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"Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes..."

Celebrating people's deaths is never a pretty thing, and should only be done in extreme circumstances. But sometimes you just have to look at how some people meet their end and say to yourself that there must be some justice in the world.

We had a couple idiots here in New Hampshire who had lengthy brushes with the law. Both had several previous accidents and drunk-driving convictions. One of them had been involved in a previous fatal drunk-driving crash.

One of them had been previously convicted of auto theft and had been sued for paternity. He tried to avoid a DNA test by sending his brother to the lab, but was found out.

Last Saturday, these two exemplars of responsible, upright citizens went to Boston to celebrate the Red Sox finally winning the World Series. Both got tanked off their asses. And on the drive home, they rear-ended a truck and killed themselves.

I'm finding it hard to get very upset about their passing. Mainly, I'm just relieved they didn't take anyone else with them.


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This is really depressing, ... (Below threshold)

This is really depressing, J.

Yeah, it's sad, but what go... (Below threshold)

Yeah, it's sad, but what goes around comes around.

Any word on whether they al... (Below threshold)

Any word on whether they already voted? If not, that should give NH to Bush.

- Along the same lines of p... (Below threshold)

- Along the same lines of people we won't push out the door but we also won't miss all that much (not too much rauchus cheering now) Arafat ain't comin back...He's toast.....

- On the vote I'll only say I like where we're at right now....If it continues this way and there's no supprises in the firm states as it moves out west there should be a lot of smiling elephants tomorrow...

- If Florida keeps the same percentage the absentee ballot stuff won't matter....So as of now we could still have an answer tonight.....

I kept getting an error mes... (Below threshold)

I kept getting an error message when I tried responding to this two hours ago...

I'm curious why - on election night - this was such a newsworthy story that headlined WizBang for so long.

Are a couple drunks that kill themselves more important than who is at the helm of the country?

I normally think Jay does a great job, but I expected more from WizBang on election night.

Hunter, I hope you're right... (Below threshold)

Hunter, I hope you're right. And what's up with Bill Kristol and Fox News Channel. They all look -- Libs and conservatives -- down in the dumps. Then Bill Kristol says, "I'd rather be in Kerry's shoes than Bush's." Also, they seem intent on defending those early exit polls which are proven wrong state after state. Am I missing something? It looks like we're winning, but the media seems to be down in the dumps and downplaying Bush's leads in key states. Oh wait, that's right -- they're hoping Kerry wins. Also, I thought Bill Kristol had gotten over his dislike for Bush after he won the nomination instead of McCain in 2000. I guess Kristol likes McCain more than Bush, which tells me Kristol is a neo-con -- a former Liberal who became a Republican. I may be wrong, but I don't understand why this guy is on Fox News putting a damper on the race.

Amber, I tossed that up bec... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Amber, I tossed that up because I wanted something non-election-related up there, and the reasons it stayed headlined was 1) we were all busy watching the results, and B) the site was overloaded as our hosting company was deluged. No grand conspiracy, I'm afraid.







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