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Election A.M. Open Thread

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Comments (24)

Here's one guy's <a href="h... (Below threshold)

Here's one guy's endorsement of George W. Bush. Let's hope W pulls this off. I'd sure love to have a strict-constructionist "extreme makeover" in the SCOTUS.

We thought everyone would l... (Below threshold)

We thought everyone would like to see some endorsements that Kerry would rather forget!

Go GW!

Whoa, What do you mean it's... (Below threshold)

Whoa, What do you mean it's the election already?

What happened to Bush pulling out Bin Laden as an October surprise? What happened to Bush and the neocons planting WMDs in Iraq because there was none there and he needed to justify his war for oil?

I thought the elections were to be cancelled this year as Bin Ashcroft brought Martial Law down to bear on the US citizenry and Bush declared himself king?

You mean none of this has happened? My, I feel like I am waking up from a left wing nightmare, either that or the left wing, the dems and the liberal media hacks have all been lying to me.

Camarillo, California - I'm... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Camarillo, California - I'm sending out major positive (red) vibes to give my misguided state to W as a November surprise.

I know I, Ahnold, and a moderate sized military contingent out here will be voting for sanity on the Bush / Cheney ticket.

On the miniscule chance Kerry eeks something out, I vow to march into Starbucks and put out a cigar in some lib's latte foam.


Voting in New Hampshire sho... (Below threshold)

Voting in New Hampshire shows Bush with a lead. They start just after midnight.

Hopefully, this is a good sign for the President.

Go Bush!!! Gooooooo Bush!!!... (Below threshold)

Go Bush!!! Gooooooo Bush!!!!

Dems stay home!!! Dems stay home!!!

Liberals stay home!!! Liberals stay home!!!

Leftists drop dead!!! Leftists drop dead!!! LOL

It's here and the polls jus... (Below threshold)

It's here and the polls just opened. My precient had unbelievable turn out for 6am. I know, I worked the polls for 12 years. We were lucky to have more than 1 show up before 6:10, today there was a line 25 deep before they opened.

Went to the polls here in R... (Below threshold)

Went to the polls here in Raleigh NC at 6:05 this morning to find we were approx 60 to 70 deep. By 6:30 when the door opened there were over 200 people in line and getting deeper. High spirits for a red state. A few LWL but not many. The lawyers all live in another section of the city!!

What? We're having an elect... (Below threshold)

What? We're having an election? Why didn't somebody say something before now?

<a href="http://www.meckz.n... (Below threshold)

Here is how it went for me this morning in midstate GA.

Simple formula - if Kerry w... (Below threshold)

Simple formula - if Kerry wins both Ohio and Florida, there's massive cheating going on.

If he doesn't win both, he'll lose the election.

I'm a minority--a white Rep... (Below threshold)

I'm a minority--a white Republican in a 80+% Black, 90+% Democratic precinct in Maryland. Historically, this precinct has consistently had light turnouts. I live very close to the polling place and have voted there for 38 years.

Because this is Maryland and a very heavily Black, Democratic Congressional district with no local or state races, except for local referenda, our votes probably don't mean much of anything this time around.

The polls opened with a much longer than usual line. Now, 90 minutes after they opened, the line outside the building is at least 3 times as long as long as I've ever seen at any time of day. Normally at this time the line ends inside the building.

There are cars all over the place, double parked, on the grass, it's total gridlock--and that's never happened before.

What does it mean? Beats me! I can't tell if it's the hate Bush vote out to make a point, a sudden interest in the local referenda, or something else.

Here is <a href="http://ami... (Below threshold)

Here is my little account of my voting today - I survived!

Long line in Montgomery Cty... (Below threshold)

Long line in Montgomery Cty., MD this morning -- also heavily Democrat (although the squishy R Connie Morella used to hold this District before earnest young what's-his-name ousted her in the 2002 midterms). I was probably 60th in line at 7am when the polls opened. I observed a failed vote-recording card ("we got a dead card here") and roughly 5 provisional voters filling out ballots (one guy seemed to have been refused, as well) just in the 15 minutes I was actually standing inside the building.

There may have been challengers present; didn't see them if there were.

- McGehee - Welcome back to... (Below threshold)

- McGehee - Welcome back to "Losing lawyer's named John" World....

- Oh dark thirty here in LALAland...just about to amble over to the poll and cast that vote for GWB...Barbecue this evening, toast and roast....Big sign out front... "Flush the Johns, Give Lurch the goose, Bush is dah Man!!!"... (Uninvited Liberdorks should beware of 800 lb. pet Gorolla named "Bubba" )....

- Quite a few chuckles this morning watching FOX's own people rip the FOX weekend tracking poll to shreds calling it useless....

- 6th circuit DID overturn Ohio ruling so Mary Poppins will have to go somewhere else to vote...Dem's are screaming of course...

I'll be live blogging the e... (Below threshold)

I'll be live blogging the election tonight starting at 5:00 pm Central.

Leave a comment or send me an email and I'll link back to you if you're also posting tonight.


All quiet now, since I vote... (Below threshold)

All quiet now, since I voted (Absentee Ballot) a few weeks ago (Bush/Cheney, new Republican majority rule in local City Hall, School Board, against the CA Stem Cell public funding measure, among others), so cannot share what's happening in this part of Orange County, CA (I'm staying in today because I can)...

The DRUDGE flashing light headline breaker is interesting, though, at this hour: "voter volunteers found 2000 votes on machines before voting began..." (close enough). I hope someone takes a close look at the "volunteers" and what they were up to, who drove the machines to the polling place and on who's trucks (ahhem!), who loaded the machines on the trucks (ahhem!), who crated the machines after assembly (ahhem!)...

No lines at my place of pol... (Below threshold)
The Middle West:

No lines at my place of polling early this morning, but then, I live in a very rural farming community in central Illinois. There were two other voters there when I arrived at about 6:45am.

Even though IL is considered solidly (D), it's been encouraging to see many, many Bush yard signs (and very few Kerry signs) around our area and even down into Peoria. Unfortunately, the 500lb. gorilla of a town to the north of us pretty much overrides the rest of the state...

I early-voted eight days ag... (Below threshold)

I early-voted eight days ago, but in driving past two polling places this morning the traffic was considerable.

They're both very Republican precincts in a very Republican county in confirmed-red-state Georgia. So the high turnout in confirmed-blue-state Maryland has its counterpart.

(An aside comment to Kevin ... (Below threshold)

(An aside comment to Kevin is here):

I used to find the linktext-posted-without-active-hyperlink/code situations irritating, too (it can indicate that someone doesn't understand that they need to include the link code if they want to write a hyperlink, is what I mean) but, there's also a growing awareness recently that by including the active code -- rather than just typing out what the link URL is (without including code to active the link) -- that you bear a responsibility as author or something like that, which also brings liability to some extent to you/anyone as author.

There are enough attorneys who contribute here so I am sure one/some/all of them might shed more light on this if they would/can/are willing to, but I recently read something about this, and that is that when in doubt, it's best to just type the URL text and not include the hyperlink, thus allowing a reader to copy'n'pate the URL into their own browser inorder to access the URL if they want to, thus making it a responsibility of access to the reader, and off the author who typed the URL itself, sans active code.

Not to scare anyone. Just saying that that's a growing trend among certain academics when discussing information...it is very irritating to site owners where discussions occur, I realize, and I share that irritation, but I'm now starting to just copy'n'paste many URLs rather than discourage contributions. Wizbang has a huge number of participants so that's surely not your concern, however.

Just sharing this information, is all, as to why there appears to be a growing trend of "non active" hyperlink content/URLs just typed out within messages...leaves it up to the reader to either access or not, for issues of liability, I believe (although the hapless element, I am sure, runs higher in frequency cause).

- Ok.... Ballot cast.... Si... (Below threshold)

- Ok.... Ballot cast.... Sizable lines (and the few obligatory loons) here in San Diego. Note to conservatives. Tough it out, every vote counts....

- Two "districts" in two seperate, side by side polling spots, some twit moved a bunch over and then had to move them back, had my addy wrong but no big, all I had to do was produce a printout of my family tree with photo ID of all 463 members of the last 6 generations.....(NOT)...Overall took about 35 minutes ( I was about 20th in line )....

- I don't think the turnout nationwide is going to be "up"....I think its going to hit all time records, maybe in the high 60's or low 70's percentile....

- Standing by my prediction.... Bush by a clean margin.....

I voted early this morning ... (Below threshold)

I voted early this morning in NJ and so far turnout is light which is good since my county is very Democrat. I hope Central and Southern Jersey sees a heavy turnout which will mean Bush wins NJ.

The last two polls released today -- Harris and Battleground have Bush 4 points over Kerry. And forget that Fox poll -- it's the only one to show Kerry winning by 2 points.

It's up to the people now. If Kerry loses NJ and PA, he can have all the lawyers in the world helping him but he'll still be sunk. I pray to God he loses. I hate his voice. It's like squeaking chalk on a blackboard.

Hunter, you're right. Even ... (Below threshold)

Hunter, you're right. Even if our votes don't give Bush a state, they do help give him a majority in the general number which will make it more difficult for Kerry to pitch a bitch when he loses. That's part of the myth created by Gore -- that he won the popular vote but lost the Electoral vote due to fraud.

Another guy's <a href="http... (Below threshold)

Another guy's report (mine) from deep-blue Montgomery County, Maryland.






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