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Exit Poll Issues

Is it possible that there is there are millions of hidden Bush voters, or at least those who say one thing and did another?

Given the viciousness of the anti-Bush left is it possible that many people just said one thing to avoid a stigma, then did another by voting for Bush?

The exit poll numbers and the actual numbers aren't matching up. Bush has 56% of the national vote already...

Update: Jim Geraghty has this tidbit:

Larry Sabato was just on one of the DC-area local stations, and just said something shocking - the reason it took forever to call Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina is that the exit polls had them for Kerry.

For Kerry!

Sabato also said that the exit polls also had at least two other states "wrong" which is not to say they had the wrong winner, but that they had results that were immediately detected as out of whack.

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Comments (9)

My husband and I have a the... (Below threshold)

My husband and I have a theory that most people that voted for Bush don't have time and therefore probably politely refuse to answer the exit poll questions. You know, because they actually have to go to work.

Go Maureen. I thought I'd s... (Below threshold)

Go Maureen. I thought I'd seen everything 'til this election. The left is coming perilously close to Nazi.

- My thoughts exactly Kevin... (Below threshold)

- My thoughts exactly Kevin....I was getting that vib from a few of my lib friends....That they were "playing the game" with the tin-foil crowd but when they went in the booth they were going to do what they really felt was better because they generally sat around bitching about all of Kerry's problems and why didn't the Dem's run a better candidate..... Course I'd never expect them to say it.....If you were in that camp of shoeleather brains would you?....

- Ok Megapundit is showing ... (Below threshold)

- Ok Megapundit is showing B 52% K 47% with 85% precincts in Florida and the same in Ohio with 34% of precincts....I'm going to dinner...Don't screw things up while I'm gone Aylward.....

Can't understand anyone wan... (Below threshold)

Can't understand anyone wanting to.........ummmmm......MISLEAD the MSM, do you?

I thought the same thing. ... (Below threshold)

I thought the same thing. It looks like people lied to the polsters.

It looks like it's gonna be a loooong night.

The exit polls are the MSM'... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

The exit polls are the MSM's last attempt to build momentum for Kerry. They probably tried to skew them a lot to get a bandwagon going. It appears they failed.

*cough*exitpollfraud*cough*... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:


I doubt it's malice by the ... (Below threshold)

I doubt it's malice by the MSM--just laziness. I vote in fairly rural Warren County, Virginia. I didn't see anyone polling voters out here at either precinct I visited yesterday morning. Could it be the MSM is taking its polling data from the precincts near its downtown/big city offices, and thus skewing strongly Dem? Of course, given what is known of the electorate, laziness of this sort is very likely to lead to substantial skewing of the exit poll results in favor of the Dems...






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