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Patience has its virtues

As promised, I've been watching C-BS coverage of the election off and on all night (I also got a bit of sleep in), waiting for Dan Rather to have his meltdown. It hasn't happened, but there have been moments.

Earlier, he described the voting in Ohio as something "that would give an aspirin a headache." I kinda like that phrase.

But now, at 4:45 a.m., he finally gave me my satisfaction.

While running down the various governor's races, he got to us here in New Hampshire. He described incumbent Governor Craig Benson as "fighting for his life," his challenger Peter Lynch as a "millionaire" (ignoring that Benson is richer), then gave the nod to Lynch by saying "and New JERSEY goes to the Democrats, for whatever that is worth."

Screw you, too, Gunga Dan. Go back to browsing nursing home brochures and hope to hell they're more authentic than those Bush National Guard Memos.


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Bush is up 145K in Ohio and... (Below threshold)

Bush is up 145K in Ohio and 11K in NM. Stick a fork in it dude...this race is done.

He had me at; Why would Flo... (Below threshold)

He had me at; Why would Floridians vote for Bush? I had a giggle. Cracked a bottle of wine. Flipped back to Fox, back to my fave, the Wizbanger. Then over for a peek at the VodkaPundit.
I worked my butt off at the polls today, it's so nice to come home and get the 'real deal' from your site. Thank you for that. Thanks for all of the time and hard work that you guys contribute.
In my opinion, Wiz is way more sexy than Drudge.

I just woke up. Before fal... (Below threshold)

I just woke up. Before falling asleep about 9 pm or so, I channel surfed through cbs, abc, nbc. It was like watching a funeral. Rather appeared disoriented. MSNBC was better though Matthews & Co. were saying the stupidiest things. Reagan made some crack that 9/11 was a defing moment for men who wanted to feel manly. What? Yeah, Ron, you would know all about men who yearned to feel manly! Anyway, I am going to be very pissed off if I missed Rather/Brokaw/Jennings choking up or sobbing.

Good morning, Julie! Some... (Below threshold)

Good morning, Julie! Some of us are still up from last night. See the fun we had in the overnight threads - hee hee. But seriously, the MSM were trying their darnedest to slant things while you slept. Fortunately, Andrew Card has now come out with a statement on tv.

It's a shame that the moonb... (Below threshold)

It's a shame that the moonbats are going to keep this thing going. I predict there will be a backlash in this country against Kerry and his band of assholes.

George Bush won the largest popular vote since 1988. He beat trounced Kerry in Florida. And everyone knows you can count the provisional votes in Ohio until the cows come home and Bush won the state.

These Democrats are beneath contempt.

BR:Thanks. I just ... (Below threshold)


Thanks. I just read the comments on some of the threads. Occasionally, I like to watch the msm just to be appalled. However, I have now reached the point of total disgust and there is no turning back.






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