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NBC Reports No Extra Youth Turnout

Brian Williams just reported that the percentage of voters nationwide remains basically unchanged from 2000.

	2004  2000
18-29   17%   17%
30-44   28%   33%
45-59   30%   28%
60+     24%   17%

The youth vote is always a risky proposition to pin your hopes on.


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Comments (8)

I kinda expected they hyped... (Below threshold)

I kinda expected they hyped the numbers of expect voters this year. This race look very similar to 2000 except that perhaps this time the victory for Bush in Florida will be decisive.

I wouldn't trust the NBC so... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't trust the NBC source or his source - another inaccurate "exit" poll? None of our soldiers overseas walked out of those poll offices - to be surveyed. Also, conservatives are by nature more conservative and don't like to answer surveys, exit pollsters, etc.

Wait, you aren't counting a... (Below threshold)

Wait, you aren't counting all the kids with cell phones and no land line phones!

Lies! All lies! The election is rigged with Diebold!

Rove is behind the Osama tape!

Moore info here:

Yeah - how exactly did they... (Below threshold)

Yeah - how exactly did they come by those figures? I think it would be healthy if we began demanding to know the basis of these surveys. Like someone said in an earlier thread, was that breakdown calculated from calling the 7 Dems and 2 Republicans held captive in a NJ phonebooth? Let those who throw these "authoritative" survey results at us show their raw data: how many surveyed? where? when? how many were Dems? how many were Republicans?

I,MahaRichie,on ano... (Below threshold)

I,MahaRichie,on another thread predicted that the 'cell phone punks would stay in bed...And obviously they did.

I am completely and totally... (Below threshold)

I am completely and totally happy that P-diddy and Paris Hilton were unable to wrest the MTV addled generation from their i-pods and cell phones long enough to "vote or die." Uninformed voters that follow the celebrity morons (that are wealthy enough not to care about taxes or the real economy, and who spend their entire free time (about 18 months out of every 2 years) fighting for some insignificant (to the majority of living people) cause that liberals generally support in some fashion) will be the downfall of this country.

I can readily think of a pr... (Below threshold)

I can readily think of a pretty awful twist to the P. Diddy theme, but I'll leave it to you-all's imagination, 'cause I'm still a lady to some degree and just can't bring myself to type it out here.

Hint: P. Diddy's theme was/is, "vote or die."
No noticable "youth" vote turnout observed.

Hey, it's late, I'm tired but very, very pleased and very, very relieved this early morning.

I also think that with all ... (Below threshold)

I also think that with all the hype that the dems started with the "DRAFT" , most of the MTV generation decided to vote because they were scared SH--less, but that shows you that these kids need some sort of national service or something, they go to school,party and spend mommy and daddies money, but yet have no real concept of what reality really is....






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