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Random election thoughts

-After the 2000 election, remember the media calling on Bush to put Democrats in his cabinet because the nation was so divided? Do you think, if Kerry wins after this close election, the media will call for Kerry to put Republicans in his?

-In 2000 the media said that Bush should not put any of his proposals before congress because after all he had "no mandate." If Kerry wins a squeaker, do you think they'll say Kerry has "no mandate?"

-No matter who wins, I'm taking a couple of weeks off.

UPDATE I think I'm going to watch FoxNews but TiVo Dan Rather. Then if Bush wins this sucker, I'm going watch it again and again and again.

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LOL!!How much does... (Below threshold)
Adam Wood:


How much does it cost to rent out that big JumboTron on Times Square?

What a wonderful place to replay that.

At about 5:00 every night.

For a year.

LOL. You're a better man th... (Below threshold)

LOL. You're a better man than I, Paul. I wouldn't want to watch that skunk even once.

- Jim - Its sort of a "know... (Below threshold)

- Jim - Its sort of a "know thy enemy" thing.....that and when Rather looks in the camera and says...

- "Democratic poll watchers reported seeing Republican voters walking freely too and from polling places in a blatent display of voting ill-regularities... The DNC has filed briefs demanding that moveon.org be allowed to block the poll entrance's to put an end to this shameful activity"...

Bush should put Democrats i... (Below threshold)

Bush should put Democrats in his cabinet? He should put them under a rock if he wins.

Hell, I remember people say... (Below threshold)

Hell, I remember people saying after the 1968 presidential election that maybe Nixon should give a cabinet position to Hubert Humphrey... On the other hand, Clinton did make a Republican his secretary of defense (if I remember correctly - Wm Cohen)

- I would like to see Joe B... (Below threshold)

- I would like to see Joe Biden in Bush's cabinat but I know it won't happen....

A rose (liberal) by any oth... (Below threshold)

A rose (liberal) by any other name... still smells. He was Clinton's lapdog, token "Republican".

- The odor would get oppres... (Below threshold)

- The odor would get oppressive after a few weeks.....

(Referring to Ira's post re... (Below threshold)

(Referring to Ira's post re Clinton's Secy of Defense.)






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