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Don't believe everything you see on the Internet

There is a set of numbers rolling around the internet that are supposedly exit poll numbers... Don't bite too hard. Rumor is they are bogus.

BUT let it be a lesson to both parties. All you Republicans need to get out and vote today and tomorrow all you Democrats need to do that same.

Update: Drudge is saying they are taken from 59 - 41 women.

Update 2: Brit Hume Fox - Says numbers leaking not quite right.

Update 3: Jonah Goldberg is saying they're bad.

I think they are planted. - Just me.

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Hey, wasn't there someone s... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

Hey, wasn't there someone saying this weekend that exit poll data would be abused? Yeah, I think there was... *cough* me! *cough*

Always planted when they ac... (Below threshold)

Always planted when they ack defeat?

The MSM pay a disservice to... (Below threshold)

The MSM pay a disservice to voters by repeating these early exit polls. It's going to be a long night and these folks love instant gratification.

Why would anyone be stupid ... (Below threshold)

Why would anyone be stupid enough to post "exit poll" numbers and then admit that they might be forgeries?

Sorry, didn't mean to call Wonkette out so blatantly.






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