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Election P.M - Open Thread

Use the comment section and trackbacks for election related stories you want to pimp. Hint: Use the provided URL button to make your link clickable or use proper HTML code - just typing in the URL doesn't create a link, and mostly just annoys people...


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A new poll shows <a href="h... (Below threshold)
Tom Daschle's attorney was ... (Below threshold)

Tom Daschle's attorney was physically removed from court today in South Dakota. Sheriff's deputies had to remove him when a judge refused to hear a motion. Daschle is freaking out because he may lose to Thune. No matter what happens in the presidential race, I'd love to see SD dump that hack Daschle.

Senate Democrats should hav... (Below threshold)

Senate Democrats should have dumped him as their leader two years ago.

Use the provided URL but... (Below threshold)

Use the provided URL button to make your link clickable or use proper HTML code

I hope everybody else sees this button of which you speak 'cause I don't.

From a <a href="http://www.... (Below threshold)

From a California Republican Party Newsletter (read today, email's dated yesterday...sorry):

November 1, 2004

California GOP Campaign Offices Vandalized

Placer County Republican Headquarters were burglarized over the weekend. A dozen cell phones, lap top computers, a digital camera and computer equipment intended for GOTV.

The break-in certainly appears politically motivated given the fact that burglars left behind a television and donation jar with $200 cash. The intent of this criminal act is currently being investigated by law enforcement.

Ken Campbell, Chairman of the Placer County Republican Central Committee, told an Associated Press reporter, “They tried to cripple our organization,” Ken Campbell. Ken his army of Republicans volunteers were not deterred, however, and have been working diligently around the clock to ensure that GOTV efforts move forward as planned.

Presidential Campaign Narrows in California

John Kerry’s lead in California has narrowed to single digits in California. The latest Field Poll shows only seven-point spread between Kerry and Bush with 9% of voters undecided.

Voter registration in California since 2000 has increased by 850,000 voters. Democrat registration has declined 2.4% since 2000 and thanks to your hard work at registering new Republican voters, we’ve been able to narrow the margin between registered Democrats and Republicans.

This information is more than just numbers on a spreadsheet. This information can translate into more popular votes for President Bush on November 2nd – as many as half a million alone in California if we turn people out to vote.

Democrats throughout the country continue to file lawsuits and intimidate Republican voters in states like Florida, which has early voting. Don’t let them keep Californians from casting their vote for Bush/Cheney on Election Day.

The President is running strong nationwide. Governor Schwarzenegger campaigned for him in Ohio and had the crowds on their feet chanting, “George W. Bush!”

McGhee: the "URL button" i... (Below threshold)

McGhee: the "URL button" is that last of the four small buttons beneath the "Post a comment" box (area where comments are written before you select "Preview" and/or "Post" buttons -- the "URL" button is just above "Preview" and "Post" but beneath the comments box).

You select that URL button and it provides a secondary window...follow the directions...or just type the code into your text to create a hyperlink:

LeftArrow http://" your code goes here " RightArrow YOUR DISPLAYED CODE TEXT GOES HERE ForwardSlash LeftArrow

Rather (in case you don't k... (Below threshold)

Rather (in case you don't know how to create an active hyperlink or someone else doesn't):

Type this:

<a href="http://yourFullURLgoeshere">Write here whatever you want in text that displays a hyperlink here></a>

GOOD NEWS!!!I was ... (Below threshold)


I was watching the news in Romania, and they are calling Ohio, Florida, AND Pennsylvania for Bush!! As you know, Romania is 6 hrs in the future compared to the east coast, so our election is already over for them (it's almost midnight over there).

Kerry campaign person (Laur... (Below threshold)

Kerry campaign person (Laura Tyson) just said on FOX that "those millionaires, making over two hundred thousdand dollars a year, they're millionaires, they can afford to have some of that taken back to pay down the deficit, to pay for healthcare for the American people..."

blaaahhhhblahahhahblahh. She says that "those people" "profited under Clinton" and can "afford" to "return some of that" so that....Kerry can tax them higher.

Kerry's actually going to raise taxes on anyone earning more than $79,000. a year..."spokesperson" is just blatantly lying, much less selling a bitter pill.

Wait...if they're "in our f... (Below threshold)

Wait...if they're "in our future," so to speak, Kevin, then the polls are already closed, people have already voted, even those on our mainland who haven't even left home for the polling places yest? I'm confused.

McGhee: the "URL button"... (Below threshold)

McGhee: the "URL button" is that last of the four small buttons beneath the "Post a comment" box

Still don't see it. I see "Cancel", "Preview" and "Post" but no "URL".

No biggie -- if I want to post a link I just write the code myself anyway.

- S - for reasons that no o... (Below threshold)

- S - for reasons that no one I know has ever been able to explain completely, code simply does not display the same on everyones rig.....In fact my blogger compiler editor shows three distinct different screens from time to time...Without a lot of tech doubletalk its entirely possible that McGehee doesn't see the buttons...Either that or he's quafed to many marquarita's already.....

<a href="http://www.awptimu... (Below threshold)

Project Longface is ending its long day

Hunter: I blame Wil Wheat... (Below threshold)

Hunter: I blame Wil Wheaton...him and the Borg. Oh, Kerry, too. HE's rewritten the internets to such an extent that there's no way of ever getting it to display things correctly, ever again.

Ooops, sorrry, was experiencing one of my "I Am A Liberal" moments. Sorry.


I can't post this...I'm experiencing "too many connections"(!!).

Dear -S- and everybody - TH... (Below threshold)

Dear -S- and everybody - THANK YOU for finally bringing up the "how to URL" thing - I was too shy to ask before, being a novice commenter since CBSgate. I thought that 3rd box under Name, Email Address, URL was meant for people who have their own sites, as some sort of ID. I, too, don't see any other URL link tool lower down. I would LOVE to make my references clickable, just haven't known how! I'd even like to go back into archives and change all my past references to the proper code.

And by the way, Kevin, now that I've overcome my "unwelcome guest" feeling, what on earth is "pimping links"? (I thought I was being polite to reference data sources and to prevent plagiarism); and what are "essays" for which one can be banned from your site? Is there a length limit to commenting? Sometimes, it just can't be said in a sentence, although there are some great one-liners at wizbang!

... and -S- Re: "Joh... (Below threshold)

... and -S-
Re: "John Kerry’s lead in California has narrowed to single digits in California."

MAKE. MY. (BIRTH) DAY!!! Tell me more good news about California!!!!

Haven't heard a thing about CA on Fox or elsewhere, ignored as if it's not even part of the same country. (And NY, the other liberal stronghold, I had to laugh when Chris Matthews declared it for Kerry a few hours ago, but the screen behind him showed it 50-50 !!)

Testing testing testing... (Below threshold)

Testing testing testing

Picture /

I think I've got it, by jov... (Below threshold)

I think I've got it, by jove, I think I've got it!


Thanks, -S- !






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