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"It was just so horrible, I couldn't stop watching"

There's something about the human psyche that craves being horrified, that seeks out gore and mayhem. People watch auto racing largely to wait for the crashes. We actively seek out movies filled with terror and blood. We all slow down at auto accidents to gawk. Everyone comes out to witness a big fire. And so on.

I don't understand what causes it. Maybe it's a bit of schadenfreude, a German term for "delight in the misfortune of others." Maybe, by glimpsing the mortality of others, we remind ourselves of our own continued vitality. Maybe it's the adrenaline rush that comes with the realization that while horrible things and death can happen to any one of us at any time, this time it happened to someone else. It's one of the things I like least about humanity.

But I'm not immune to it. I freely admit I've done many of the things I've mentioned above. And, tonight, I'm going to revel in that again.

I'm going to watch the election news. Occasionally, I'll flip over to Fox to see how things really stand. But for the most part, I'm going to watch C-BS and Dan Rather. I desperately need to see that superannuated, fraudulent crank desperately attempt to assert his own credibility and relevance. And if things go as I'm hoping, I want to see him eat the biggest piece of crow ever served on national television.

No, it's not the decent thing to do. The decent thing would be to channel Atticus Finch and the rabid dog and take C-BS out quickly, with a single metaphorical shot and put them out of their misery -- not out of malice or fear, but in simple recognition of the necessity of the deed. But I'm not Atticus Finch. I want to see the bastards squirm and writhe and flail about in the tarpit that has claimed so many other dinosaurs before they sink into the oblivion they so richly deserve.


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Jay, no matter what the res... (Below threshold)

Jay, no matter what the results of the presidential race, we as Americans should work to make sure the MSM pay for what they've done to journalism.

- FOX starting to give "fir... (Below threshold)

- FOX starting to give "firm" states finally....

Do you even begin to compre... (Below threshold)

Do you even begin to comprehend the level of jinx you have brought down upon us with a post like that?

Ptooey, ptooey.

For full effect, be sure to... (Below threshold)

For full effect, be sure to note down all the "Ratherisms"! I hear he already unloaded "let's look at the map again, with another dab of gravy

It sounds to me like Jay ha... (Below threshold)

It sounds to me like Jay has little regard for Dan Rather, maybe a tad less than I do. It hadn't occurred to me that was possible.






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