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Your Moment Of Zen

Call it prophetic, call it ironic, call it what you will, but I thought this report of a Kerry crash landing was fitting...

wabc_102904_balloon1.jpg wabc_102904_balloon2.jpg

Look for a repeat on Tuesday night...


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Comments (9)

- Kevin - I think you've fi... (Below threshold)

- Kevin - I think you've finally done it..Uncovered the true origins of the moonbat National socialist movement...There were rumors in the 20's and 30's but no one has been able to find the smoking gun...The subtextual contents of this photo is that final proof...The essential core of the wookies was "The Flat-Earthers!"....(So obvious, how did we ever miss it???)....

It happens to a lot of cand... (Below threshold)

It happens to a lot of candidates.

Obviously, Senator Harkin w... (Below threshold)

Obviously, Senator Harkin was and is confused.

Hmmm...but the clock in the... (Below threshold)

Hmmm...but the clock in the lower right ara of the screen shows it being deflated 1 minute prior to the inflation. Are you sure the images aren't in the wrong order?

Ammoman,5:04 and 5... (Below threshold)


5:04 and 5:05 are the times those images were shown, not when they were filmed. The crash sans burn happened earlier, like around 3pm (if the linked-to article is to be believed.)

Still.... I give the whole incident a loud "heheh."

Ammoman: also, even IF tha... (Below threshold)

Ammoman: also, even IF that was as you suggest there (that the photos are displayed in opposing order, that the time difference of one minute, etc., indicates first the deflate, then the inflated, flying balloon afterward)...THERE IS NO WAY that the balloon was inflated and in the air to such an extent in ONE MINUTE. Can't happen. Impossible. And, yes, I agree that the captures display when the captures themselves were made, and do not reflect the "live" hour/minute/time of the filmed event itself (note that the balloon isn't flashing a clock nor is there anyone IN the event area/live footage who is indicating time and/or time passage).

I'm surprised that this hap... (Below threshold)

I'm surprised that this happened to the hot-air balloon. I mean, come on! The Dems generate enough hot air to fill 100,000 hot-air balloons. Is there a hot-air shortage crisis?

But seriously, this is typical of the Dems -- they couldn't keep a balloon in the air and they want to run the war on terrorism? Shades of Jimmy Carter's disasterous attempt to free the hostages.

A hot air balloon is perfec... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

A hot air balloon is perfect for Kerry.
- All landings are essentially controlled crashes. (I know I've been up in one)
- You have no control over direction except the prevailing winds.
- The have a lot of hot air
- They are a size comparable to Teddy Kennedy
- They look pretty, but have very little substance to them.
(That in about two minutes thinking time, I probably could do a Letterman Top Ten for this.)

Also, Ammoman, note that th... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Also, Ammoman, note that the 5:04 cap has a "live" bug in the upper left, while the 5:05 one doesn't -- indicating it's most likely canned footage.







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