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Pre-Election Self Serve Linkfest

I have been literally overrun by e-mail from folks who want to tell me John Kerry got a less than honorable discharge, Bush is a cokehead, the media did such and such... I don't have the time or patience to separate the wheat from the chafe.

Here's a one-time offer of a sandbox to pimp LINKS to your stories. Do it anywhere else and you'll be banned. Link to porn or other inappropriate material will get you banned. Post essays in the comment section you'll get banned. Get the drift?

Comments and trackbacks will be closed at the end of the day.

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Here's the Pre-Election Linkfest:


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Comments (25)

Thanks.... (Below threshold)


Associated Press-ing for Ke... (Below threshold)

Associated Press-ing for Kerry HERE.

<a href="http://sobekpundit... (Below threshold)

Here's a link to a damning picture I found.

MSM is playing prevent defe... (Below threshold)

MSM is playing prevent defense for Kerry all over the map ... on his military record/discharge ... on the OBL tape ... Time to make them pay: Here's the link.

Foreign Monitors of U.S. el... (Below threshold)

Foreign Monitors of U.S. elections

We all know the what, on Ke... (Below threshold)

We all know the what, on Kerry, here are my thoughts on the why

The story about Osama's thr... (Below threshold)
Paul Zrimsek:

The story about Osama's threat to the red states inspired me to fire up Photoshop and produce this preview of the terror that lies in store if you do not repent and vote for Kerry.

I just saw two new polls --... (Below threshold)

I just saw two new polls -- Fox has it Kerry 48 Bush 46. Marist has it Kerry 49 Bush 48. Does this mean Kerry got the bin Laden video bounce.

Also, today's media coverage of the election is unbelievable: they are even reporting locally that the Republicans appear disillusioned. What is going on? Bush was doing better before the bin Laden tape.

My <a href="http://borgardb... (Below threshold)

My essay on why the stem cell debate has become so desparate.

"Do it anywhere else and yo... (Below threshold)

"Do it anywhere else and you'll be banned. Link to porn or other inappropriate material will get you banned. Post essays in the comment section you'll get banned."

Lighten up, Frances.

I've got to pimp Stripes as a pre-election movie pick!

It will never cease to amaz... (Below threshold)

It will never cease to amaze me how someone who lies, flip-flops, denegrates our military, and who actually supported the COMMUNISTS in Vietnam over our own country could be elected to the Senate and even got one vote for President!

- Jim - ...A better questio... (Below threshold)

- Jim - ...A better question would be why is Fox highlighting party Hacks and calling them polsters...

- Fox's numbers relate to nothing.... The swing states are essentially unchanged for the past 72 hours except for showing Kerry stronger in states he already had leads in and Bush being up slightly in Ohio and other key swing states...Fox is trying to be "out front" and garner bigger share....

Hunter, the Fox News pollst... (Below threshold)

Hunter, the Fox News pollsters did sound like DNC hacks. I've really been disillusioned with Fox on stories about John Kerry. I understand they want to be "Fair & Balanced", but that doesn't mean they have to be blind.

An obvious, but no less imp... (Below threshold)

An obvious, but no less important, post on Election Fraud is located here.

Very Funny. A must see.</p... (Below threshold)

Very Funny. A must see.

I have two Kerry posts that... (Below threshold)

I have two Kerry posts that include quotes of his that haven't gotten a lot of play elsewhere:

Kerry on war and killing

Kerry started protesting 2 weeks after return from war

And, for fun, a post on a previous disputed election that will hopefully make this one look tame by comparison.

-<a href="http://www.fre... (Below threshold)

-Here's another one from back in 2001 when voters were asked to cast their ballots on a proposed income tax for the state. Apparently voters were a tad upset. The comments from people on the scene though show the distinct difference between protests by conservatives versus the liberal kind...As per usual liberals tried to build it up claiming widespread physical violence when in act there was 1000,s of assualts on lawmakers....by loud honking horn's.....Police on the scene were to blame for the worst of the days festivities....

FWIW, I'll be <a href="http... (Below threshold)

FWIW, I'll be liveblogging from the swing state of Texas. Presidential and Senate races only. Right now it's too close to call...


Why do we have <a href="htt... (Below threshold)

Why do we have endorsements

Cartoons, Cartoons and more... (Below threshold)

Cartoons, Cartoons and more Cartoons,

mixed in with some rants and a bag of chips!

a blog is soon to follow....

A story that's appearing on... (Below threshold)

A story that's appearing on talk radio is the fact that the Kerry campaign conducted a quick poll to see what the reaction was to bin Laden's videotape. They did this before formulating Kerry's statement last Friday evening. Of course, the MSM including Fox isn't reporting this.

Kerry is missing something ... (Below threshold)

Kerry is missing something about Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. Staring him right in the face:

Geographic advantage

Kerry is missing something ... (Below threshold)

Kerry is missing something about Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. Staring him right in the face:

Geographic advantage

<a href="http://www.VoteFra... (Below threshold)

http://www.VoteFraud04.com - tracking vote fraud and elections scandal on both sides.

Eric: Ha, I worked on the ... (Below threshold)

Eric: Ha, I worked on the logo for Stripes. And advertising.






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