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In Louisiana We Call This "Crawfishing"

World leaders hail Bush's re-election, call for healing of global divisions over Iraq

World leaders rushed to congratulate US President George W. Bush on his re-election to a second four-year term and pledged cooperation with Washington to heal deep divisions over a host of international issues, notably Iraq and the Middle East.

For you yankees, when you go to pick a crawfish up they raise both claws and act as if they are going to attack you... but then they creep away, walking backwards looking for a hole to crawl into.

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hahahMy Maw-Maw al... (Below threshold)


My Maw-Maw always said that. Don't you be trying to crawfish on my, cher.


yeah, predicted this Monday... (Below threshold)

yeah, predicted this Monday morning. They're so predictable... of course, most pussies are.

Just like a bunch of beta d... (Below threshold)

Just like a bunch of beta dogs -- now that they know who's the alpha dog, they all want to be his friend.

My advice to Bush, when shaking hands with these cravens, is always keep an eye on the other hand!

Is that a typo, or how do y... (Below threshold)

Is that a typo, or how do you pronounce it?

McGehee, I couldn't agree w... (Below threshold)

McGehee, I couldn't agree with you more. Those EuroTrash jerks want to make nice because they know that now -- with Bush no longer a real target -- the MSM may just start covering the corruption at the UN, the French selling arms to Saddam and making backroom deals, etc. If the UN is discredited, the French lose their only source of power: their security council vote.

- It's "Crawfishing" kobekk... (Below threshold)

- It's "Crawfishing" kobekko .... and if you know how to position the trap (glass jar) they back right in....

- Which brings to mind an image of lots of MSM political hacks (liberal arms upraised for the payoffs) backing into glass editor departments.....

always make sure to keep an... (Below threshold)

always make sure to keep an eye on which hand your shaking, however. Some cultures don't use toilet paper.

I grew up grabbing crawfish... (Below threshold)

I grew up grabbing crawfish in Ohio, but we didn't use a glass jar: we would just grab them by the back as they tried to crawl away...

At any rate, some of us yankees know about crawfishing.

Being from Louisiana there ... (Below threshold)

Being from Louisiana there ain't but one thing good for crawfish! That's a hot pot of water with a lot season! Then you just pull 'em a part and eat 'um up! Ummmm, good and don't forget the potatoes, corn, and sausage!!!!

The citizens of those count... (Below threshold)

The citizens of those countries are going to throw out their Anti-American leaders and elect leaders that are pro-American and want to work with Bush.






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