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Who Has The Best Electoral Vote Map?

So far my vote goes to CNN.

Among bloggers, MegaPundit's race map is excellent, and Stephen Green's map is very nice.

Suggestions welcome.


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Comments (6)

C-Span has a nice one as we... (Below threshold)

C-Span has a nice one as well.

I don't know who's behind t... (Below threshold)

I don't know who's behind this one, but this guy's obviously about as biased as Rather himself. Going into today, he's had Kerry above 290 electoral votes for something like a week, while every other map I've been watching has been with Bush around 220-230 (or even close to 270), and he's had Bush around 190-218 or so.

It'd be interesting to save some screenshots from his web site for a post-election comparison.

Last Google cache: Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 298 Bush 231, today, the number magically closed, to Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 262 Bush 261 where they are about now.

Google cache

and currently:

I wonder how he would spin it if someone calls him on it.

i like federalreview.com's ... (Below threshold)

i like federalreview.com's coverage. details, map, the works

we have a map up based on w... (Below threshold)
steve the llamabutcher:

we have a map up based on what tradesports electoral college futures are doing....

I'll second the vote for CS... (Below threshold)

I'll second the vote for CSPAN.

Yahoo News had a very, very... (Below threshold)

Yahoo News had a very, very up-to-the-minute one (I compared with the others and Yahoo's updated in time with FOX News' broadcasted numbers, while the others lagged for many minutes beyond that measure). I'm just too tired to include the URL, sorry.

It was/is in Yahoo News' Election News main page. Probably still is. I found the link on a lgf thread.






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