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Dems take a bath - Still can't remove stink

By any (rational) measure, this was the best night the Republican party has had since it was founded. Yes, even better than when Republicans took the house and the Senate on the same night. (Though that one was more fun on a visceral level.)

Consider the following:

With 97% of the popular vote reporting:
George W. Bush 51% 57,813,650
John Kerry 48% 54,011,435

  • George Bush won the popular vote by almost 4 million votes, earning over 50%, something no President has done since 1988, even Clinton never broke 50%.

  • By the time John Kerry concedes, Bush will have won the Electoral College 286 to 252.

  • While the Dems loudly projected they would take back the Senate, as of 4:36AM it looks like the Republicans will pick up 4 or possibly 5 seats. Bringing them to a near filibuster busting 55 votes. (reword- the R's will have 55 which is near enough to bust a filibuster which requires 60)

  • In the House, the last number I saw was the Republicans gained 4 seats.

  • The Republicans also picked up another Governor for good measure.

  • In closely watched seats, Frost lost in Texas, Tom Daschle is dead and to show what a groundswell election this was, in Louisiana they have their FIRST Republican Senator EVER. (not in 100 years-- EVER) Facing 4 Dem challengers, the Republican challenger still got 51% of the vote.

In short, it was the Democrats' worst nightmare. Add the Supreme Court into the mix and Dr. Kovorkian's pager must be going off continuously.

After 4 years of the Dems crying "never again" and building every bit of infrastructure they could muster, why did they lose so horrifically? The exit polls, which are not designed to predicted winners but learn voter motivation, tell us it was issues of morality that swung the vote.

Sure gay marriage bans were on the ballot in many states, but it was more than that. We have, in the Democrats, a failed party. A party more concerned with the acquisition of power than governance. A party whose motto is "win at all costs" and has shown a willingness to do just that.

In the last few years to say the Democrats have broken all bounds of civility and decency would be an understatement. They've played politics with national security and made slanderous charges against the President during a time of war.

They've shot up, broken into and vandalized GOP offices. Kicked people who wore GOP t-shirts and slashed tires of GOP vans. And that was just in the last 48 hours.

They have increasingly lost touch with the needs of the average voter and have been co-opted by the radical left. Where once the Democrats stood for the common man, now they stand against all his values.

But the electoral nightmare is not over for the Democrats. They predicted a large turnout would help them, but instead the good honest people who were disgusted by their behavior turned out in even bigger numbers and learned that they are indeed part of the silent majority. These people now got a vivid reminder that they are the majority and their vote counts. A lesson that won't soon be forgotten.

Is the Democrat party irreparable? Not by a long shot. They could turn it around in one election cycle.

Quit lying to the American people. Get a coherent foreign policy and plan for terrorism. Drop the class warfare and the victimology and appeal to what is best in America and not it's worst.

Don't bring the full force of law against someone who has the temerity to say the word God. Work to build poor people up rather than tear the middle-class down. Quit cheering for our enemy while we are at war. Admit the terrorists are responsible for terrorism and that we didn't "bring it upon ourselves."

Basically, quit being jackasses and the American people will support you.

[Written with no sleep in over 24 hours so I might be harsh... But I don't think so.]


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Comments (32)

I couldn't agree with you m... (Below threshold)
El Jefe:

I couldn't agree with you more if I were a parrot.

- Paul the Daschle hammerin... (Below threshold)

- Paul the Daschle hammering all by itself was worth the price of admission...

- I think theres a possibility that the Kerry Klowns will possibly be shamed into conceeding sometime in the next two days.... especially if they see the vote is definately not going to cut it...

- The Ohio Election officials have announced just a few minutes ago that it's mathematically impossible for Kerry to turn it around in Ohio so maybe He'll cave today...

- At some point the moderate Dems are going to just take back control of the party and stem the bleeding and demand Kerry concede....The Elephant in the room is really making a political mess....Even Bob Beckert sort of suggested Kerry would be smart to accept his fate....

I can't find anything to di... (Below threshold)

I can't find anything to disagree with in your comments. Well said.

As a Canadian watching thin... (Below threshold)

As a Canadian watching things from the outside, I was rather suprised that it was this close. Maybe I was a little naive, but I thought GWB was going to get ohio by a larger count and take it out of the contest.

Other than that, It went much as I thought it would, and I have to say that I was not suprised, but most Canadians would be. Why? American MSM bombards us, and most take it at face value and never look farther. Its a shame.

I loved looking at the count map provided by the CBC (Canadian Brodcasting Corp. which is like NPR) and was rather supprised at some of the MSM calls I was watching on the TV.

I was also disappointed that WizBang took such a load that I was unable to get to it, and silly me, I had no idea that Kevin had a backup site... (good thing:)

All and all it was what I expected. That being said, I have to admit, the Democratic party will have a hard time being beat by the GOP this time around. Too bad that people didn't look at the record of the Dem team... Would have made the whole election less important.

Oh well, American Lawyers will probably raggle about the votes for the next few weeks, and I hope Kerry uses the time to write a real good speech, after all, It might be nice to put on his resume if he looks for another Job, but more than likely, we will see his face on a bottle of Ketchup before the spring.....

The City of Keene, likely a... (Below threshold)

The City of Keene, likely as well as much of the country, is currently in deep denial over the results. The fabrications and misrepresentations continue...

WKBK had calls on the air from poll workers, concerned with the registration of out-of-state students. The numbers for KSC, UNH, and Dartmouth made this blue state.

A caller warned "us" not to discount these student voters, and followed up by saying "We all know this age group represents a majority of the soldiers killed overseas, it is a FACT".

Well, I did some checking. Soldiers under 21 account for 227 of 1118, around 20%. But that's not my point. If these "students" voted in NH and at home by absentee, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Further, N.H. needs to get its act together by requiring I.D. at the polls, and turning to advance registration, or at least verifiable voter registration.

N.H. is RED.... RED I tell you!

Some good points.... (Below threshold)

Some good points.

Well NH was the most dissap... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Well NH was the most dissapointing part to the whole night.

And with all those facts, it still makes me wonder why Kerry isn't conceding.

The other good news from Lo... (Below threshold)

The other good news from Louisiana is Republican Bobby Jindal elected to Congress - the first Indian American ever, as I understand it.

Hopefully the repubs will give him the same boost that the dems are giving Barack Obama.

Actually, Paul, cloture (sh... (Below threshold)

Actually, Paul, cloture (shutting down a Senate filibuster) requires 60 votes, not 55. There are enough lukewarm Repubs in the Senate that you can't count on much from that bunch. All in all, though, it's nice to see the Rs in firm control.

And BTW, if Iowa tips to Kerry, you win the EV contest.

"good honest people who wer... (Below threshold)

"good honest people who were discussed by their behavior".

I for one am discussed by your spelling.

I just have to correct the ... (Below threshold)

I just have to correct the information about Louisiana. We haven't had a Republican senator since 1883 during Reconstruction. Of course, that doesn't diminish in anyway Vitter monumental win and we couldn't be more excited about it here!

Good post.I just r... (Below threshold)

Good post.

I just really have to wonder if the moderates in the Dem party - and I'm convinced they are the majority - are ready to step up and knock the extremists off their podiums. I really really wish they would. This country is stronger with 2 credible mainstream parties.

I've been trying to explain... (Below threshold)

I've been trying to explain to my friends and coworkers why I cannot support the Democratic party for the exact same reasons you gave in your comments here--but with much less eloquence and effectiveness than yours. I hope you won't mind me printing your post out and showing it to them.

I would add one thing to yo... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

I would add one thing to your post. I believe that some of the behavior of the Democrats has driven people away from their party. Sometimes, simple things matter. FOr example, when the RNC was in NYC, the radical groups held protest marches, blocking traffic. If I am stuck in traffic because some idiot is exercising his right to stupidity, I am going to be automaticaly biased against him. It is a natural human reaction. Eventually, all of this causes people to think, "If these are Democrats and this is how they act, I don't know if I want to have anything to do with them." If you drive off voters, you reduce your chances of winning.

read it twice Pavel- I knew... (Below threshold)

read it twice Pavel- I knew when I typed it I was not completely clear but I was asleep. (55 is near 60)

Paul -It's not about... (Below threshold)

Paul -
It's not about bringing the full force of law against somone who has the temerity to say the word "God".

It's about bringing the full force of law against someone who has the audacity to force others to say the word "God".

But joe- My spell checker s... (Below threshold)

But joe- My spell checker said it wuz right! thanks

Fraud seems likely in both ... (Below threshold)

Fraud seems likely in both Ohio and Florida; exit polls showed a Kerry victory in Florida until the middle of the night, when they were mysteriously changed and Ohio is shaping up to be the new Florida, with results not coming in for at least ten days.

Put another way: in areas with paper-trail voting, the exit polls reflected results accurately. In areas without, Bush did an average of 5% better than the exit polls said he should have. Would you trust those results? Why?

Two words from Southwest Oh... (Below threshold)

Two words from Southwest Ohio:

You're welcome. :)

Points well taken, I will b... (Below threshold)

Points well taken, I will be licking my wounds for four years and hope that the President will get correct answers, for a change, to his prayers on how to make America better. I also regret that Kerry lost but hope that he has the class to go out without any more ugliness.
by the way good riddence to Zell Miller

We all lost yesterday. Some... (Below threshold)

We all lost yesterday. Some just don't know it yet.


Bad news for the Dems even ... (Below threshold)

Bad news for the Dems even for the future: blogs. Blogs are going to be another talk-radio like format, where Republicans dominate. Any medium where the left can't use government barriers to protect itself, Republican ideas tend to win out. Voters are going to increasingly rely on blogs, and circumvent the MSM. The blog format is still in its infancy, but even so blogs provided a counter against the onslaught of the MSM for Kerry this election season. It'll be that much more powerful by 2008; I'm calling '08 a landslide Republican Presidential victory already.

Pauk,I am an Indepen... (Below threshold)

I am an Independent voter and I think the Dems are done, unless they can field a slate of candidates that I can vote for. (Lieberman)

Hopefully Obama and his kind is what the Donkey party is evolving to. To see the hole that they have dug for themselves one just has to look at the EV map. Cultural, snobbish elite of two coasts just do not relate to the mainstream of America.

Obama? Obama? He's a Libera... (Below threshold)

Obama? Obama? He's a Liberal. Don't believe the media lies. They try to paint all Libs as moderates. Sh*t they even tried to say Howard Dean was a conservative. Wait and see how Obama votes in the Senate. He's just another Liberal party hack who's been puffed up by the MSM.

JP, only Liberals are loser... (Below threshold)

JP, only Liberals are losers. And they will always be losers because they really believe they are intellectually superior and that's their shortcoming. If you're fighting a war, the last people you need in power are Liberals. It's like bringing a knife to a gunfight. And a dull knife at that.

Bobby Jindal won? Excellen... (Below threshold)

Bobby Jindal won? Excellent!

Ooops. There's the Two John... (Below threshold)

Ooops. There's the Two Johns giving their concession speeches. Goodbye John Kerry. Fade away like an old soldier. Goodbye John Edwards. There's always another ambulance to chase right around the corner. Goodbye, Tar-ray-za. To use your own word, scumbag. Goodbye Kerry and Edwards families. Goodbye Tom Daschle. You fight like a crazy bitch Liberal in Washington and then try to sound like a Reagan Democrat in South Dakota? It didn't work this time. Goodbye Terry. I know, you're still around, but your days as head of the DNC are numbered. Happy trails to the bunch of you.
(While I write this, Edwards is trotting out his Two America's speech or a variation thereof.) The man sounds more and more like Forrest Gump.

Zell...Is that you?... (Below threshold)
greg zywicki:

Zell...Is that you?

Paul: I could not agree wi... (Below threshold)

Paul: I could not agree with you more. And I've had four hours sleep by this hour (meaning I've had a chance to pause and have coffee, and I still agree with you).

People need to look at the voting results from states that were previously described (by the MSM!, who else) as being "liberal majority" states...CA, IO, Louisiana, FL, HI...these are states, yes, that are known to go liberal at the drop of a hat as to opinions and trends, but just look at the voter response in endorsement of Bush/Cheney and Repubicans in those states: very impressive gains.

Such that, you still see a holdout for that old socialist-bordering-on-communist "hero" concept of what it means to be a Democrat in highly concentrated, urban areas that are large enough to override the other voter opinions in the same states. Chicago overrides other voter opinion in Illinois, L.A. and S.F. override other voter opinion in CA, the University of Iowa influence overrides often other voter opinion in Iowa, Miamia/Dade area override other voter opinion in FL.

So, you have concentrated socialist interests and movements in urban areas that derails the more popular human opinion and decisions made by people who don't associate with those interests, whether they live in urban areas or not, in certain states, but the country, as a "personality," nationwide, is apart from those socialist interests.

I'm a happy camper this day. Kerry's concession speech was skirting the issues but what else is new. Bush's declarative speech was moving, was great. I'm so proud today of our nation.

Yes, it takes 60 votes to b... (Below threshold)
Greg D:

Yes, it takes 60 votes to break a fillibuster.


Tom Daschle, the fillibuster king, is no longer in the Senate. The Democrats picked up 5 Senate seats in 2000. That means they're defending a bunch of seats in 2006, at their most vulnerable.

How mnay of the Democrats coming up for re-election in 2006 want to risk getting "Daschled"?

Expect to see a lot more nominees get votes.

This liberal snobbery about... (Below threshold)

This liberal snobbery about them being the ivy-league intellectuals and the red states being in-bred morons doesn't pass even a cursory review of the voting results. Except for a very few exceptions EVERY STATE, REGARDLESS OF HOW IT BROKE, WAS DIVIDED ROUGHLY 60%-40%. Or in other words, roughly 40% of those in-bred morons voted for Kerry, and roughly 40% of those intellectuals voted for Bush.

Here in ultra-liberal California 44% of the state voted for Bush.

Anyway, weren't they just saying last week that Republicans are all rich people? And now they're uneducated Bible-thumpers? Make up your minds already.

Well, well, well. I love t... (Below threshold)

Well, well, well. I love this. I'm sure I am the only liberal who visits this site and I just wanted to let you in on a little secret. The reason 51% of the country voted for Bush and only 48% for Kerry was not because that 51% is smarter, or more concerned about moral values, or terrorism. The fact is, NY went for Kerry 70%, and they were the ones hit the most on September 11, weren't they? I have to wonder then, why it is that they voted for Kerry. Do you think it was because, maybe, they don't feel safe under Bush? Or maybe they just recognize the fact that he's a moron. Anyway, 51% of the country voted for Bush, yes, but that doesn't make us Liberals "losers." It makes us democratic (and I mean in the sense that this is a democracy). It is our duty as Americans not just to vote, and certainly not to sit back and get shat on by whomever happened to win the election. It is our DUTY to question our leaders and stand up for what we believe in. 51% of the country said "okay, Bush started the war, let him end it." The other 49% said "I refuse to lay back and take it." Therefore we are not losers. We are Americans who know our place.






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