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Don't Think Your Vote Counts?

Here is a poll wrap-up.

CNN/USA/Gallup(1573 LV) TIE

FOX News (1200 LV) TIE

Reuters/Zogby (1203 LV)TIE

ARG (1258 LV) [admittedly a bad source]TIE

ABC/Wash Post (2047 LV)** TIE

There are a number of polls that show Bush with a decent lead but still.


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Comments (11)

I'm highly suspicious of th... (Below threshold)

I'm highly suspicious of these polls. It begs the question: are the news stories ("the race is tightening...") the result of the polls or are some of the pollsters manipulating the numbers to fit the news stories. The news media have always simplified everything and avoided any indepth examinations of stories.

I know my vote counts! I m... (Below threshold)

I know my vote counts! I may be voting for the the best candidate based on issues and the ability to hold steady. I may be voting with intelligence on my side. I may be voting for GWB because I have kept up with his conviction to keep this country safe but I'v gotta tell you... If my vote serves nothing other than to cancel out 1 liberal vote than I'm happy as hell.

Well, I already voted -- ne... (Below threshold)

Well, I already voted -- nearly two weeks ago, mailed in my Absentee Ballot -- so my moment has passed, and it makes the current Election Day and Eve somewhat distant, like shopping for Christmas in January. Err, somethin' like that.

BUT, I'm having problems considering Kerry as the winner. It'll feel very, very strange if that happens, very frightening, actually. I still think that President Bush has a great chance of winning relection, but I'm trying to prepare myself for the worst anyway. Depressing to consider, but necessary.

The polls, also, I tend to think that most of them are underestimating Bush support, so I try to keep that in mind when I read them. When WaPo comes out with "it's a tie," I then assume that means that Bush has a five, maybe ten point lead from Kerry. After all, they all forecast "a Gore win by a landslide" right up until November 3.

- Paul - A tie on election ... (Below threshold)

- Paul - A tie on election day was the plan all along. I called that 3 months ago watching them horse the numbers around. I honstly think some of the so-called "polls" are "drawn" in another room of the building by "editors". They run the samples but they only use them to keep themselves in a viable magnitude range. I've seen this in the past. The liberal press uses the early "exit" polls in particular to discourage Republican voters. The fly in the ointment to that plan is the EC, which more than once has saved the conservatives bacon....With Truman and Dewey it worked the other way around....

There has not been a federa... (Below threshold)

There has not been a federal election that has been decided by one vote in 130 years. This means that the chance of YOUR PERSONAL vote actually changing the outcome of the election is basically zero. I don't know how you define "my vote counts" but in my book, if whether I go vote or do not has NO effect on the outcome of the election, then no, my vote does not count.

Mike...Look at it how you w... (Below threshold)

Mike...Look at it how you will. That's certainly your choice. EVERY vote counts. If everyone took the complacent approach to the election as you seem to have then how sad is that? Of course my vote counts. They all count. I plan on voting regardless.

Debra, you're just proving ... (Below threshold)

Debra, you're just proving my point. For you my argument is "sad" and to refute it you say nothing but "of course" it counts, and "if all people did that..." - basically emotional arguments. Come on, I am not all people. Neither are you. The number of votes you control is one.

Ask yourself. "If I do not vote in these elections, will the outcome be different?". If the answer is "no" (and it cannot be otherwise, if you're honest with yourself) - then ask yourself why (except for the emotional reasons) you act in such a futile manner.

Don't get me wrong - emotional reasons are quite valid - for some people. For me that just does not work - I can't feel warm and fuzzy about voting for someone I am not crazy about. When you vote for "lesser of two evils" - you still vote for evil. That's nothing to feel warm and fuzzy about.

Mike, if you chose to remov... (Below threshold)

Mike, if you chose to remove yourself both physically and emotionally from the electoral process then what makes you think that others care to hear what you spout about? If you feel that your choice will be the lesser of two evils then don't vote. If you are not behind a candidate for reasons other than that then stay out of the way.
But whatever you do don;t pull oput a soapbox and lecture everyone lese because you have such a negative outlook on things. Shame your world isn;t a littel more warm and fuzzy. maybe I would pick up soemthing from you other thatn a scowl.
By the way....the election in 2000 was close enough in Fla in 2000 that the two candidates were seperated by a few hundred.

Debra, agaiin - you have no... (Below threshold)

Debra, agaiin - you have no intellectual argument against what I said, just emotionalism.

As for "a few hundred votes" that decided the election in FL - sure, of course. When you go vote, do you cast "a few hundred votes"?

Above, I asked you to ask that question of yourself. "If I do not vote in these elections, will the outcome be different?". Did you? What was the answer?

Mike...don't be such a patr... (Below threshold)

Mike...don't be such a patronizing smartass. It's not very becoming. You are not some class professor provoking thought in a student be demanding that I question myself over anything.
As I stated earlier,
If I do not vote in this election then my one and only vote will not have the ability to cancel out a liberal vote. Since my one vote obviously couldn't possibly make a difference in the outcome of the election I choose to use it to cancel out a liberal.
A small conservative sacrifice.
Who are you to sit judge and jury regardless??

Debra, why are you so defen... (Below threshold)

Debra, why are you so defensive? I am not judging anyone. Did I say voting is "bad"? I am just trying to figure out why, since it is so obviously completely futile on the individual level, people still go and do it.

Think to yourself - why do you refuse to answer a simple question?

When I had others ask themselves this question, some, like you, completely refused to even consider it (which is basically intellectually dishonest). Others answered that yes, it would not make any difference, but was emotionally satisfying. I can buy that, but it seems a very flimsy foundation for the democratic system to base itself upon.






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