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Liberal Blogger Panic Watch

Bush leading big in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, New Mexico, Florida...

I'm going looking for panic posts in the Koz diaries... If you find any links drop them here.

Keep track of all of the states at The Command Post Election coverage, and check NZ Bear's election resources.

Update: Koz - Youth did not vote. That's what's killing us...

Washington Monthly - Paranoia check?

Wonkette - Were we played?

Classic!!! The Daily Kos wingnuts are out!!! Read the whole thing then tell me who is part of the reality-based community. The commenters are arguing that the exit polls are reality, and that they prove the election is being stolen...

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Add Arizona to the list of ... (Below threshold)

Add Arizona to the list of states with a strong lead by Bush. With 66% of polls reporting, Bush leads Kerry in Arizona 55.1 to 44.3%.

When are they gonna call Fl... (Below threshold)

When are they gonna call Florida and Ohio? Those two are extremely important. And what's up with Colorado?

I understand they called Co... (Below threshold)

I understand they called Colorado for Bush.

Who's they? I can't find a ... (Below threshold)

Who's they? I can't find a red Co. anywhere.

CNN.com could be one of tho... (Below threshold)

CNN.com could be one of those "they".

Haha...the folks at the Dai... (Below threshold)

Haha...the folks at the Daily Kos are talking about what you need to move out of the US. Good riddance!

I just read that Wonkette l... (Below threshold)

I just read that Wonkette link you provide...that makes three times ever that I've visited that site...and I have to say, after my three visits that I'm finding the psst there less than Boohyah. You'd think by now that liberals could come up with some more creative meme than "it's Karl Rove's fault" and/or "Karl Rove did it" and permutations of those. Which Wonkette is doing in what appears to be a serious thread (umm, wrong adjective there).

The left just does not get it.

Kin: any information as to... (Below threshold)

Kin: any information as to whether or not they have a "fund" that *some people* can donate to their moveonout cause?






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