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TiVo Halloween Weirdness

This evening I noticed that on Friday October 29th at 10:00 PM our TiVo manually recorded "Fahrenheit 9/11: A Moment in Time" on IFC. No one in the house picked that movie as a manual selection nor did we watch it. To be clear - this was not a TiVo Suggestion recording, it was a scheduled manual recording - the kind that show at the top of the Now Playing List, and are prefaced by the word Manual.

That only leaves two possible explanations:

  1. One of our toddlers managed to get the remote, navigate the menus and record the show by channel or time - the only way a show records as Manual (a difficult task for experienced users).
  2. The TiVo folks managed to turn their boxes into zombies for IFC, Michael Moore, and the DNC.
I don't know which of those two choices is scarier.

That's my true life Halloween story...

Update: It seems that I alone suffered this cruel Halloween fate. I guess option 1 is most likely at this point, as others were not infected by this plague. That's one smart 3 year old, though I'm not so sure about his politics...


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Comments (13)

TIVO has the ability to rec... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

TIVO has the ability to record shows on its own, into a special portion of the hard drive where the show cannot be erased.

I believe this happened in England a few years ago, when the BBC was trying to hype one of its new comedies. TIVO owners were very upset.

It will be interesting to see if other TIVO owners have had the same experience.

Whenever I've seen "Manual"... (Below threshold)

Whenever I've seen "Manual" before a program on the TiVo list was when manual adjustments (starting recording a few minutes before and ending a few minutes after) were made. If it was a TiVo suggested recording, it would look almost like any other recording. There would just be a different icon preceding it.

Was this the 7-minute video you linked to on this post? As for my TiVo, I didn't get it recorded, but I don't think I get IFC either.

odd, indeed. If anyone's in... (Below threshold)

odd, indeed. If anyone's interested, I found a site Internets Vets for Truth that has both a QuickTime and BitTorrent version of Fahrenheit 9/11 (full-length: 2:02 hrs.) and another movie called "Going Up River" (full-length: 1:31 hrs.). The bittorrent files are huge but larger sized videos. I've just finished downloading both of these w/BitTorrent.

TIVO pushed the broadcast.<... (Below threshold)

TIVO pushed the broadcast.

With Michael Moore's "help". Seems to be his standard of "democracy" -- stealth, hacking, sneak into your home and household whether he's invited or not. Seems to be what terrorists do.

Funny thing, my digital cab... (Below threshold)

Funny thing, my digital cable menu lists the 30 minute show in the "entertainment" category.

Well maybe not so funny...

A mandatory reading guid... (Below threshold)
Full 'o Lies:
My TiVo is in storage out i... (Below threshold)

My TiVo is in storage out in California. Were you able to confirm that they pushed F/911 onto the device. If so, that's just despicable and we should make it perfectly clear to the good folks at TiV0 that their customers do not appreciate that kind of slimy politicing.

I hope, however, that there's another explanation. TiVo is one one my favorite products ever. I'd hate to have t boycott them because of Michael Moron.

Reminds me of the WSJ story... (Below threshold)

Reminds me of the WSJ story from a few years back, My TiVo Thinks I'm Gay

Didn't happen to me. An if ... (Below threshold)

Didn't happen to me. An if Tivo records a show into the reserved memory space, it will show up on the main menu with a star next to it, not in "Now Playing."

Nothing like that on my TIV... (Below threshold)

Nothing like that on my TIVO either. I dont watch that stupid channel. Nothing worse than IFC. They take themselves and thier "art" way too seriously. I had never even heard of the show in question. TIvo does know what shows I despise by way of the 3 Thumbs down feature. Shows like the Evening News with Dan Rather and 60 Minutes..etc

You forgot:3. Someon... (Below threshold)

You forgot:
3. Someone with access to the machine is jerking your chain.

I turned on my DirectTv last week to watch a show of restaurant reviews that I thought I had recorded. Due to a late schedule change, I ended up with the Obama-Keyes debate.

Of course, when you think about that election, you think "Keyes, he's toast" so maybe it was a food show after all.

I just checked our TIVO. We... (Below threshold)

I just checked our TIVO. We didn't record it. I'd contact TIVO and find out for sure what happened.

I dunno...I was all trustin... (Below threshold)

I dunno...I was all trusting and such up and until the CBS thing and Blogger's recent unexplained "network outages" that affected only "certain users" (which included me), without any further explanation...

I can access Blogger now but not most if not all of last week. And I'll never watch CBS again, regardless, and I really have a lot of great distance from the other networks with similar questions as applied to CBS, based upon what I've read/heard recently (Brokaw's last nasty sorta sent me out of NBC's range for quite a while).

I'll continue with FOX but have departed from the rest. Blogger included. In California, particularly, if you pose a threat to the DNC (any Republican and almost all Christians do), you get these subtle disenfranchisements from certain media retaliations. Then again, ~maybe I just imagined the Blogger outages and Dan Rather is saintly and Brokaw was just being sarcastic~.






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