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Why Kerry Lost

Voting has just begun, but it's never too early to start the post mortems. Someone is going to lose today, so both candidates campaigns will be examined for critical errors that may have lead to their defeat. See the Why Bush Lost post if you want to examine the flip-side of the issue.

For the purposes of this post you are to assume that President Bush wins a clear victory of a few percentage points in the popular vote and and a clear Electoral College victory. Why did Senator Kerry fail to win?

More thoughts from me forthcoming...


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Comments (29)

Senator Kerry lost this ele... (Below threshold)

Senator Kerry lost this election because he defined his campaign primarily as "Not Bush". Had Senator Kerry advanced any sort of positive agenda, he could have been seen by more people as a positive alternative to Bush rather than simply the repository for anti-Bush votes.

In short, Kerry failed to show evidence of "the vision thing".

He lost because:He... (Below threshold)

He lost because:

He never had anything positive to say.
His campaign of hate turned off most Americans
His alignment with Michael Moore and OBL was over the top
Terry McAwful is the worst political operative in history
Nobody wants Teresa as First Lady
He lacks Leadership
He lacks Character
He is a cheese eating surrender monkey

That's a brief list.

- Zell Miller and Bill Cli... (Below threshold)

- Zell Miller and Bill Clinton's Help...

Wrong Candidate, Wrong Part... (Below threshold)
D'Loye Swift:

Wrong Candidate, Wrong Party, Wrong Election

What "Rock" wrote (^^).... (Below threshold)

What "Rock" wrote (^^).

In addition to what Rock wrote,

He had no truth to counter the claims by the SwiftVets,

And, because of that, he attempted and still attempts to deny his past military record (by hook, crook or Carter).

He lost because he bought i... (Below threshold)

He lost because he bought into the idea that he had to be the Anti-Bush at all costs.

This forced him into a situation where every piece of good news about Iraq, the Economy, etc. had to be torn down and only bad news could be on display.

It also forced him to attack everything and everyone who did like Bush (Such as the Military, and calling Rep. voters Idiots, and Insane as Tereza and Edwards did really didn't help either).

Basically, once this decision was made, his talking points pretty much looked like OBL's manifesto and his capaign crossed the line from being anti-GWB to being Anti-America.

He lost because it's just n... (Below threshold)

He lost because it's just not safe to vote democrat right now.

Kerry lost because he is no... (Below threshold)

Kerry lost because he is not a viable candidate. The Democrats think we want Karl Marx for president.

Senator Kerry lost because ... (Below threshold)

Senator Kerry lost because from the moment he announced his candidacy by stating that he voted only to authorize the threat of force in Iraq, which was clearly not what the resolution he voted for said, he lost all credibility on the issue of national security.

It was either that or the ridiculous tarmac sports photo-ops.

Kerry Lost because:... (Below threshold)

Kerry Lost because:

He is inherently unlikable,and a traitor.

Tereza looks and acts like a 'bag lady'not
a First Lady.

Edwards is totally unqualified to be second
in line.

Elizabeth Edwards looks like Chris Farley
in drag.

The Clintonista's and the Clinton's
deceptively planned it this way.

Bob Schrum is a loser.

The cell phone punk's never got out of

GOP had a better and more organized
ground game.

Karl Rove is a political genius.

D. All of the above.<... (Below threshold)

D. All of the above.

Especially the Rock

I personally think he lost ... (Below threshold)

I personally think he lost because Edwards's hair was out of place.

Pavel, LMAO!Seriou... (Below threshold)

Pavel, LMAO!

Seriously, I believe the Dems lost because they picked a terrible candidate. I think -- and I may be wrong -- that if John Edwards or, better still, Lieberman were nominated they'd fair of better chance against Bush.

Kerry had it all: the MSM in the tank for him, the entertainment industry bashing him in movies, on TV, during rock concerts, the publishing industry which published book after book after book and got those authors on all the major shows including 60 Minutes -- all bashing Bush, the 527s, etc. Kerry had it all in his favor. He's a weak candidate who's counting on people who hate Bush to put him over the top and perhaps the people who are too dumb to see through his facade. In 1992, the Democrats picked a draft-dodger who won because of a third Candidate. In 2004, they graduated to picking an out-and-out traitor. In 2008, Lord only knows whom they'll come up with. Maybe Usama bin Laden himself will run for the Donk nomination. LOL

Correction : the above shou... (Below threshold)

Correction : the above should read: the entertainment industry bashing Bush...

Because he failed to woo bl... (Below threshold)

Because he failed to woo black voters, who dislike being taken for granted.

I believe Kerry lost becaus... (Below threshold)

I believe Kerry lost because:

1. The notion of a "Global Test", while very popular among the Coasts, is thankfully an idiotic concept among most Americans.

2. While very glib, Senator Kerry does not have the ability to straddle an issue as Clinton did. Instead he has to blatanly pander to a given audience, and ultimately his lack of central core beleifs in his quest to win makes people ill at ease to vote for him.

3. What was the Senators plan for... pick one and flesh out any details you have learned. If you make a case for change you need to explain why.

4. While Kerry served in Vietnam, and that is very admirable, he was basically a turd when he returned and that hurt him.

Kerry lost because, OBVIOUS... (Below threshold)

Kerry lost because, OBVIOUSLY, the American people are a festering spitoon of maroons. Who would have the audacity to vote AGAINST someone who promised to make Christopher Reeve walk again? Sure, that's an even bigger feat than ever now - but it should be obvious that if anyone can do it, John Edwards' hair can!

But NOOOO, you lazy redneck fundy sister-coveting Pabst Blue Ribbon-swilling sons of a bitches had to ruin it for the rest of us and vote for the warmongerer! Just remember: when the Iraqis are voting in January, their freedom will be on YOUR hands!!

Floppy John(to the t... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Floppy John
(to the tune of Happy Jack by the Who)
(Think the Hummer soap box derby ad and you have it)

Floppy John looked so old, but he was their man
Kept his head in the sand, he'd be the also ran
The truth he would rim, stretch it liberally
He rode out his lies on the Dem's donkey.

John served his country in 'Nam,
Said he had pride and pride and pride.
He'd drop lies about Bush,
Yes, he lied and lied and lied and lied and lied

But, Teddy wouldn't stop John, nor the truth's lacking,
And Teddy couldn't prevent John from being (flip)floppy.

But, Teddy wouldn't stop John, nor the truth's lacking,
And Teddy couldn't prevent John from being (flip)floppy.

Said He'd had his ass shot off in 'Nam
Said he had pride and pride and pride.
But he lied about SwiftVets
yes he lied and lied and lied and lied and lied

But, Teddy wouldn't stop John, nor the truth's lacking,
And Teddy couldn't prevent John from being (flip)floppy

This song and the Kerrysloganator/gallery in general caused Kerry to lose.

Kerry lost because The Demo... (Below threshold)

Kerry lost because The Democratic Party mistakenly tagged him for the candidacy due to the melt-down of their true candidate Howard Dean. Obviously the upper echelon of the DNC didn't think this one out.
How in Gods name do you promote a candidate as a War Hero who served a whopping 4 months in which he was able to get 3 Purple Hearts, A Silver Star and a Bronze Star and use the Purple hearts as a ticket home, wherein upon arrival immediately joined the Anti-War Movement, aligned with the likes of Jane Fonda, Ton Hayden, formed the Vietnam Veterans against the War, demonstratively threw his ribbons away in Protest, Yet during his campaign was suddenly Proud of them, testified in 1971 to War Crimes and lied about the veterans he just recently left behind to War, Met with the Viet Cong while still a naval Officer, Refused to release his military and medical records, refused to release Teresa's tax records. How could the DNC
and the liberal media support a candidate that continually and consistently flip-flopped on every major issue, who's voting record was so, so indistinguishable, who voted against almost every military bill ever put before him, who voted against every increase in Intelligence spending, who voted for every tax increase while voting against every tax cut. Voted agains most of the military equipment we now use for our defense, voted against Desert Storm, voted against the death penalty for Terorist, voted for the war, but voted against funding the war, called out allies the allies of the coerced and bribed, insulted the interim Prime minister of Iraq and belittled the First Elections in Afghanistan. Declared we need a global test before America could defend itself.
Refused to confront the allegations of 200 + Veterans who challenged his military record and his ability to Command. Endorsed by Osama, Arafat,
Chirac, Schroeder, Iraqi terrorists, etc. etc etc.
In short Kerry is truly UNFIT TO COMMAND.

Kerry made his 4 months in ... (Below threshold)

Kerry made his 4 months in Vietnam his only qualification for office. That highlighted his work for Ho Chi Min while he was still a Navy officer.

The Swiftvets showed that his service in Vietnam was full of questions and that his Ho Chi Min work was treasonous.

That took away Kerrys only qualification for office.

You know, come to think of ... (Below threshold)

You know, come to think of it, I think the Zero Boss is right. I'll just second what he said.

Two reasons:1. W'... (Below threshold)

Two reasons:

1. W's vision of the War on Terrorism resonates better with voters than Kerry's does.

2. The Democrats nominated someone they perceived as electable rather than the best candidate.

"He is a cheese eating surr... (Below threshold)

"He is a cheese eating surrender monkey"

That may be the funniest thing I've ever read.

Because he wasted time shoo... (Below threshold)

Because he wasted time shooting geese when he should have been appealing to the same undecided voters by driving a Chevy Lumina in the Chase for the Championship.

That, or the symbiotic organism on his head spent too much time hammering on the Iraqi War and looking like a bad toupee.

All of the above, and becau... (Below threshold)

All of the above, and because his whole campaign was one big backfiring-self-inflicted-wound.

We love President Kerry!... (Below threshold)
simone meier:

We love President Kerry!
For us he is the true president of the USA. It is a desaster that most people don't share our opinion!

Kerry lost because he appea... (Below threshold)

Kerry lost because he appeared elitist to rural voters. Also, his support for abortion and gay marriage didnt help with the rural vote either.

Kerry lost because he appea... (Below threshold)

Kerry lost because he appeared elitist to rural voters. Also, his support for abortion and gay marriage didnt help with the rural vote either.

Kerry lost because he had n... (Below threshold)

Kerry lost because he had no morals. And unfortunatly people in my state are ruled by hollywood and often believe the retarded celebrities of our day. Thank GOD bush won.






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