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Wizbang- Ahead of the Curve

The NY Post has a piece this morning about the nation's largest police union backing George Bush.

Of course if you read Wizbang, you knew that back in September.

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(I'm still awake, too!)... (Below threshold)

(I'm still awake, too!)

Yes, I saved that article from way back when, last September.

I also saved the article (Press Release from the Police Union) that wrote about how Kerry had misrepresented an endorsement by them...

I was just scanning through my saved articles from September alone and there are so many huge issues that never got beyond conservative bloggers, Weekly Standard, NewsMax and sometimes FOX...Oil for Food, Funding from Iraq to Kerry and campaign, Kerry's questionable military record, Teresa Heinz-Kerry as handicap to Democrats, AP endorsing Kerry, Castro and Oliver Stone and more...instead, we have what we have today: ____________________________________.

Oh, and how could I forget:... (Below threshold)

Oh, and how could I forget: CBS and Rathergate and Kerry campaigners talking to Burkette. ~Remember THAT?~


Always a step ahead, that's... (Below threshold)

Always a step ahead, that's why your on top of my blog favorites.

I guess now we get to watch the media ignore this story.

To -S-Hee hee, I k... (Below threshold)

To -S-

Hee hee, I know what you mean! It's been a Kerry scandal dump - like lawyers do when they have something to hide - a document dump. His actions opened up a can of worms -- too many worms, too little time.

Not to mention the fact tha... (Below threshold)

Not to mention the fact that Kerry once had on his website a "mandatory service" for everyone. Which means that everyone serves in the military whether you like it or not.

Now that I've been without ... (Below threshold)

Now that I've been without sleep for even more hours than earlier, I note that I wrote, inaccurately, about "funding from Iraq to Kerry" while what I meant to write (but did not, obviously), was "funding FROM IRAN TO KERRY...

At least *I* can offer corrections.

(That last sentence was filled with disdain for John Kerry.) (P.S.: John Kerry, quick, go to *Church*!)






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