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Kos has Perfect Record

Markos Moulitsas (Kos) raised a over half a million dollars from the Kosmonots to help his choice of candidates. Redstate notes that things did not turn out so well.

  • Tony Miller -- Lost
  • Ben Konop -- Lost
  • Dan Mongiardo -- Lost
  • Richard Romero -- Lost
  • Samara Barend -- Lost
  • Jeff Seemann -- Lost
  • Nancy Farmer -- Lost
  • Ginny Schrader -- Lost
  • Jan Schneider -- Lost
  • Lois Murphy -- Lost
  • Jim Newberry -- Lost
  • Brad Carson -- Lost
  • Tony Knowles -- Lost
  • Stan Matsunaka -- Lost
  • Richard Morrison -- Lost
  • Then Kos, incredibly, argues that Terry McAuliffe needs to go by making this argument:

    The McAuliffe reign has ended in disaster, with the Democratic Party in worse position electorally than when he came in as Chair in February 2001. We have lost seats in the House and Senate, and failed to cleanly take out the Worst President Ever.

    While McAuliffe was an artful fundraiser, the party continued to lack the ability to develop a clear message or properly frame the political debate. And it's been killing us.

    I wonder if Markos will hold himself to that same standard.

    Via James


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    Comments (22)

    Who?... (Below threshold)


    Ha! That is hysterical! How... (Below threshold)

    Ha! That is hysterical! How funny...and revealing. This is rich! Golden!

    In other words -- McCauliff... (Below threshold)

    In other words -- McCauliffe wasn't able to pull the wool over Americans' eyes. If these Libs ever told the American people what they truly believe and what their vision for America is, red-blooded Americans -- men and women -- would rise up and drown the lot of them. Libs got big mouths and even bigger heads, but conservatives got the guts and the guns. No contest.

    Even better, Kos wants Howa... (Below threshold)

    Even better, Kos wants Howard Dean running the DNC.

    I think Terry McAuliffe is ... (Below threshold)

    I think Terry McAuliffe is doing a GREAT job, and I hope the Dems keep him for a long, long time.

    Ditto Amber. How much do we... (Below threshold)

    Ditto Amber. How much do we need to donate to the DNC to keep him right where he is?

    After all, it's not like that money would actually get any Democrats elected.

    "While McAuliffe was an ... (Below threshold)

    "While McAuliffe was an artful fundraiser, the party continued to lack the ability to develop a clear message or properly frame the political debate. And it's been killing us."

    ...Hmmmm...Maybe that was precisely the problem Markos....McAuliffe was TOO good at making the message clear to the electorate as too just what you and your Marxist buddies really think and want...You think?.....

    Wow - excellent find. I th... (Below threshold)

    Wow - excellent find. I think the only thing that has come out of the use of blogs for political candidates is that they DO get people to make donations, whether from the right or left.

    He's a lawyer, right?... (Below threshold)

    He's a lawyer, right?

    If only OJ had hired him instead of Cochran.

    The internal power struggle... (Below threshold)

    The internal power struggles and resultant internal purges of the DNC leadership following this 'good day to be a Democrat!' is going to be ugly....

    Get your popcorn ready, folks.

    I spent a little time today... (Below threshold)

    I spent a little time today over at dkos. I actually felt a little sympathy for the poor souls lamenting the loss over there. This is not a contest anymore. Oh, I know the presidential election wasn't a complete landslide, but geez, they hated Bush over there. Look at the senate and house races.

    My point is the democratic party is in complete disasterland. Not that you need me to point out the obvious. Oh well, let's get back to work shall we?

    The Worst President ever by... (Below threshold)

    The Worst President ever by national consensus was Jimma Carter. None worse before or AFTER him.

    Dean for DNC?? I'll second ... (Below threshold)

    Dean for DNC?? I'll second that, lol!

    But what's will Kos' embarrassing typos? With his site meter spinning like the MSM, can't he afford spell check?

    I love how he's just figure... (Below threshold)

    I love how he's just figured out that McAuliffe is a loser! I've been saying for years that as long as McAuliffe was head of the DNC, Republicans were a shoo-in.

    Camille Paglia: "Kerry's weakness as a personality became clear when he wasn't able to dislodge McAuliffe from the DNC. He wanted to get rid of McAuliffe -- that servile water boy of the Clintons -- and he choked."

    Kos may have graduated from... (Below threshold)

    Kos may have graduated from law school, but is he admitted to the bar in any state? If not, why not?

    I just hope that he joins M... (Below threshold)

    I just hope that he joins Michael Moore somewhere in the field of historical irrelevance. They both (whether they admit it or not...not) have done more harm than good for the party (which to me is ALLLL Good).
    BTW...has anybody seen or heard from Michael Moore? He's too fat to hide out forever.

    Someone dangle a twinkie ou... (Below threshold)
    John Q. Nudge:

    Someone dangle a twinkie out the window to see if he comes-a-runnin'.

    Zounds! Rarely in this day ... (Below threshold)

    Zounds! Rarely in this day and age do we see such consistency; Kos has A Gift.

    He is absolutely right about McAuliffe, but, of course, for the wrong reasons. McAuliffe has been without peer as the slimiest, dirtiest, most politcally immoral Chair any party has ever had. Don't even THINK about comparing him to Lee Atwater: he didn't perpetuate, much less originate, outright and knowing lies, or institutionalize registration and voting fraud as a central plank in the party's platform. McAuliffe, having learned at the feet of The Man From Hope, viewed all through the prism of "whatever it takes".

    As a conservative, I'll miss McAuliffe, because he's clueless about the hearts and minds of average people who work, pay a mortgage, raise kids, have a faith they quietly live, don't get it about Paris Hilton, and couldn't care less about what Le Figaro or The Guardian thinks of the American polity.

    One day the Dems may wake up and say, "Why don't we quit acting like we think a New Yorker Cocktail Party is the height of human progress, stop getting our view about America from France, and lighten up on the hater-racist-dunce-fanatic stuff, and see how we do?" That day would begin their return to influence, if not power.

    It's true. I was pulling f... (Below threshold)

    It's true. I was pulling for a Kerry win this year, and I thought Bush all-but-handed the Democrats an easy win and they blew it. I mean, the Bush administration did a relatively mediocre job (I'm being gracious) on terrorism before 9/11. Clinton wasn't perfect, but he was without a doubt better. Ashcroft didn't care about al-Qaeda. Rumsfeld didn't care. Bush didn't care. Cheney didn't care. If they did a great job, show me some evidence, because I can provide you evidence they DIDN'T. So there's a terrorist attack. We don't get the guy who attacked us, bin Laden (or the other leader of al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri). Despite all the rhetoric about taking out "those who sponsor" terrorism, we took out Saddam, who wasn't sponsoring terrorism against America, and STILL haven't gotten Mullah Omar of the Taliban, who was sheltering bin Laden. Bush has the worst jobs record of any president since the Great Depression. He has botched Iraq in major ways more times than I have fingers. Millions of Americans have lost healthcare. And the list seriously goes on and on. This man is a disaster. He won, why, because there was ONLY ONE catastrophic terrorist attack during his term? Wow, congratulations, man. You were the FIRST to allow a catastrophic terrorist attack. Our standards are really getting low if a president does a great job if he only permits one major terrorist attack and then implements policies abroad that make beheadings about as common as sunrises. He has failed in every major policy area, and to top it off, gave thoroughly disorienting performances in the debates. He's a man selling himself on consistency, yet he had a different personality in every debate! McAuliffe had a gold mine at his disposal, but when he reached the mine he just kept chipping away at the wrong wall.

    You know, I AGREE with the healthy majority of Americans who say in the polls that they believe America is moving in the WRONG DIRECTION. And I agree with the majority of THOSE people who voted for Kerry.

    It's not a time for bitterness, but if the recent Bush-inspired wave of beheadings wasn't ongoing, I would confidently call for McAuliffe's head right here and now, without a trace of guilt.

    But given the circumstances in Iraq -- i.e. the greatest foreign policy disaster in modern times -- that would be gauche.

    Favorite quote: "We will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbored them."

    He was right! He made no distinction. They're both still on the loose!

    Ah, Republican echo chamber... (Below threshold)

    Ah, Republican echo chamber. Despite raising money for losing candidates, Kos' fundraising was to make races competitive, and to reach out to those the DNC would otherwise dismiss as well. He was trying hard to reduce the divide in America in red states. What have the commenters in here ever done? Be ashamed.

    What have the commenter... (Below threshold)

    What have the commenters in here ever done?

    We laughed at your critical thinking skills. That should count for something.

    Doubtful, I'm just saying s... (Below threshold)

    Doubtful, I'm just saying some of the commenters here are being really vile and tasteless, and I don't approve of it anywhere.






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