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Did Bin Laden Threaten "Red" States?

I don't speak Arabic so I can't help ya...

Osama bin Laden warned in his October Surprise video that he will be closely monitoring the state-by-state election returns in tomorrow's presidential race and will spare any state that votes against President Bush from being attacked, according to a new analysis of his statement.

The respected Middle East Media Research Institute, which monitors and translates Arabic media and Internet sites, said initial translations of a key portion of bin Laden's video rant to the American people Friday night missed an ostentatious bid by the Saudi-born terror master to divide American voters and tilt the election towards Democratic challenger John Kerry.

MEMRI said radical Islamist commentators monitored over the Internet this past weekend also interpreted the key passage of bin Laden's diatribe to mean that any U.S. state that votes to elect Bush on Tuesday will be considered an "enemy" and any state that votes for Kerry has "chosen to make peace with us."

The statement in question is when bin Laden said on the tape: "Your security is up to you, and any state that does not toy with our security automatically guarantees its own security."

That sentence followed a lengthy passage in the video in which bin Laden launches personal attacks on the president.

Yigal Carmon, president of MEMRI, said bin Laden used the Arabic term "ay-wilaya" to refer to a "state" in that sentence.

That term "specifically refers to an American state, like Tennessee," Carmon said, adding that if bin Laden were referring to a "country" he would have used the Arabic word "dawla."

It was the last line of my cut that made me blog it. I was initially skeptical of how the word "state" was used, but it appears that has been addressed so I guess like the translation has legs.


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So... why was New York City... (Below threshold)

So... why was New York City hit, then? Hmmm? That's so stupid. Because Giuliani was mayor? That's doubly stupid.

I give a big ole "whatever" to ole Sammie. It's amazing, but he managed to mimic someone with even less credibility than himself. Michael Moore had made a comment about NYC hating Bush - so why were they hit? Well, Sammie? How about it?

Yes, when one tries to appl... (Below threshold)

Yes, when one tries to apply reason to his choice of targets (including other Moslems), one fails, because he lives in a delusional world, with irrational goals. There's an interesting article from 2002 called "Al Quaeda's Fantasy Ideology" at http://www.policyreview.org/AUG02/harris.html

The threat is real, the harm already done is real, the methods used are real, but the underlying ideology is insane - like Hitler's, Stalin's, and the 11th century Hashishin (Assassins on hash) cult of Iran.

And this article, "From Pillar to Post" 11/23/01

describes, among other things, how this unholy offshoot of Islam even considers other Moslems as fair game (those who do not "act" to bring about world domination by Islam).

It also shows how Paul Pillar of the CIA misjudged Bin Laden and terrorism in general. (He was Deputy Director of the CIA's Counter Terrorism Center prior to 9/11 and currently Nat'l Intelligence Officer for the Near East and South Asia). This is the same Pillar whose name has been connected in the articles listed below to 3 recent attempts to deceive voters in this presidential election by falsely attacking Pres. Bush:

1) as the lead author of the classified NIE (Nat'l Intelligence Estimate), the gloomier parts of which got leaked to the NY Times to attack Bush.

2) the aborted October surprise plan to issue a slanted CIA Inspector General's 9/11 Report to slam President Bush and name specific Administration officials.

3) When that got aborted by Porter Goss, "they desperately rigged another one, working with Mohammed ElBaradei at the U.N." (the Al Qaqaa phony explosives scandal).



He also refered to Jeb, "Bu... (Below threshold)

He also refered to Jeb, "Bush's Brothers"

Yes, insane. Next he'll se... (Below threshold)

Yes, insane. Next he'll send a tape demanding that we use golf carts and trains or else he'll get the sun to burn holes in car hoods. Wouldn't surprise me.

I agree that the threat is very, very real so I am not suggesting that he be minimized as to irrational potention for harm to the U.S., and to others elsewhere. I'm just saying that the man is clearly insane and thinks Bernie the Muppett is an example of the "evil American." Insane, truly insane.

All the more reason why he needs to be pursued, seized and taken to ANOTHER cave. One with a very warm seat.

I believe that Mohammed him... (Below threshold)

I believe that Mohammed himself set the precedent for offering truce to enemies of Islam. He made truce with the inhabitants of Mecca and Medina. He returned shortly and executed every inhabitant of the region.
I expect no less from Al'Qaeda and Osama bin Hiding.

Paul -I speak arab... (Below threshold)

Paul -

I speak arabic, and OBL did in fact use the word for "state like Tennesse" rather than the word for "state like the Nation State."

Is it likely OBL is intentionally choosing the word to imply an attack on red states? Maybe...

OBL (like myself) speaks Modern Standard Arabic, a dialect used almost exclusively for government memos, university teaching, media broadcasts, and terrorist propoganda messages. I know that many of the news stories distributed in the mid-east are actually recycled western stories simply translated into arabic (often hastily) before broadcast. Arab news orgs simply don't have the reporter corps available to the AP, Reuters, the BBC, or AFP. (Note: these are the byline credits I see the most in arabic news.)

In the absence of other evidence it's likely that OBL is using the arabic word for (small) state as a synonym for (large) State... just as they often do in news stories translated from western sources. I think it's safe to say OBL is a news junkie...

On the other hand, his recent video message cribbs heavily from the works and statements of Michael Moore. Fair enough? We've all seen OBL's reference to "My Pet Goat." Consider this statement from Moore on 9/12/2001:

"Many families have been devastated tonight. This just is not right. They did not deserve to die. If someone did this to get back at Bush, then they did so by killing thousands of people who DID NOT VOTE for him! . . . "


If OBL is has elevated Moore to guru status enough to paraphrase F 9/11... is it a huge jump to conclude that he's listening whenever Moore speaks?

MEMRI is a reputable org. I have agreed with their analysis in the past and I fear they may be right on this. It requires MANY assumptions on our part to fill in the gaps. It's spotty evidence at best. Let's just hope we're misreading that evidence.

Red states like guns.... (Below threshold)

Red states like guns.
Bring it on you pussy!

Pathetic, meep. bin Laden i... (Below threshold)

Pathetic, meep. bin Laden is *not* saying this has always been his plan, so what sites he's hit before this plays absolutely no role in what he threatens to hit now.

Just dumb, dumb, dumb.

I guess introducing the topic hear of the bombings in Spain will cause your brain to go spinning off into oblivion.

Nothing requires a single motive for all al Quaeda's hits. Just dumb.

To bolster Keith's statemen... (Below threshold)

To bolster Keith's statement, the word "walaya" is the word used in the Arabic name for the US: Alwalayat Almutehida Alamirkia, or "bil Arabee:"

الولايات المتحدة الاميركية






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