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Bush Wins Dixville Notch

Maybe New Hampshire is in play as Jay Tea keeps telling us...

Bush 19
Kerry 7


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Comments (14)

2000 Results:Bush, 2... (Below threshold)

2000 Results:
Bush, 21, Gore 5, Ralph Nader 1

- Dixville Notch has to be ... (Below threshold)

- Dixville Notch has to be pretty tiny....Derry is only 3 square blocks and Dixville has to make Derry look like Manhatten....I demand a recount....where's the lawyers....

Are these the actual result... (Below threshold)
Mr. Mike:

Are these the actual results?

Bush is winning in Ohio... (Below threshold)
Donna Armsworthy:
<a href="http://story.news.... (Below threshold)

AP reporting W and Kerry tied with 15 votes each.

I know two a bit further so... (Below threshold)

I know two a bit further south (Center Harbor) that will be voting against Bush. Four years ago they voted against Gore. And as Harvard Grads, their decision has nothing to do with proximity to Mass. - just quirky, dare I say, misguided (they are after all, my folks) NH voters...

FYI, (not Jay) NH overwhelmingly supported McCain in 2000 - I suspect they still do.

<a href="http://story.news.... (Below threshold)

Hart's Location tied at 15 apiece, and Dixville Notch goes for Bush.

34 to 22, W over Kerry.

Keep an eye here.

Unfortunately, that NH resu... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, that NH result isn't good for Bush. He lost a couple votes vs. his number vs. Gore two years ago in the same place with the same number of voters. Silly this early, I know, but if that's a trend, NH is gone.

NH is gone... the Redskins ... (Below threshold)

NH is gone... the Redskins lost yesterday...

whew! at least I don't have to go vote now if its all sealed up! *laugh*

seriously, if I can get through the next 22 1/2 hours without thinking "Dixville Notch" and giggling like a schoolgirl, I'll consider it a success.

Tony, if "Dixville Notch" m... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Tony, if "Dixville Notch" makes you giggle, then the name of a former congressman from Cow Hampshire will positively make you wet yourself.

Son-in-law to California Congressman Tom Lantos...

(wait for it)

Dick Swett.

Now go change yourself.


Outstanding!The fi... (Below threshold)


The first year I could vote (May 1992), I had no clue on any of the congressional races, or local government races going on. So, I did what any other responsible, intelligent voter would do and vote for the candidate with the best names. I never did get a thank you note from Mike DeWine or Mark Painter, but if I would have had a "Dick Swett" on the ballot, I would have campaigned like you've never seen campaigning before!

- Jay - Swetts great great ... (Below threshold)

- Jay - Swetts great great grand father on his mothers side was....

(wait for it)

.... I.B.Dic

- I know because Swetts a distant cousin...

Rock,Thanks for th... (Below threshold)
Greg D:


Thanks for the numbers from 2000. I was wondering what the previous results were.

Donna, where the hell are those numbers coming from? Early voters? Is this some parody I'm just too dumb to get?

The alternative story is th... (Below threshold)

The alternative story is that Kerry picked up 2 votes this time around in Dixville Knox from Gore in 2000. So there are net 2 GWB voters that voted for John Kerry.

If this trend holds it will be a really bad night for GWB.

Dave (the other one)






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