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An election day message from former teen idol Wil Wheaton

Leif Garrett (vote, or end up doing straight-to-video beach volleyball movies)'s got nothing on Wil Wheaton (aka Wesley Crusher):

So if George W. Bush wins, I will sit down, and I will cry. I will cry for my children, who will most certainly face a military draft, and I will cry for my country, because I believe that America can, and must, do better than George W. Bush.

Now, watch this drive.

He's not quite in Cameron Diaz or P. Diddy territory, but he's sure drunk enough of the Michael Moore Kool-aid...


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Comments (21)

I agree that America can do... (Below threshold)
joe cioni:

I agree that America can do better than George W. Bush. But John F. Kerry is not doing better than George W. Bush, unless you really believe he has all the plans he says he has. After 20 years in the Senate and doing nothing, what is to make us believe the Drone will be better at being president than missing Senate roll calls.

If I were still undecided, ... (Below threshold)

If I were still undecided, the chance to make Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher sit down and cry, would clinch me for Bush.

What do you expect from the... (Below threshold)

What do you expect from the guy who played the single most annoying Trek character ever?

I'm ashamed to share a surn... (Below threshold)

I'm ashamed to share a surname with that nincompoop. I have been since I saw his first album cover, and even moreso now.

On top of that, I've never figured out how to pronounce his given name. Life? Leaf? Loofah?

Who knows? Who cares?

Yeah, but what does Data th... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but what does Data think?

Wil's fear-filled statement... (Below threshold)

Wil's fear-filled statement sounds an awful lot like Patti LaBelle's blubbering, petulant whine.

So, if he has kids at all y... (Below threshold)

So, if he has kids at all yet, they must be 18 before any "draft" would "face" them.

So we are looking at like 20 years before that happens. Quite clever there, Wil.

A draft in place in 20 years would *somehow* be G. W. Bush's fault, because he has access to the time machine of Karl Rove who lent it to Osama Bin Laden to plan attacks to occur in 2001 *only after* G. W. Bush was elected.

And we admire actors... *sigh*

1st time poster...couldn't ... (Below threshold)

1st time poster...couldn't pass it up.

Look, everyone knows there are only 3 basic types of Star Trek episodes:

1) Data looking for humanity

2) Ryker chasing some alien girl around, stranded on a planet...etc

3) Wesley's meddling gets everyone in trouble, LaForge/Picard/Ryker to the rescue

Stupid Wesley.

Wesley Crusher having kids ... (Below threshold)

Wesley Crusher having kids is enough to make ME sit down and cry.

He's more annoying in real ... (Below threshold)

He's more annoying in real life than his character on STNG ever was. And that is saying something.

You'd think that before the... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

You'd think that before they perfected warp drive, they would have cured acne.

Rewrite! Rewrite!:<... (Below threshold)

Rewrite! Rewrite!:

Senator Kerry overtakes the Presidency by sheer manipulation through mind control and becomes President, only to reveal on day three from the newly remodeled White House ("Pennsylvania Faux Farm" decore with room in the basement for the strangely unlabelled, grotesque casks) that he is actually the Evil Master of the Dark Lord of the Sith, the dreaded Emporer!

Wesley Crusher transports ("beams") to the eighteenth century, where he becomes his own great, great grandfather, who fails to catch the fallen handkerchief of the lovely woman who was to be his great, great grandmother, and because of these events, the moments of this day, with the help of Darth and Wayne and cable one special effects (extremecloseuuup!), dissolves into the new realm of the next Borg Nation, with Wil Wheaton as he now has become, the next Drone of Drones, who empowers the Earth upon the Borg Nation's invasion to drone on about things that aren't real, won't happen and never took place, while all the while promoting the Evil Empire's Emporer to replace the "www" in all URLs on all internets with "eee."

The Wil Wheaton Drone of Drone's website becomes the "eee" site, leading millions into the hands of the Borg Nation and into desperate Dronedumb.

Thus, Wil Weaton is visited tomorrow by the People from the Past and the Southpark Duo make Wesley Crusher their leading Puppet in Part Two of "The Puppet Masters Take America".

~The End~

The military prefers W by a... (Below threshold)

The military prefers W by a 3-1 ratio, and they hate Kerry for betraying them in the 70's. Who will need a draft, again?

WHY are Democrats continuin... (Below threshold)

WHY are Democrats continuing to harp on this "Bush=draft" thing?

BECAUSE IT MEANS THAT A KERRY PRESIDENCY WILL REINSTATE THE DRAFT, and Democrats everywhere will continue to then "blame Bush" (oh, and Karl Rove) for "making" the draft mysteriously reapper, while the legislation is written and signed and approved by Democrats unanimously.

I just cannot figure out why Democrats can be so extremely dishonest and then go on to call THAT "honesty." I just cannot figure it out.

Yeah, what JoeTheUnabrewer ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, what JoeTheUnabrewer wrote (^^).

With Kerry's problems in this regard, a Democrat Presidency with him at the forefront would NEED the draft inorder to "do" a war. Kerry's already admitted this.

If Bush wins I hope he gets... (Below threshold)

If Bush wins I hope he gets all the Klingons to go blast his house with photon torpedoes. He's freakin' annoying!!

Remember when young Wil met... (Below threshold)

Remember when young Wil met his idol? He just hasn't been the same since he left the Academy.

who would have thunk it! Th... (Below threshold)

who would have thunk it! The chubby one of the four from Stand By Me, is the only one that is actually still acting.

Who the hell is Wil Wheaton... (Below threshold)

Who the hell is Wil Wheaton?

Wil who now?<p... (Below threshold)

Wil who now?

--With apologies to Goldstein

Only now, at this late hour... (Below threshold)

Only now, at this late hour, do I realize my foolishness in trying to persuade my "undecided" friend who is a HUGE Wil Wheaton fan...

I'll never get those hours of my life back, ya know...






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