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Voting with your bumpers

I've always been a bit of a car aficionado. It's a bit of a game for me to see how fast I can identify other cars. And lately, I've also been paying attention to bumper stickers.

Others have been counting Bush/Cheney stickers vs. Kerry/Edwards stickers, and I haven't bothered to keep track. But one trend I've noticed here in the swing state of Cow Hampshire is that the Kerry/Edwards cars tend to be newer and more expensive, while the Bush/Cheney cars tend to be older and cheaper (and the occasional heaps, like my decade-old Cavalier).

The stereotype has been for years that the Republicans are the party of the rich, while the Democrats are the champions of the poor and the common people. But in this election, it seems to me that the rich are going for Kerry, the richer candidate, while the average and poor folks are backing Bush.

I dunno what the hell it means, if anything, but it strikes me as an interesting phenomenon

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Democrats are the party of ... (Below threshold)

Democrats are the party of the extremes: the very rich (> $200K/yr) and the very poor. Republicans are the party of the heartland, the center of the economic bell curve.

George Soros and other bill... (Below threshold)

George Soros and other billionaires/multi-millionaires are for Kerry. Even the president of the Fox News Channel is a Kerry supporter.

In my neck of the woods, th... (Below threshold)

In my neck of the woods, the Subaru's all have Kerry bumper stickers as do the volkswagon vans. The Bush stickers seem to be on the big 4x4's and the Lexus.

I've been doing bumperstick... (Below threshold)

I've been doing bumpersticker polls for quite some time. I tried to see if there was any factors at play like car types, but none seemed to jump out at me. I see high priced cars with both as well as beaters that you'd swear the bumperstickers were actually holding vital car parts attached.

The ONLY thing I see in common is that many of the Kerry stickers are joined by virulent anti-bush ones. Not all, but a large portion.

Interesting. I think that o... (Below threshold)

Interesting. I think that observation holds true here in Maryland, too.

MEG, I know there's at least one Subaru with Bush-Cheney stickers, because it's in my driveway right now. It's a ten-year old secondhand Subaru, though, so maybe it averages out.

Living next door to Cow Ham... (Below threshold)
Captain Ned:

Living next door to Cow Hampshire in scenic Vermont, I'd kill to see a Bush-Cheney bumper sticker on a car 'round here.

here in New Orleans, the ge... (Below threshold)

here in New Orleans, the general rule is if it's a new (2003 or later) foreign expensive car, it has a k/e bumper sticker on it. The same holds true for the remainingaging hippy Volvos etc which generally have at least 10 bumper stickers holding them together.

I saw a car a couple of wee... (Below threshold)

I saw a car a couple of weeks ago with a Marine Corps decal in the rear window, and a Kerry bumper sticker.

Talk about voting against your interests...

I saw a bumper sticker toda... (Below threshold)

I saw a bumper sticker today, the regular Kerry-Edwards type, and right next to it, another that said, "I am not normal." Went to a party the other night and noticed the vocal Kerry supporters were the snooty ones. Bush/Cheney proudly graces my 12 year old heap.

Haha, I've also noticed tha... (Below threshold)

Haha, I've also noticed that here in Yuppy-ville where I live, many people are for Kerry. But the people who show up in larger numbers at rallies are the Republicans.

In Northern Virginia it see... (Below threshold)

In Northern Virginia it seems that the K/E stickers are on mostly Foriegn cars while the B/C stickers are on the American cars. My favorite was a K/E sticker on a Hyundai with a stop exporting jobs bumper sticker as well.

Being a Taxicab driver in C... (Below threshold)

Being a Taxicab driver in Cow Hampshire, as Jay Tea says, I spend 12 hours a day sitting behind the wheel of my Crown Victoria. I see all the bumper stickers... Let me tell you this 90% of the bumper stickers I see in Manch-vegas(Manchester, NH, for you out of towners) are all on MASS plates.

This morning, at approximately 3am I was driving along and there were HORDES and I mean HORDES of box trucks and vans, all with Kerry-Edwards(*gag*) signs all over them. I saw atleast 5 of them in various parts of the city(No it's not possible it was the same one I saw multiple times) Anyways, they were out and about posting 50 million Kerry-Edwards(*gag*) signs and banners.


This is pissing me off... The other day I was coming out of the bus station... Traffic was jammed up ALL of them had MASS, RI, and CT plates, and ALL of them had Kerry-Edwards(*gag*) bumper stickers... I was so sickened(This relates to my next rant).

The most disgusting thing I've seen so far...

Bush recently came to Manch-vegas, I'm sure you saw it on C-SPAN, it was all over it. He was out on the campaign trail doing his thing.

The next day...

Kerry comes to town. I didn't see the replays of the speech on C-SPAN... didn't really have any interest.

The kicker of it is, I am willing to bet my life, and I LOVE my life, that the folks that went to the Bush rally were home grown ole fashioned Cow Hampshire residents...

Kerry comes to Manch-vegas... He brings most of MASS with him! WTF... This TICKS ME OFF! It makes NH look BAD. NH is a now a "swing" state... Atleast untill this election is finished.

On a side note, I've tried to avoind the MSM and recently have only become aware of the Blogosphere. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into maintaining a blog(having tried setting one up on blogspot... Too much work for me)

I appreciate the amount of work that goes into the articles and also the fact checking. I know when I read something on a "well done blog" I can be reasonably certain the the information is accurate.

Thank you.
Rant. done.






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