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Concession Watch 2004

I'm hearing mid-afternoon - 1PM to 2PM - for a Kerry concession speech.

Update: Captain Ed explains why the provisional ballots in Ohio won't make any difference in the results. Bottom line - Kerry will conceed because the numbers don't add up...


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Comments (20)

- Two hits from the snake i... (Below threshold)

- Two hits from the snake in a row is all the left is going to get....The moderates headed up by Hillery are going to step in and demand Kerry concede if they havn't already done it.....The libs are going to be "out of power" for a good long time now....

I'm not sure why everyone i... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure why everyone is in such a hurry for Kerry to concede. We waited a month four years ago and we can wait a few more hours.

I don't get why he hasn't a... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I don't get why he hasn't already conceded. He lost-Bush is winning popular by more than 4 million votes, and Bush is going to take Nevada, Iowa and New Mexico.

Kerry needs to concede.

- Its called showing some c... (Below threshold)

- Its called showing some class SCC... and no I'm not holding my breath given the track record of Kerry and company.... But for once He might just supprise everyone....

Get it over with already...... (Below threshold)

Get it over with already...I can't take it...
No sleep..red eyed..and losing patience with the idiots who can't mange simple math...
JK..looks like all those lucky charms you were carrying around really worked huh?
JE..get a new brush, some hairspray and head back to NC. You'll have plenty of time to primp because you are out of a job bubba.

Before the last dominos fal... (Below threshold)

Before the last dominos fall, Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack and New Mexico's Bill Richardson are all acting as Democratic 'enablers' to the Kerry stall campaign.

If all the remaining red states were filled in, Kerry would have a much harder time with his delay tactics.

Student, you're comparing a... (Below threshold)

Student, you're comparing apples and oranges. Perhaps you had an argument in 2000, but Bush a) won the popular vote by 51%; b) we're not talking about 500 votes; and c) the Liberals should blow it out of their asses.

Hunter, you're expecting cl... (Below threshold)

Hunter, you're expecting class from a classless liar and traitor? He betrayed this country, he played on our fears! If he was a traitor all these years, are you expecting him to change? I'm not.

Once this jerk concedes to Bush, we've got to really kick up the pressure on the MSM. They reached new lows during this campaign. My hit list contains CBS, NY Times, MSNBC, CNN, etc. And I think Fox News Channel should get some of our scrutiny.

Mr. Kerry refused to sign a... (Below threshold)
The Old Coot:

Mr. Kerry refused to sign a DD-180 to release all of his military records and now he will not gracefully concede. Mrs. Cheney was correct, he is not a good man.

Kerry is a disgrace and I t... (Below threshold)

Kerry is a disgrace and I think in all fairness, if he wants to put the country through all this nonsense, then we should continue to investigate his military record, his meetings with North Vietnamese, and all the charges made by the Swift Boat Vets for Truth.

Don't worry, Democrats!... (Below threshold)

Don't worry, Democrats!

I'm sure that this afternoon, John will tell us that he's going to win this thing because he has a plan. He'll point out that GWB has no plan for winning the election, so we can all rest assured that JFK has this thing firmly in hand.

Kerry will decide against c... (Below threshold)

Kerry will decide against conceding before he decides to concede.

This election is seared...s... (Below threshold)

This election is seared...seared in his memory.

- Jim - Did I mention he's ... (Below threshold)

- Jim - Did I mention he's a genuine Vietnam war hero....It says so right in both his books....several hundred times....

- Only thing I wish is I could watch while Daschle cleans out his desk and then escort him down the steps of the Senate building and wave him off.... * smiles ear to ear *

Ann Compton is on the radio... (Below threshold)

Ann Compton is on the radio spinning like crazy. She's talking about the phony exit polls. These bastards in the MSM need a real wake up call from the American people. Their whole purpose appears to be the echo chamber for the DNC.

- The conservative "faces" ... (Below threshold)

- The conservative "faces" are really playing it low key this morning, even though its obvious they're struggling mightily to stiffle some real full metal jacket gaffaws, Even Ann Coulter kept her rocket launcher holstered this morning when she was on opposite Bill Beckert.... Beckert for a change played it pretty straight conceding the Dem's got their clocks cleaned....Ann looked perfectly radiant as she sat there and demurely dished out dainty helpings of crow....priceless....

Just heard Katie Couric (wh... (Below threshold)

Just heard Katie Couric (who is, of course, wearing black to mourn Kerry's loss just as she did the day after Gore conceded) talking to a guest about people not accepting this election as a mandate for President Bush because of how close elections in some states were. Man, these hacks are pathetic. President Bush has won the popular vote - the ONLY thing they based their "no mandate" statements on in 2000 - by a HUGE margin, but they still find some way to say he doesn't have a mandate. Yeesh!

Captain Ed's post is very i... (Below threshold)

Captain Ed's post is very interesting. However, three of the ten counties not yet submitting provos cast a strong Kerry vote and cast almost as many votes as Cuyahoga. Look for another 25K provos from Kerry Kountry and 5+ from the remainder. Kerry's done this math in more detail. Could be giving him a ray of hope.

- Fox reporting Kerry calle... (Below threshold)

- Fox reporting Kerry called Bush and conceded congratulating him.....Expecting Kerry and Bush to both make appearences....

Dennis, sorry but even the ... (Below threshold)

Dennis, sorry but even the biggest Bush hater is going to have a hard time drinking that kind of Cool-Aid. A generous estimate of provos is 180,000 (last tally I saw was 130,000 so far, but adding your 30K only gets to 160). To make up a 130,000 vote deficit, Kerry would need for ALL the provos to favor him by 9:1. He didn't come close to this in even his strongest precincts, much less across the state.






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