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BREAKING NEWS - Kerry Concedes

ABC is reporting that the Senator Kerry is conceding the election to the President [Link].

AP is reporting Kerry has called Bush and conceded. [Via MSNBC]

Update: Pay no attention to the "count every vote" whiners. Every legal vote will be counted, the Electoral College will meet in December, etc. This is an election ritual that we as a nation expect to occur. It has no influence on the actual results - it's just one side admitting that they will not win...


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Comments (32)

woo hoo!!!... (Below threshold)

woo hoo!!!

Wow. He really IS like the ... (Below threshold)

Wow. He really IS like the French.

"Like" nothing, Jeff! He IS... (Below threshold)

"Like" nothing, Jeff! He IS French!

(And dang you for making that joke before I did!)

be careful - he's only conc... (Below threshold)

be careful - he's only conceding until he's not conceding.....

The snake is still a senato... (Below threshold)
The Old Coot:

The snake is still a senator and can continue his jihad until a metaphorical stake is driven through his heart. Listen to the Swifties: continue to demand that he sign Standard Form DD-180 and release all of his military records. Expose him for the traitor he is.

...but, did he call back ye... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

...but, did he call back yet?

I'm happy that Senator Kerr... (Below threshold)

I'm happy that Senator Kerry has agreed to concede the race. His graceful exit raises my estimation of his character a great deal. He deserves the thanks of the nation for being willing to put his life under the microscope.

faux News Headline... (Below threshold)

faux News Headline

John Edwards to sue John Kerry for lost wages as a result of his giving up his day day under false pretense.

What a Hoot!!!!!

Re: faux News Headline... (Below threshold)

Re: faux News Headline

should read:

John Edwards to sue John Kerry for lost wages due to loss of his DAY job.

Still a hoot!!!!!!!!!!

Rich....WHAT???"will... (Below threshold)

"willing to put his life under the microscope"
Where have you been ???
Did JK sign 180 while I wasn't looking or something?

Ditto Rich. Make all the c... (Below threshold)

Ditto Rich. Make all the cracks you want, but Kerry's early concession gives everyone a sense of closure. That's one area where 2000 failed miserably. Let the reconciliation begin...

yeah well..my cheek doesn't... (Below threshold)

yeah well..my cheek doesn't turn that easily Senor

"but Kerry's early concessi... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

"but Kerry's early concession gives everyone a sense of closure. "

No, winning the popular vote by nearly 4 million votes, and an electoral vote count of 286 is all the sense of closure I need.

What an astounding thought-... (Below threshold)

What an astounding thought--that Kerry is conceding because he actually f*cking lost the election!

Amazing what a little reality check can do, even to moonbats.

Great! But it seems to me t... (Below threshold)

Great! But it seems to me that Gore did that once, or even twice, maybe - lot of good that did, hmm? W should make him say, "Who's your Daddy?" explaining, it's just an inside baseball term, John, really!

OK, did he put his "life un... (Below threshold)

OK, did he put his "life under the microscop", NO! Do I think "better of him", only in a VERY miniscule way, but at least he DID do the right thing and concede and avoid the long drawn out recounts. He is still a Senator and has 2 years left to not show up, but if SBVT starts now, maybe the people of Mass will see him in the way he needs to be seen, an opportunistic, cheating, lying, TRAITOR and we can send him packing!


Dear CNN.com...As ... (Below threshold)

Dear CNN.com...

As much as you'd like to hope otherwise, its over.

And Ohio should be red. Everyone else knows its red, its red.

Uhh...is it just me or has ... (Below threshold)

Uhh...is it just me or has Kos disappeared?


iM sure glad iMCDNian today... (Below threshold)

iM sure glad iMCDNian today.

Gotta love that audio from ... (Below threshold)

Gotta love that audio from Sarcasmagorical! Funny stuff!! :P I understand that Brant did the impersonations himself! :P

Kos didn't disappear. He's... (Below threshold)

Kos didn't disappear. He's just hard to see as he wallows in his pity party.

You know what galls me? The... (Below threshold)

You know what galls me? The MSM and the Libs advising Bush on what he needs to do to reach out to them. What gall!!! Sure, call Bush a liar, an idiot, a coke head, a miserable failure, someone who betrayed his country, etc., and then advise him to reach out to Democrats. Bush is a gentleman, but if it were me I'd give the bastards the Bronx Cheer, my middle finger and a fond "f*ck you!"

- Drudge Flash!!!! Kerry re... (Below threshold)

- Drudge Flash!!!! Kerry recinds concession... before He doesn't....did I mention He's a genuine Vietnam assh***.....Maybe I did....can't remember....

- Oh man pay back is soooooooooooooooooooo

( Now we have to hound him about that mssing discharge and 100 pages and get his frenchy ass kicked out of the Senate......)

- Bet the Ketchup Slut dumps His ass now.....

John Kasich on Fox News jus... (Below threshold)

John Kasich on Fox News just said that the Hollywood elite and others turned off many voters with their attacks. I forgot all about those bastards. Yeah, Michael Moore, Susan Saranwrap, Barbara Streisand, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, etc., etc., etc. Perhaps we should pity them. They really have no clue. They can't help spouting stupid statements.

-Fox is going on and on abo... (Below threshold)

-Fox is going on and on about the exit polls, which of course were wrong about 5 points consistanly in the wrong direction....They're also yammering about the bloggers, sayong that we were wrong too....BS....Not all of us fell for that ruse of slowly briinging the polling back up to even just before election day and then springing a 3 point switch at the 11th hour....They did EXACTLY the same thing in 2000. The data just didn't support it...I called it 52 to 47 for Bush...Not because my crystal ball is any better than anyone else's.....simply because this election cycle, more than any time I've ever seen, the entire MSM, including FOX, worked as hard as they could to bolster Kerry at every turn and keep it close....and its not liberal bias....well not entirely....its the bottom line .... period.....Remember this in 2008....thats all I can say.....and Paul I'm so elated I'm moved to buy you that bottle anyway.... bon appitite .... four more years.......

Hunter: I'm requesting your... (Below threshold)
The Old Coot:

Hunter: I'm requesting your permission to use "Ketchup Slut" once in a while. It is soooo descriptive of that harpy.

- Use away TOC....From one ... (Below threshold)

- Use away TOC....From one Old Coot to another....

By the way, CNN finally con... (Below threshold)

By the way, CNN finally concedes Ohio to Bush (10:40 AM)

I agree with TheOldCoot and... (Below threshold)

I agree with TheOldCoot and others here...Kerry needs to be pressed and reviewed and his records (all of them) made public and held up for public scrutiny, right down to the letter of the law.

It WAS the "law" thing Kerry insisted on, right, that and "integrity". So, hold his feet to the flame and see what happens.

I DON'T agree that the country owes Kerry "gratitude" or has any indebtedness to this person. I think he's promoted and cheerled such a vast wash of crud upon and about the country and for a long time now as to be approaching enemy territory. If not camped out there already.

He's rich, he's got a lot of helpers, the country has paid and paid this man so much already in patience, understanding and generosity of temperance about his behaviors as to be over indulgent. If there was ever any "debt" owed to Kerry, that was paid with those medals that were pinned on his chest and by his own design, from the looks of things, and the debt was long since cancelled the moment Kerry "threw" them or whatever it was away.

The United States owes Kerry nothing. He, on the other hand, appears to be indebted to the nation who has tolerated his threats, taunts and deceptions longer than any other place on the planet. In the universe, probably.

Bush won by a noticable margin and all that after all that hacking away by Kerry and the DNC. That should tell anyone a lot about what and who the United States is. And it isn't John Kerry. Nor the DNC from the look of things today.

I also wholeheartedly agree... (Below threshold)

I also wholeheartedly agree about the offensiveness at this point by the left Hollywood crowd, coupled with the left media crowd. Springstein and Afleck and others actually emphasized to my read that Kerry was excessively needy, vulnarable, not being popularly well received. Kerry's early on reaction to the Whoopi Goldberg barf remarks, among others, as being "the heart and soul of America" was the moment that Kerry lost a chance to win.

Honestly, it all comes down to values. These performers and entertainers make their presence by being "professionally" insincere. So, they show up, you know there's a packaged message there that's not based upon a real deal.

Kerry just never offered up any sense of values or credible center to his person that anyone could believe in. Unless you pretended a lot...which works for entertainment, yes. Kerry waged the "Airplane" campaign, which is probably a lot of why he is so popular in France: aids and abets ridiculing a sarcastic enjoyment of "the ugly America."

Did you guys watch the Bush... (Below threshold)

Did you guys watch the Bush concession speech. I thought the newsies covering it were covering a funeral the way they acted, including Fox's Shep Smith. Had Kerry won, does anyone doubt the MSM would have behaved as it it were a coronation.

As far as gloating: I'm all for gloating. Those Dems and their miserable minions in the entertainment and news media were ugly in their comments about our Commander-in-Chief during a time of war. So they lost and I'm going to gloat and taunt and celebrate. I took this election personal. I share Bush's values and ideas on national security, law enforcement, etc. So when they call him names, they are calling me names. I recall General Patton's speech in the motion picture: "I'm going to hold them by their noses and kick them in the ass." We won. Now they expect us to move towards their ideas? No way. Personally, I've not yet begun to fight.

Well, my comments may not b... (Below threshold)

Well, my comments may not be as "popular" here, but I agree with the President, he is not just the CinC of the Republican Americans, but he is the President for ALL of us. While I will regjoice and celebrate, and yes, gloat a bit, we also need to heal this rift and re-unite America, and Kerry is most to blame for that rift. While I am not saying we "owe him" anything, I think he at least did what was right in conceding, if it was his choice, GREAT, but I feel it was more the will of his DNC masters, who wish to run Billary in 2008!






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