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It's Boycott Talk Radio Day

The morning shows were unlistenable, and I suspect the midday and afternoon ones will be as well. Do yourself a favor and turn off Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, Al Franken, Sean Hannity, et. all for the day. I'll give you a brief synopsis of what you will hear one all of them - "You must vote 'X.'"

Peace and serenity are within your reach if you turn off the radio...


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Comments (9)

My wife just mailed me that... (Below threshold)

My wife just mailed me that same thought. Ha

Good advice, but I sure as ... (Below threshold)

Good advice, but I sure as hell am going to ignore it :)

Hells right. I'm going one... (Below threshold)

Hells right. I'm going one further, and boycotting all television as well. The only way I'll be getting my election coverage is through blogs. The other medias just don't have the level of accountability and fact-checking blogs do. I might consider watching FoxNews, if it wasn't for the constant 26-times-per-hour Scott Peterson Colonoscopy Reports.

- Tom ... If you're not wat... (Below threshold)

- Tom ... If you're not watching FOX you're mising such gems as Bush manning phones at a Columbus GOP center.... FOX's own people skewering thr FOX weekend tracking poll calling it a joke and useless.... Piladelpia voting flap = machines with votes already entered when delivered. Dem's say it's all a GOP plot to falsify the true millage before resale. Republican's are filling court briefs to allow poll watchers to kick tires and check in trunks....Edwards to "reappear" now that campaigning is over.... Fed Lawsuit in Ohio by Dem's charging that GOP prevented Mary Poppins from casting vote....Dem's position is that anyone with a pulse should be allowed to vote, particularly French citizens and anyone who was still alive in 2000....

I'll pass. Sticking my hea... (Below threshold)

I'll pass. Sticking my head in the sand is just silly.

wait a minute, let me turn ... (Below threshold)

wait a minute, let me turn my radio down...ok, what was that again?

You guys are doing a great job, keep it up!

I'm listening to music inst... (Below threshold)

I'm listening to music instead. Freedom isn't free. It costs a buck or five.


i was listening to music, a... (Below threshold)

i was listening to music, and all they could do was talk about the election. Oh well, looks like Rush...

I don't know - I really enj... (Below threshold)

I don't know - I really enjoyed listening to Laura Ingraham this morning. She's hilarious. G Gordon Liddy was entertaining (for the little bit I heard), Rush wasn't too bad. Hannity just started and it's just more of what he gives out daily.

Of course, I'm a talk radio junkie, so maybe I'm not the one to ask...






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