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Poseur Alert II


One picture that sums it all up...


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Comments (18)

What's with the farmer jack... (Below threshold)

What's with the farmer jacket, ball cap and white shirt and tie. I guess it fits him well, being all things at the same time.

OHIO started posting result... (Below threshold)

OHIO started posting results:

President/Vice President
Bush, George W. Republican 800,950 49.87%
Kerry, John F. Democratic 788,799 49.12%
Peroutka, Michael Anthony 5,956 0.37%


Gee this wax dummy feels al... (Below threshold)

Gee this wax dummy feels almost like a real farmer!!

DUDE! - Don't grab my face.... (Below threshold)

DUDE! - Don't grab my face.

F*cking Lurch..............

I think he was a zombie, reaching for my brain........

Don't know if you saw it, b... (Below threshold)

Don't know if you saw it, but after a speech in Wisconsin today, (probably the same one from this picture), he was on stage with confetti going off and the music and whatever, and as he's waving, he stops to give one of his token "Hey, look at you! I have no clue who the hell you are, but I'm going to act like you're my long lost best friend who wasn't supposed to make it to my wedding but holy shit there you are in the back of the church!" point and waves, and then, with BOTH hands, points to his ball cap and gives a big two thumbs up well over his head.

At least McAuliffe had the decency to take the price tag off and bend the bill a little bit on the way back from the sporting goods store this morning....

He is the friggin worst adv... (Below threshold)

He is the friggin worst advertisement LL Bean ever had.

Kerry must be thinking, "Sh... (Below threshold)

Kerry must be thinking, "Shit. Bush has Curt Schilling campaigning with him today and all I've got is this stupid cap with a 'B' on it."

Oh come on, guys! What shou... (Below threshold)

Oh come on, guys! What should a man wear when he's shoveling manure?

I'm supporting our troops a... (Below threshold)

I'm supporting our troops and my brain by voting for Bush. Kerry wants to take our guns,money,homes,cars etc and on top of that he wants us to pay a hell of a lot of taxes, plus he's a friggin traitor. That is a disqualifying offense in itself.

BUSH 04 Then 4 years from now
Jeb Bush 08 Yeah Baby
Bush is Good

LAWYERS, GUNS AND MONEY!... (Below threshold)
El Jefe:


R.I.P. Warren Zevon

Hope those folks are hangin... (Below threshold)
D Carter:

Hope those folks are hanging onto their wallets with their free hands.

Me from several states a... (Below threshold)

Me from several states away:

"I think the barncoat has Permanloft fill and not Down. Quick, get me a white shirt and a tie so I can wear a white shirt and a tie with my Down filled barncoat when I go outside to haul alfalfa!"

Someone else yells from across the field outside:

"Knock it off and just haul the alfalfa. Don't you dare wear a shirt and tie. Just get moving!"

McGhee: He shouldn't (and ... (Below threshold)

McGhee: He shouldn't (and most don't) wear a shirt and tie.


Man in forefront of crow... (Below threshold)

Man in forefront of crowd:

"Help! Heeellllp me! Kerry just took my arms with his magic sticking hands! Helllppp!"

But it's the best ma... (Below threshold)

But it's the best manure!

</Mad Hatter>

If I never have to look at ... (Below threshold)
David Gillies:

If I never have to look at Treebeard's dolichocephalic visage ever again it will be too soon. God help me if he wins.

It truly looks as though he... (Below threshold)

It truly looks as though he is reaching for somebody's throat!! I think the barn jacket a really tacky touch especially with the tie!

Just imagine looking at Kerry and hearing this mournful voice with the fake accent. Britt Hume knew Kerry from way back in the day when he did not have the phony accent and has commented on it. The droning of his voice both sets my teeth on edge and depresses me.

Will this day ever end so we can know whether or not we are cursed with this specter for four years or not? Children will begin having nightmares is they have to see him daily.

Kerry to man in crowd wh... (Below threshold)

Kerry to man in crowd who he is now pushing away:

"If you think THIS hat is funny, wait until you see my head in my CROWWWWWWNNNN."






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