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ABC News highlights moonbats

And lest you think I use the word mootbat too lightly, hold on.

On Election Eve, Sept. 11 Doubters[sic] Surface

Nov. 1, 2004 — More than three years after the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the skeptics are still out there, and despite a massive government investigation into the causes, threats and government response, in the final days before the presidential election, the doubters[sic] have been making more noise. ...

Jimmy Walters, the man behind the campaign that has placed commercials showing the collapsing buildings at the World Trade Center and a computer-generated image of the plane that hit the Pentagon on television in New York, and full-page print ads in newspapers across the country, said he has a definite political aim.

"If George W. Bush is re-elected, I don't think we'll get anything done," he said...

"We were terrorized and it wasn't 19 screw-ups with box cutters from Saudi Arabia," he said. "It had to be somebody bigger, better organized."

His conspiracy theory involves secret U.S. government operatives boarding the four hijacked planes, which he said were then secretly landed and replaced in the skies by remote-controlled drones that were then crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania, all to create a pretext for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Earth to ABC News- They are not called doubters, they are called moonbats!
ABC News proves once again the media will give voice to anyone as long as they bash George Bush.

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This is the most obvious th... (Below threshold)

This is the most obvious thing that springs to mind, outside of the fact that this guy is totally wacko....What happened to the people on the original flights? Why did the one plane go down and not hit the Whitle house? Did they execute the people on board the original filghts so they wouldn't talk, or did they just think the people would go about their daily lives and never say anything? and lastly what kind of idiot would suggest such a theory? answer: A democrat left wing moonbat.

Here's <a href="http://inde... (Below threshold)

Here's another one.

Has Wizbang considered hosting a conspiricy theory competition? We should have a word limit, though - say, 500. It's too easy to go on and on.

I'd volunteer to help judge but I don't want to miss the fun of competing.

OTWaPo poll updated;... (Below threshold)
Phil Smith:

WaPo poll updated; Bush up one.

Oh, yeah, but they... (Below threshold)

Oh, yeah, but they just can't discuss the news today confirming that Kerry received a less than Honorable Discharge from military service. And has been trying to hide that fact for a while now. Oh, yeah, war hero, report about paranoid schizophrenics and 0911 paranoia but ignore the truth about Kerry's military discharge conditions.

But I'm sure it'll give Cronkite more to ruminate about. Maybe go interview the guy, offer him some reporter's helps and maybe type up a few memos for him in disappearing ink...might as well wait for Tuesday doing THAT as anything...

Call A Swing State Voter NO... (Below threshold)

Call A Swing State Voter NOW!!!!

Have you tried volunteering and haven't had success? Are you unable to go out and volunteer and still want to do something?

Well, you have the opportunity now to play a valuable role in the Get Out The Vote Effort...

The Official Bush-Cheney Campaign site has a new tool where you can call 15 swing state voters. In order to do this, you need to be signed in as a volunteer. If you're not yet, just sign up, go back to the homepage, click on the top link, “Call Swing State Voters.”

Logged in, you can go to http://www.georgewbush.com/call/

- Now wait a second.... Whe... (Below threshold)

- Now wait a second.... Where's the swamp gas, Radar balloons, and Ariel Dummies. And even worse no grassy knolls, you have to have grassy knolls. This is an obvious plant by the LGM's to smear Bush at the 11th hour. I think we should send the Red Sargent to see the feckless Walters. A few days with Nessy out in the desert ducking Elvis and his band of Spacemonkey guided dayglo heliocopters should change his mind. If not theres always Big Foot to adjust his attitude....

- Now about that missing discharge and form 180 Sen. Kerry....

"You suggest that the Wo... (Below threshold)

"You suggest that the World Trade Center buildings must have been detonated with explosives to account for the heat generated and the speed the structures collapsed on themselves. That sounds extreme. What’s the evidence?
The evidence is cumulative — several things that point to controlled demolition. First, a steel-framed building, according to all the reading I’ve done, has never collapsed solely because of fire. They will bend and buckle in a very large all-consuming fire that lasts for a very long time. But they have never collapsed.

But it was not just fire — it was fire and impact at the same time.
The twin towers were very large buildings and extremely well built with a lot of redundancy. Even people who believe the official theory say that the crash of the plane into the towers should have been insignificant, that the shock would have been immediate, but it was over very soon and that the buildings were extremely solid and stable and not moving. In the south tower, much of the fuel from it spilled outside as it collided into the corner. So there was a giant firebomb which looked very impressive, but what that means is that most of the fuel was burned up within a minute, so there was not much fuel inside. Therefore, the fire in the south tower had almost gone out in less than an hour. And that brings us to another strange fact about the towers. If the official story were correct, that the combination of the crash and the fire brought the buildings down, we would expect the north tower to have come down first, because it was hit first. And yet the south tower collapsed first. It collapsed in less than an hour. That makes perfect sense if you’re willing to accept that it was caused by controlled demolition, meaning the building was wired with explosives. And if the official story has it that the buildings were brought down by fire, you’d want the buildings to go down before the fire had completely gone out. "

Actually, the real reason they collapsed WAS fire. I've seen an engineering analysis of the collapse. The fireproofing that covered the support structures was blown off by pieces of the fuselage after the crash. The fire (several thousand degrees) caused horizontal beams (held together by only 2 bolts on either end) sagged and failed, allowing the structures to collapse.

I saw it in my engineering ethics class. The ethical decisions we were discussing had to do with the builder of the towers and was it right to build the towers as he did. The towers were a masterpiece. However, the towers survived the impact well, but the fire that enveloped afterward in no way could have been accounted for in any engineering analysis (when they were built). Now? probably, but back when the twin towers were built? no.

Did what I could:<... (Below threshold)

Did what I could:


"On Election Eve, Sept. 11 Doubters Surface"

"Skeptics"? "Doubters"? "Some people"?

It is entirely irresponsible of "abc NEWS" to let the company logo stand over a story that regurgitates the fantasies of conspiracy theorists--about the events of Sept. 11, 2001; on election eve Nov. 1, 2004. Providing no background to help the reader assess the claims; allowing no independent, respected authority to offer a rebuttal.

Someone in America might cast a vote tomorrow on the basis of this story. It was not published in a tabloid; it was published by abc NEWS. You apparently thought it was funny; I thought it was tripe; someone will think it is a valid news story.

Hoping to make you stop laughing, now,

M. ---

abc comments email address:
[email protected]

Henry,That was so pa... (Below threshold)

That was so painful to read, again. I had almost forgotten.
Thanks (really).

I think ABC was serious abo... (Below threshold)

I think ABC was serious about this story. It reminds me of something Southern novelist Flannery O'Connor once said. When an interviewer asked O'Connor why Southern writers create such vivid and complex characters in their books, O'Connor quipped, "Because we Southerners can still recognize a freak when we see one." The MSM long ago lost the ability to recognize a freak when they met one.

OMFG... (Below threshold)


That's the lamest, stupides... (Below threshold)

That's the lamest, stupidest "news" story I've ever read. Did ABC partner with the Weekly World News while I wasn't looking?

The MSM long ago lost th... (Below threshold)

The MSM long ago lost the ability to recognize a freak when they met one.

That's because the first thing they do every morning is see one in the mirror.






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