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High Traffic Warning - Day 2

Once again the internet (or at least the portion of it Wizbang is hosted on) is buckling under a tremendous crush of traffic. Posts will be mirrored at the Wizbang Backup site again today. If you have problems reading or commenting here, do give that site a try.

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Don't worry, Democrats!... (Below threshold)

Don't worry, Democrats!

This ain't over. I'm sure this afternoon John will tell us that he's still going to win because he has a plan. He'll point out the GWB has no plan for winning this election, but rest assured, JFK does. Thus, we can all rally behind him, comfortable in the knowledge that he has this all in hand.

High traffic here made it i... (Below threshold)

High traffic here made it impossible for me to post

So I posted @ megapundit. You should have posted this @ megapundit for the sake of those who couldn't even access wizbang.






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