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Moonbats In The Midst

United for Peace and Justice already has a schedule up for their protests. Of course they're protesting a stolen election.

This DC based group will be assembling at noon on Saturday, November 6, at Dupont Circle. From there we will either march on Kerry's Georgetown home or to the White House, depending upon who won the election. Either way, they will march, and express the anti-war community's demand for an immediate end to the war in Iraq. Anyone want to guess at which site they would possibly get an audience?

Of course this is a much more appropriate response...

Update: What will you do Wednesday?


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OHIO started posting result... (Below threshold)

OHIO started posting results:

President/Vice President
Bush, George W. Republican 800,950 49.87%
Kerry, John F. Democratic 788,799 49.12%
Peroutka, Michael Anthony 5,956 0.37%


Ronald Reagan wants you to ... (Below threshold)

Ronald Reagan wants you to go out and vote Bush -- to "win one for the Gipper!" (MP3, 1MB, 67 seconds)

The anti-war crowd is irrel... (Below threshold)

The anti-war crowd is irrelevent. If it was relevent Kerry wouldn't be trying to sound like Rambo during this campaign. The only people who lavish attention on these freaks are the morons in the MSM, because most of them sympathize with these unemployable freaks.

BTW once this election is o... (Below threshold)

BTW once this election is over, I think the blogoshere, talk radio and conservative columnist should go after the MSM. They have gone too far in their attempts to hurt Bush and help Kerry.

I'm with Jim. It's torches-... (Below threshold)

I'm with Jim. It's torches-and-pitchforks time. Kev, you gather the feathers, I'll boil the tar.

I don't know if anyone else... (Below threshold)

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this other than me, but the ONLY candidate/person who uses the words, "we will kill...we will kill...kill....KILLL..." is John Kerry.

He's lobbed onto that word and uses it with emphasis and in multiples in almost all of his speeches (that I've heard, which is enough) in the past week, especially.

So, it puzzles me why anyone who fancies themself as "anti war" would (1.) vote for someone like that and (2.) would actually PROTEST that others DID NOT.

More of why the Left is loony. It's the anti-word use of words: "anti-war" means "killllll" and "peace" means "destruction" and "vote" means "often" and...






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