antagonism toward the US.....

Hunter you may not be argui... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Hunter you may not be arguing against my statement, but this whole post is about how Kerry shouldn't be talking about the Bin Laden tape in relation to the election.

" I am prepared to wage a m... (Below threshold)

" I am prepared to wage a more effective war on terror than George Bush," Kerry answered."

I have no problem with this comment, other than the fact that I find it very hard to believe. Nothing in Kerry's record, or in his campaign rhetoric suggests that he is effective at doing anything other than talking. If he's elected I hope I'm wrong and he does a great job fighting the war on terror. But hopefully Bush will win and we won't have to find out.

Bill K, doesn't matter what... (Below threshold)

Bill K, doesn't matter what you and your friends on the Left say, John Kerry is a dwarf when it comes to national security. Ed Koch -- a Liberal Democrat -- said it best: the Democrats have no stomach for war. They will lose everytime because most clear-thinking Americans know that Republicans will always out-do Donks when it comes to national security. You can't fight Reagan on his policies regarding the Soviet Union, Nicaragua, etc., fight against Bush 41 on his stance regarding the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam, try to cut the intelligence budget by $6 billion after the first attack on the World Trade Center, and return from a war and call our soldiers war criminals, and yet expect clear-thinking Americans to believe all of a sudden you got religion in fighting terrorism. Kerry will say anything to get elected. If for one minute he thought siding with bin Laden would win him the election, he's be wearing a towel on his head while holding the Koran. He is a sleazebag traitor. He's a professional anti-war protester. He shoots one goose and suddenly he's spouting off with his big mouth like Rambo.

- OT -- Tom Ridge ... (Below threshold)

- OT -

- Tom Ridge and company may not be publicly changing the terror alert colorbut he left no doubt with his detailed comments that internally the Homeland Defense people, top to bottom, have been at "red" for sometime now....

- And Bill I do agree in this one lone case both sides should give BLin Ladens effort minimal face time....

The skuttlebutt around Wash... (Below threshold)

The skuttlebutt around Washington is that the Homeland Security Department is avoiding elevating the Threat Warning because there is fear the Dems and their public relations division, the MSM, will tell Americans Bush is politicizing the terrorism threat. I'm going to write and tell my buddies at Homeland Security that they should never let a bunch of cranks and traitors at the DNC and in the MSM dissuade them from doing what needs to be done.

I don't think the Bush admi... (Below threshold)
Bill k:

I don't think the Bush admin is worried about raising the threat because of what the MSM will do (because they will only imply, never state that it is political). The problem they are worried about is the undecideds innately believing that it is a political stunt.

It took us 7yrs to find Eri... (Below threshold)

It took us 7yrs to find Eric Rudolph in North Carolina, but we did get him.

It took 10 years to get the... (Below threshold)

It took 10 years to get the Unabomber, but he was caught -- and compared to that one, catching Eric Rudolph was dumb luck.

No. They're worried about k... (Below threshold)

No. They're worried about knuckleheads like you, Bill spreading bullshit on the internet. LOL

Well, everyone. This race h... (Below threshold)

Well, everyone. This race has become biblical in its proportions and its ramifications. On one side we have trial lawyers, entertainers, terrorists, cBS, the NYtimes, Arafat, OBL, (but not Saddam),France, Germany, the UN, and all those folks that loved the oil for food program ($$$$), plus al Franken, Michael Moore, Bruce Springsteen, George Soros and more than likely the devil himself. On the other side there is George W. Bush, the US armed forces, Tony Blair and I expect after the election the great majority of the American people. And of course the big GUY upstairs. Is there any doubt which side will win.

mostlyright: (^^): ... (Below threshold)

mostlyright: (^^):

Generally, about Kerry and ... (Below threshold)

Generally, about Kerry and his two public statemetns about Usama BL and this recent tape/threat...

The biggest eek response I could ever have, as in something that takes place that tells me that I am not being protected, that the guy is not a defender, a guardian (that'd be as to Kerry), is in his very language:

"...I want to make it clear, CRYSTAL clear..."


"...Americans are ABSOLUTELY united..."

NO ONE who is driven to a point of efficiency, particularly about issues of such huge importance, is going to use qualifying speech such as does Kerry, flamboyant adjectives as does Kerry, or even first announce that he is going to make a statement and then try to make the statement including the use of those flamboyant adjectives...

No, they are going to make the statements. They are going to SAY what they need to and get on with other things...they're not going to say, "let me make this clear, CRYSTAL clear..." (oh, hey there, Kerry, you just gave someone else enough time to launch a missile).

Kerry's more focused -- as he reveals in his language alone -- on how he LOOKS to others than on what he has to do, on what needs to be done. He's still making the moment count in an egotistical reference to himself IN the moment and not indicating that he's taking action, that he's seized the problem and is already underway with solutions. NO, he announces what he's going to do and then he flourishes about what he's going to do and qualifies that he will be "clear" at some future moment in his speech and then eventually gets around to that moment and then...

It's very, very disquieting language and not the speech of a man on the move, not the language of a person who is engaged in the action of taking action, but the language of one who is DELAYING taking action by delaying the point he may make, or might make, or is gooing to make in a minute, even if he says that it WILL be clear, we still have to wait to hear what that might be, whenever he gets to the point about whatever it is...

Bush just appeared before the camera and made a few terse statements, to the point, hit the nail on the head, and then went back to work. People ridicule his speech but Bush indicates, despite his stuttering problem, he indicates a focus in his speech at times of emergency, which is far more appropriate and capable a response than Kerry's rambling, self centered, self focused presentation about...John Kerry in the crises, not the crises itself.

Long-time lawyer --and nego... (Below threshold)

Long-time lawyer --and negotiator-- Beldar analyzes the OBL tape as "opening a truce negotiation" to new American President Kerry. If Beldar's right, then it's more nuanced Osama than we're used to; and in return we also need to look at the nuances within the replies of the presidential candidates.

"Democrat, Republican, there's no such thing," Kerry said. "There's just America and we are all united in hunting down and capturing or killing those who conducted that raid and we always knew that that was Osama bin Laden."

"Those who conducted that raid." So although we always "knew" it was Osama, Kerry's limited the WOT to individuals who're already dead; those who conducted that raid. There may be a couple individuals (involved in that raid) that haven't been captured or known of. Osama can rat them out and they'd be dealt with. End of WOT. If Beldar's correct, that's Kerry's counter-offer.






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