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A Pre-emptive "Shut your piehole, you whiny losers"

I've always been a believer in the electoral college system. It keeps the presidential election from becoming a purely democratic process, and no democracy has ever survived 51% realizing that they can screw the other 49% with impunity. It levels out the playing field a little, protecting the say of the smaller states. If the presidential race was strictly a matter of popular vote, the candidates could pretty much focus on New York City, Los Angeles, and a few other hubs and essentially ignore the vast majority of the country. And speaking as someone who lives in a state with 1/55 the population of California, I am delighted that we actually have about 1/14 the electoral clout as the Golden State.

I recall a great many people complaining that "Gore won the popular vote" in 2000 (that's hardly a proven fact, but I'll let that slide for now). Back in May I pointed out that in the years since that election, there has not been a serious push to change the system.

In about 12 hours from now, I'll have cast my vote for President. And in about 24 hours from now, polls will start to close and votes will be counted. I am hereby pledging that, regardless of the results, not to argue that the electoral college results should be discarded in favor of the results of the popular vote. And I am pre-emptively challenging any and all other pundits to honor that pledge. And I don't see any excuse for anyone to refuse this challenge, unless they're willing to show that they've been calling for changing the electoral system for at least six months.

It's been nearly four years since the last presidential election, when the electoral college (allegedly) trumped the popular vote, and there has not been a single serious effort to change the rules. So let's all agree to live with them.


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The Yankees lost the Americ... (Below threshold)

The Yankees lost the American League playoffs to Boston 4-3 but scored more runs 45-41. Where are the Democrats protesting the illegitimacy of Boston's World Series' victory?

I say "bring it on." The E... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

I say "bring it on." The Electoral College will never go away because few big states that might pass a constitutional ammendment will be far outweighed by the many small states that will vote against a change.

The real battle will be changes to state law, as is happening now in Colorado. Even if that does happen, I think that in the long term the Republicans will be the winners. The onbly states that will consider this type of legislation are blue, or turning blue. This means that splitting up their votes will give Republicans a handful of extra votes they would not have had otherwise.

The bottom line: the Democrats will moan & bitch about stolen elections, but will never actually change the system.

I decline.If Bush ... (Below threshold)

I decline.

If Bush wins the popular vote but loses the electoral vote (a possibility I consider pretty likely), I plan to bitch and whine and generally make an ass outta myself for the next 4 years.

It worked for the other side.

Spoons, you bring shame and... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Spoons, you bring shame and disgrace upon the battle cry of the noble Tick. Chairface Chippendale and The Red Menace would be proud.


I will never call Kerry Mr.... (Below threshold)

I will never call Kerry Mr. President. He'll always be a traitor to me and I will act as if we're being occupied by the Liberal hordes.

Spoons,I see you r... (Below threshold)


I see you remember the Democrats whinning about Bush having "no clear mandate to govern."

One thing to remember thought, Republicans still control the house and senate. If Kerry wins, I think he's in for some troubled times get his agenda through Congress. And when it comes to his choices for the Supreme Court, I hope the Republicans will remember the Miguel Estrada case.
Otherwise, Kerry will get 2 or 3 more Ruth Bader Ginsburgs on the Court.

It's some kinda' weird sync... (Below threshold)

It's some kinda' weird synchronicity, Jay, and so I have a graphic fer ya' and this thread...ohhh, yeah, do I have a graphic:

American Pie Hole."

It's in bad taste, I know that. But, what's in worse taste is betraying your country, lying before the Senate, misleading millions and worse, betraying your mates.

I intend to riot. Flashback... (Below threshold)

I intend to riot. Flashback to Days O'Rage! Wild in the Streets! I will tip over every car displaying a K/E bumper sticker. Anyone wearing birkenstocks gets a hotfoot. Promise.

I think of it this way. Pe... (Below threshold)

I think of it this way. Perhaps this will help some of you here. Or anywhere. When you consider John Kerry as winning the Presidency, then realize that he then gets to be impeached from the Presidency for war crimes, lying before the Senate, committing treason...

...and then, Suzy, we get P... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

...and then, Suzy, we get President Edwards.

Wow. A gorgeous woman who just happens to be a geek icon agrees with my politics and likes my writings, and even comes up with similar ideas. I think I'm in love...

(perilously close to achieving nerdvana...)

The same goes for voter fra... (Below threshold)

The same goes for voter fraud. I'm so disgusted with Republicans' gutlessness in not pushing for ID requirements in every state, for fear of 'offending' minority voters. If Bush loses, rather than yell VOTE FRAUD, Republicans need to look in the mirror, accept the blame for being too chickenshit to tackle the issue, & mobilize for 2008.

This should have been a major issue, & a litmus test for Republican candidates. Never mind that polls show 75% of Americans support ID'g voters. Pathetic.

I did some research after t... (Below threshold)
Just Don:

I did some research after the 2000 election on the popular vote. As I recall, W lost by about 500,000.

Again, from memory, if LA county had been removed from the vote totals, Bush would have won the popular vote by 300,000.

Remove New York City instead, CITY only, and Bush would have won by 700,000.

I found those numbers very telling in favor of the Electoral College. Did those founding guys know their business or what?

Great points!I did... (Below threshold)

Great points!

I did a post on this a few weeks back making many of the same arguments:


What is the electoral college and do they have a football team?






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