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The End Of The Age Of The Dinosaurs

Regardless of who wins the election it could very well be possible that this presidential elections is the swan song for the top tier media outlets stranglehold on opinion making. Collectively have they served us well in this election? I think not.

Consider the fact that there was not one major media story on what was arguably the seminal moment in the career of John Kerry - his 1971 testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Commitee...

Recent research indicates that, at least in this election, the media collectively really did get John Kerry his 15 point bump. They were in the tank for him from the word go. In 2000 the coverage was, according the media bias report, fairly evenhanded between Bush and Gore (with Gore receiving slightly more negative coverage). This year it wasn't even close. You'd be hard pressed to name one negative story about John Kerry that wasn't forced upon the mainstream press by blogs, talk radio, or political pundits.

Perhaps in 2008 the winning candidate will be able to use the Reagan strategy of speaking right over the press - or in this case right around them...

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DASCHLE GOES TO COURT... (Below threshold)


Live Report From Courtroom


I think the Bush campaign o... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

I think the Bush campaign owes a huge debt of gratitude to blogs this year.

One example might be the wa... (Below threshold)

One example might be the way the MSM played up the missing explosives story, but under-covered its debunking. Kerry was able to keep using it as a talking point, and the MSM to pimp it by the ruse of reporting Kerry's comments it instead of mentioning the story itself.

Come 2008, so many people might be turning to the blogosphere and alternative sites for their news and comment that the facts will get out and around no matter what the MSM does or doesn't do.

One other point: young people reaching voting age are all computer literate, the blogosphere is evolving at speed and the Roe Effect is hard at work in liberal households. These three forces will meet in a perfect storm: a growing number of web-smart, increasingly conservative voters will surf a maturing blogosphere that's becoming ever more proficient at delivering content in an appealing way.

Fortunately, the Leftists of the 60's generation will still be around to see their world swept into history's ashbin. They've got it coming, those smug, Stalinist parasites.

My vote for W (the first ti... (Below threshold)
Mark Tomeo:

My vote for W (the first time in a life that stretches back to Ike's administration that I've ever pulled the R lever) was also a vote against the NYT, CBS and the other MSM fluffers. Whatever else this election is about it's also a referendum on big media.

The leftwing media sold the... (Below threshold)
Bill USAF Vet:

The leftwing media sold their souls (wait - they don't believe in souls), I mean karma to their fellow moonbats.

It'll be fun to watch them feast on the traitor Hanoi John after he gets clobbered by our votes. Finally, Kerry will be exposed for what he is...

YES!And this time,... (Below threshold)


And this time, conservatives won't go back to their lives after the election and forget about paying attention to the always-brewing lefty agendas.

By its behavior this electi... (Below threshold)

By its behavior this election cycle, the "MSM" media has shown itself to be even more unprincipled and elitist than I'd prevously thought. CBS and the NYT top the list, but there are many others close behind. Since they are bankrolled by advertisers, they ain't going anywhere. My question is this: Will Americans remember enough to put the "hurt" on their bankrolls regardless of who wins this election. Not only are they not going anywhere, but they ain't changin' either.






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