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By most media accounts turnout tomorrow will be heavy. Considering that I've already cast my ballot for President Bush via absentee balloting, I can now reflect on the election which by some accounts is 20% over (due to absentee balloting).

The two real questions of the day tomorrow will be whose voters are more committed to turning out, and whose voters - when faced with a 1 1/2 hour wait - will persevere and cast their vote.

That's something pollsters can't measure...


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I can see the lines being a... (Below threshold)

I can see the lines being a lot longer than 1 1/2 hours if election judges start challenging the eligibility of a large number of voters. You don't even have to disqualify large numbers of voters if you can bog the system down and just wear them down.

I'm optimistic about a Bush... (Below threshold)

I'm optimistic about a Bush victory, but I will say it will be a hard won victory. President Bush had to withstand unrelenting attacks from the Kerry campaign and the Democrat Party. That was to be expected, although I was shocked over the rhetoric mainstream democrats used to denigrate a Commander-in-Chief during a war (I venture a guess few of them even believe we're at war). What I find unbelievable is the MSM attacks on Bush. Some were surreptitious, others were blatant.
The entertainment industry reached a new level of absurdity in their attacks against Bush. High school dropouts trying to sound like college professors should have made journalist roll on the floors laughing, but they actually highlighted their Bush-bashing. What astounds me is a feature-film being shown thoughout country bashing a sitting president garnered high praise. There's so much more I could write on the subject, but it saddens me to see my country turned into a society where honor, bravery and integrity are vilified and cowardice, treachery and dishonesty are heralded.
If and when Bush wins, it will be a miracle.

I'm bringing snacks, books,... (Below threshold)

I'm bringing snacks, books, blankets and headphones. I'm in to win it. My county in Kentucky has no early voting provision, and I don't qualify for any of the half-dozen absentee options. So I'm waking up early tomorrow.

Has anyone taken the video ... (Below threshold)

Has anyone taken the video still of Osama and stuck a sign in his hands that says vote for Kerry? From the news accounts, and his threatening of red states and other statements translated, that's exactly what it appears to say.

Any photoshop/gimp artists out there have a few minutes to kill? Just pull a Kerry sign from another picture, cut, paste, voila!

I'm surprised a newspaper or tabloid hasn't done this already.

I've been through massive V... (Below threshold)

I've been through massive Vietnam war protests/sit-ins/closures of universities, peopled by spoiled brats whose parents were funding their mutli-thousand dollar counter-culture adventures. I've been through mindless leftie strikes in colleges where I've taught, locking students out of an education over the issue of a $5 co-pay for health benefits. I've been cursed out on the streets of NYC by no less prominent a personality than Bella Abzug (does anyone even remember her??) for electioneering for a local conservative candidate. But NOTHING in my almost 40 years of political witness and involvement has so thoroughly disgusted me as the behavior of the MSM and the leftie establishment in this campaign.

Will I wait in line for hou... (Below threshold)

Will I wait in line for hours if necessary in order to vote for Bush? F*ck YEAH!

We had 3 1/2 hour waits her... (Below threshold)

We had 3 1/2 hour waits here in Florida for early voting. 1 1/2 hour wait tomorrow would be no problem for me.

I know no one is paying att... (Below threshold)
Do Gooder:

I know no one is paying attention to the story that Kerry was not Honorably Discharged, but it is just outrageous and the questions are piling up!!


Ex-Navy sec to Kerry:
Open up your records
Questions rise on service discharge,
apparently was less-than-honorable

Posted: November 1, 2004
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Art Moore
© 2004 WorldNetDaily.com

A former secretary of the Navy is urging Sen. John Kerry to open up his personnel files to resolve the question of whether the Democratic presidential nominee received a less-than-honorable discharge from the Navy.

William Middendorf, the Navy chief from 1974 to 1977, told WorldNetDaily that Kerry, who began inactive reserve status in 1972, would have been issued a document three years later either for a reserve reaffiliation or a separation discharge.

An "honorable discharge" from 1978 appears on the Kerry campaign's website, but a Navy lawyer who served under Middendorf believes that document is a substitute for one that would have been issued in 1975.

Why isn't that information ... (Below threshold)

Why isn't that information on the networks? What Do Gooder just wrote...

Remarkable. Instead we get to hear how Kerry's going to go to MTV awards *when* he's president, and I guess that's becaue MTV led the "lie for Kerry" campaign by broadcasting nonstop the ruse that "Bush is going to draft you," and Kerry not once, no where, denounced the lie, yet has actually amplified it. WHY do creative people even give this man one minute of their time? I don't get the attraction, I really, really do not. That meme alone, parading and pushed by the DNC with MTV's help (and Kerry's) was enough to prove to me that either no one is REALLY home or that they're home but they used an open window to get in. I mean, it just doesn't gel in any sense of decency, that entire line o' lie by Kerry, MTV and the DNC. Oh, yeah, Kerry'll be at the MTV Awards...

This media problem that our country has is terrible. I mean, it's terrible. I'm listening today to the various windy denigrations ongoing about Bush and I can't believe the man is still laughing and smiling and it only proves to me that President Bush has heart, character and a very big dose of courage.

I'm going to go reprint that article on my blog (which is today functioning, thank Heaven) that DoGooder links to here and try to share. Seems that very few others are even interested. Truly a statement of who and what is today's liberal.

- <a href="http://www.na... (Below threshold)

- NRO seems to be doing a pretty good job of parsing all the "outlier" nonsense by the media including FOX, who seems hellbent on totally ignoring swing state polling and going against the grain for higher share. (They already have most of the conservative audience, so by giving tin-foilers like wonkette face time and fronting liberal party hacks as "pollsters" they pander to Dem's. Smart move, but a good reason to ignore their polling malaprops.....

Call A Swing State Voter NO... (Below threshold)

Call A Swing State Voter NOW!!!!

Have you tried volunteering and haven't had success? Are you unable to go out and volunteer and still want to do something?

Well, you have the opportunity now to play a valuable role in the Get Out The Vote Effort...

The Official Bush-Cheney Campaign site has a new tool where you can call 15 swing state voters. In order to do this, you need to be signed in as a volunteer. If you're not yet, just sign up, go back to the homepage, click on the top link, “Call Swing State Voters.”

Logged in, you can go to http://www.georgewbush.com/call/

Sharp, I decided to just wa... (Below threshold)

Sharp, I decided to just wait until Tuesday, because instead of a long wait at one of a handful of early voting sites, I'll just go to my own precinct, which should have a much shorter wait. When I voted in the primary a couple of months ago, there was no wait at all when I voted around 8 a.m. Of course, turnout was only about 25% with the Republican Senate primary the only really interesting thing on the ballot.

Dulce, I remember Bella Abz... (Below threshold)

Dulce, I remember Bella Abzug and her weird hats and weirder thoughts.






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